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Sod-it Introducing hosted exchange can reduce your IT costs and increase your efficiency and productivity. You are able to access email, calendars, tasks, contacts and much more instantly no matter where in the world you are. Protect your computer for only 29.00 per year. If a threat is detected on your system, it will send a notification to our control panel and we will contact you to advise.

Our monitoring system is included in your subscription. Proud to be a Carphone Warehouse Business Partner & all clients automatically receive discounted rates on your mobile phone contracts. Want to find out how much you could save on your business phone contract? Broken screen on your laptop, battery not charging or is your computer running slow?

We're on hand to repair your PC or Laptop, troubleshoot business and home broadband problems to syncing mobile devices with your computer. If you feel it falls into the IT bracket, we'll be more than happy to advise how to solve your problem. We are a very experienced team who welcome the latest technologies to keep us ahead of the game.

read more › SOD-IT's expert engineers are on hand to visit your home or business premises to configure the network to match your needs. This can be anything from setting up your home internet for you and your family or installing a large scale business network complete with all the necessary cabling, servers and connected work stations. Making sure your network is set up properly can be very important and can make a huge difference to the efficiency, speed and quality of your business set up. SOD-IT will make sure that your network is designed and set up correctly so it is working to its maximum potential and you're getting the very best out of it.

read more › SOD-IT can help you to get the best and most cost effective mobile business tariffs for your business, giving your employees a dedicated work number and allowing them to remain connected when they're out the office. Being accessible at all times is crucial for businesses and it means better customer service, increased productivity, better communication and less downtime. As well as being able to source the best tariffs we can provide the latest devices for your company such as mobile phones and tablets.

read more › Visit the tech corner to allow us to diagnose your system and we'll do our best to clean it up, restore it or simply speed it up! Unfortunately, from time to time we all need some kind of repair to our tech. Whether it's the result of a spilled coffee or just general wear and tear, these things happen and when they do, SOD-IT are here to help! SOD-IT provide a computer repair service throughout Ayrshire allowing customers to visit The Tech Corner and have your very own IT Support team. Whether you need storage, protection, migration or recovery we're the guys to call and can handle any amount of data you want to throw at us!

read more › Business communications are key and we can assist with your IT infrastructure, no matter the size of your business. As well as being great fun to say, VoIP is an internet telephone service which uses an internet connection to make calls rather than the standard method which uses a phone line. If you have a dedicated team that can handle maintenance, upgrades, data monitoring and backups we can install the system on your premises. Alternatively, you can use our hosted VoIP service and let us handle the boring, technical stuff for you!

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