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Colcom Colcom is a trusted technology consultancy and repair service, available to fix whatever technology problems you are facing. In 2005, Colcom was founded by me, Colin Fyfe, with a simple goal: to offer professional, affordable IT services that are on call for both commercial and domestic users. I have built up a strong reputation as a trustworthy, reliable technology expert who specialises in providing, integrating and supporting modern day solutions in an ever-more connected home and business environment.

Whether you need the latest fast data cabling installed in your smart home or a brand-new network layout set up and optimised for your business, Colcom can handle it all. Colcom can install, configure, extend and maintain your wireless network. We will ensure that you get maximum performance with the latest data encryption in your home or in your business.

Don't let viruses and malware like CryptoLocker destroy your valuable data. Colcom can help create a comprehensive data security and backup plan that's tailored to your particular needs.

read more › As a small business owner in Glasgow, I know how important technology is to running a business. I'll get your whole office online and set up each of your computers for email and file-sharing. Every smart business owner knows that keeping records is essential. But computers aren't always as reliable as they should be. Avoid a data nightmare and let me back up all your most important files! Make the most of your printer and get the whole office connected to it. I'll optimise all your computers to boost performance so you can get more done in less time.

read more › Your industry, like many, has probably gone through tumultuous change in the last decade. It is very likely that your IT requirements are met in some regard with Practise Management systems, these may have developed into Cloud-based platforms that offer you everything you could need. Certainly, Cloud platforms of these type offer centralised backup, remote access to data and offer inbuilt data security. These are all essential but useless if your network packs up, your internet goes blip or your label printer says 'no'.

read more › We at Colcom understand what a deadline can mean in your profession. We also know that when timings get especially tight, your IT systems can handle the pressure or at the very least, that you have some contingencies in place if your systems make an attempt to ruin both you and your client's weekend. We have experience enough to know that the kind of work schedule you must adhere to, and the time critical nature of your business dictates the stability and resilience of the systems you run. These requirements should be at the forefront of our mind while you provide your clients the essential services you do, allowing you to adhere to the schedules that due process dictates.

read more › The manufacturing sector in the UK has become the single most targeted sector for - some surmise - state sponsored hacking. Certainly, my experience in supporting several manufacturing and industrial businesses in the West of Scotland tells me that no security vulnerability should be left unchecked. Colcom uses world class Antivirus and DNS protection strategies that protect against 'Zero day' attacks as well as system monitoring software to detect and flag issues that may not have surfaced to the desktop.

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