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Cerulean Solutions Our ongoing IT support offers round the clock maintenance and support to safeguard and monitor your IT systems so any problems are quickly identified and resolved. Fast problem resolution will ensure that your systems experience little to no downtime and your productivity and efficiency increase as a result. Our IT support also includes regular consulting, budget planning and rapid response if something unexpected happens.

Here at Cerulean we have been working with businesses for many years helping them realise the true value of fully functional IT systems. Our expert team have extensive knowledge, experience relevant qualifications in providing the right IT support and IT consultancy. So whether you are looking for a fully outsourced IT solution or want to supplement your internal IT support team, we can tailor any IT service to suit your business requirements.

In doing so, we help create systems and processes that increase productivity, boost efficiency and ensure that you maximise your IT expenditure.

As a skilled IT support and service company based in North London and Hertfordshire borders, we aim to establish long term partnerships with our clients. Although we are great at fixing things when they go wrong, we can help with much more including hardware, software, systems and support that you need to run your business effectively. Each member of

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. As a growing business, we have an increasing demand for technicians, IT experts and support staff to help our company support our clients. We are firmly committed to offering a positive working environment and stable period of employment for each one of our employees. We are extremely

If your IT systems have a technical glitch and you don't have the resources or know how to diagnose and repair the issue quickly, it can damage customer relations, lose orders and even impact on the reputation of the business. When it comes to good IT support, it is important that you choose the right IT support firm to help your business. Cerulean

The best IT support isn't just about solving problems when things go wrong. While we do fix things when a problem happens, our goal is to provide the necessary support and maintenance to prevent issues from occurring. You probably hate getting tied in to long term contracts as much as we do that's why our support contracts have 30-day notice periods

Cerulean believes that contracts should be transparent and before any of our clients enter into a contract with us we explain everything in plain language so they know exactly what they are signing up to. Our IT support contracts are very easy to understand because the simplest IT solutions are usually the best. With flexible contracts and affordable

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