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We offer a wide-ranging, professional and competitive service. Our work is carried out on or off-site for home/small office and business computer users within Goffs Oak, North London and outlying areas. We carry out desktop computer/laptop diagnosis, repairs, maintenance and upgrades. You can drop off or deliver your computer to our premises, arrange collection and redelivery by us, or we can visit and work at your premises with arranged appointment.

read more › We began trading in 1997 in High Barnet but serving other nearby areas - in 2017 we moved to Cuffley Hill, Goffs Oak. Goffs Oak PC Repairs (formerley Barnet PC) is based in Goffs Oak mainly serving the local area but also outlying north London and Herts. Our company is built on the principles of providing a professional, personal and reliable service at competitive rates. This practice has earned us much repeat business and recommendations to new customers. The service range we provide is dynamic to say the least and continues to adapt due to new technical innovations and day to day experience, coupled with the most important factor, listening to the needs of our customers.

read more › Having a single computer at a home or business location is increasingly becoming an exception. Implementation and support, whether for single devices or many in one location can equally be supplied. In the case of several computers being located on the same premises, these can be connected sharing resources such as Internet connections or peripheral components. This can be carried out on a wired or wireless basis. Our service includes setting up, maintaining diagnosing problems and repairing faults in existing networking environments.

read more › Your hard disk drive, as well as containing your operating system also holds data that you have created and saved over a period of time. This data mainly consists of document, photo and music files; they may also contain some database files holding other information such as emails and address books. If your computer or laptop fails suddenly, data can in most cases be recovered and returned to you on different media such as CD/DVD, flash media or external hard disk. The recovery process ranges from copying the data directly from your hard disk, the use of data recovery software and in worst cases carrying out temporary remedial repairs to the hard disk.

read more › It's very easy to underestimate the importance of backing up your data until you experience a loss. Seeing someone lose their family photos, music files or business data is hard to endure. Though not commonly known, Hard Disk drive failure and virus infection amongst other things can cause data loss, incurring sometimes high costs depending on data size amounts, this can be easily avoided. A relatively small investment in a backup device or other media can save a lot of cost and hassle. We can help by installing and configuring appropriate equipment supplied by us or the customer.

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