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T L P Technology TLP Technology is one of Surrey's longest established and leading IT support companies providing a wealth of IT knowledge and knowhow, hands on IT support, products, solutions and services to meet your business needs. No matter how big or small an organisation our tailored support solutions provide a cost effective and efficient means of running your businesses IT smoothly and seamlessly.

As the internet and your business continue to evolve, so too does your need to stay on top of the ever changing landscape. Falling behind with any changes to legislation, data protection, cyber attacks. is all it takes to damage one's business and reputation. The maintenance and support of your IT systems is essential for your security, peace of mind and of course the continued success of your business.

There is no one size fits all solution to a company's IT support needs, and we believe that you shouldn't have to pay more than you have to! We provide a host of flexible cost effective support solutions such as TLP Support Points (pay as you go IT support) to fit your budget and needs.

Every single day we ensure our customers have reliable and secure IT, so they can concentrate on running their businesses efficiently. We understand the requirements of a home-based individual with one PC differs from a company that has 5 PCs. It's different again for an organisation with 50 PCs. Clearly, one-size does not fit all. We recognise this

It's essential for any business to ensure their IT systems and procedures are managed and maintained to avoid failures and potential downtime. With the right support structure in place your software and hardware will be safeguarded and can be maintained by remote monitoring to identify and prevent problems before they arise. Every business large or

It is no surprise that IT security is an increasing issue to all businesses irrespective of size. As technology continues to advance and evolve so too has our dependency on devices that connect to the internet, creating more avenues for opportunistic hackers, so finding an IT security partner you can count on is a necessity that your business cannot

Servers are essential and central to the everyday running of applications, databases, emails, files, web presence, networks and so on. They are hardware and software which are required to run 24/7. Just like a vehicle they should be checked, serviced and updated regularly. Failure to do so could lead to partial or total failure. It isn't possible to

No business can function properly or effectively without the right infrastructure. It is equally important that your networks are continually monitored and secured. We all know how wonderful things are when everything is running smoothly, and we also know how frustrating it is when multiple workstations, devices and networks won't connect or do what

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