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Infotech21 | Business IT Services, Computer Support & Network Support; Get a whole team of experts so you don't have to worry about IT. Infotech21's IT Services ensures everything you need working, just works. From Computer Support to Network Infrastructure and anti-virus, Service as fast and effective as if we were your own on-site IT Team. We tailor our IT services to exactly what you need, with a service delivered locally from our services centres in London, Surrey and Sussex.

Every part of how we support you is designed to be like we were your own on site IT team, quick, friendly and effective. To be a great partner to your business we make sure we are exactly that. We believe in engaging our customers with straight forward jargon free support, with outstanding personal service. Our team of experts will monitor, fix and update systems in the background as well as provide your staff with immediate help when they need it.

Our IT Support is also open 24/7 should staff be working late, or you have team members working in different time zones.

read more › Established in 1999 to provide a great range of IT Solutions for small to medium enterprise businesses. We updated our brand to Infotech21 in 2013. We are a Microsoft Small Business partner and our range of IT solutions are designed for you to choose those that exactly suit you best. So what is a great solution from our perspective, and what do our clients tell us they value? It's quite simple really, being a well-established and trusted business that responds quickly and effectively. We know we exist to know what you don't know about IT.

read more › Our management team is led by our Managing Director, Daniel Raiter. Daniel's team brings together a diverse range of skills and expertise to ensure we can provide the very best IT solutions tailored exactly to our clients needs and budget. Daniel originally set up in response to small to medium sized businesses desiring expert and quick responses and providing clients with a great IT Management solution that was as effective as having an on-site IT department, but for significantly less. Craig Warren joined the team us in 2015 as Sales Director.

read more › If you need an IT Technician fast, or would like to discuss support for your company, just phone 0800 0 11 47 88. Our Technicians provide immediate 1st line and 2nd line support over the phone and we have a team of 3rd line Technicians visiting customers from our IT Support Centers in London, Guildford and Dorking. With any service lines we always remember that we're here to know what you don't, ensure your employees get quick and professional help and leave them with that great service feeling.

read more › We provide dependable IT Support and network services for small to medium enterprise businesses. Immediate service over the phone as well as on site Technicians covering London, Surrey and Sussex. Want someone to come in regularly, because when we do, we often hear 'glad you came in I've been meaning to give you a call'. Whatever you need help with today, or what you might need tomorrow, you can expect a service as great as if we were your IT Department on-site with you there. Experts in Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning - What is your capacity for continuing your services following an Incident?

read more › We are Computer Network Support specialists, we cover the installation, including Local Area Network cabling (LAN), on-going monitoring, maintenance and support for all types of Server and NAS boxes. We provide quick and immediate help for small to medium enterprise businesses in London, Sussex and Surrey. We deliver our Network Support Services from our IT Support Centres in these areas because we know you probably want to see a regular expert, someone who understands your business and gets things fixed quickly.

read more › Actually, the cloud is just a way of keeping and accessing data remotely over the internet, as well as applications like CRM and email rather than a local server. Whilst the Cloud is just another term for the internet, many of our clients want the best of both worlds, some things stored securely on a server and others applications in the cloud. It's worth planning to get the balance right for your business and data needs. Flexibility of service is become more desired by businesses to meet the working routines of the generations and pace of work.

read more › So, what's a Hybrid Cloud? It consists of at least two, or more, clouds which are separately and securely linked. They often include public, private or community. It may also co-locate, often we see client server and cloud, it's configuration should be wholly based on the client's need. We make things easy, speak in plain English and show you what would best for you. Our Hybrid Cloud solution is defined and tailored to your needs, whilst being mindful of what you'll need in the medium to long term.

read more › Whether you think you need to invest in Disaster Recovery Plan or not, here are some of the questions worth having the answers to:. In addition to ISO 22301:2012, what are the potential incidents to plan for; malware and ransom ware are becoming more sophisticated. How much time should you invest in ensuring you can get up and running quickly V's risk factors and current statistics of what could happen if you don't. We provide dependable IT helpdesk support and networking services for small to medium enterprise businesses, so what does this mean to you?

read more › Infotech21 offers leading edge VoIP Phone Systems and call management solutions, and if you've not moved to VoIP yet, you may be very surprised at how much you could save, if you would like a no cost no obligation estimate just get in touch on 0800 0 11 47 88. From straight forward VoIP Phone Systems, to complex configurations we can help. We have our own carrier class infrastructure and private network, so you can enjoy the quality and savings of a clear phone line. Setting it up is straight forward, we'll walk you through the key considerations, for example:.

read more › Our IT Audit service could help you identify amazing cost savings, we've often help businesses save immediately by just reviewing the licenses being paid for and whether you should be. We also look at your infrastructure, consider you needs today and for the future, whilst ensuring the best way for optimum up-time, PC speeds, internet speed and staff productivity.

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