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PC Zone Sorting out my unusable HP laptop My HP laptop became erratic and unusable. I took it in to PC Zone whom I had used on a previous occasion with good results. This time Lee sorted it out very quickly and efficiently eliminating all the malware problems etc and there were lots!. Following this I decided to replace the hard drive with an SSD. Again this was done very quickly and effectively, all my files, images, music etc being transferred within a day, leaving me to reinstall the programs I needed.

I now have a very fast laptop which is a pleasure to use. Saved My Laptop I took my laptop in as it wasn't booting windows 7. Not only did they diagnose the problem within 5 minutes of me being there, but they gave me an accurate time frame and quote for completion. Now my laptop works better than ever. Can't recommend highly enough. Free quotations, fast diagnostics, we repair all makes of Computer's and Laptop's, Windows and Mac PC's, no matter where you brought it.

If your computer will not work as expected don't worry, our dedicated repair service is designed to get you back up and running in no time.

read more › During a diagnostic service, we will find out exactly what is wrong with your laptop or computer and tell you what needs to be done to fix it. A virus removal service will be recommended if your machine is infected with a form of malware, including anything from complex rootkits to common viruses and trojans. Our experts make use of industry-leading software packages alongside manual cleaning techniques to remove any and all infections. Does my computer have a virus? If you've lost data, a recovery service can usually get it back for you.

read more › Diagnostics is the first step in identifying a wide range of computer problems and will indicate the appropriate repair methods. Errors with specific software features, such a networking problems, a particular program, user accounts, etc. PC Zone's technician will talk to you about the problems you have been having with the machine to determine the type(s) of diagnostics required. Once your machine is booked in, the most common type of diagnostics is a "first sweep" hardware check. This process involves doing preliminary checks on all components of your computer or laptop to isolate those with problems which can be further investigated.

read more › Programs that you have not installed (or programs that you are not using) starting unexpectedly. A popular variation of this is viruses that pretent to be antivirus software; they will tell you that you have dozens of problems, but unless it is a program that you have personally acquired and installed it is probably malicious software. Messages from your personal firewall telling you that a program you did not install or run is trying to connect to the Internet. Files and folders being deleted or renamed without you performing the action.

read more › If your laptop screen is damaged, you don't need to worry about writing off the whole laptop - the screen can be replaced with brand new parts and tested quickly and easily by our expert team of laptop repair technicians. Evidence of physical damage, such as dents or cracks in the surface of the screen. This may be easier to see by viewing the screen from various angles, and can commonly be caused by impacts to the screen itself, impacts to the lid of the laptop, dropping the laptop or closing the laptop whilst something (such as a pen or a memory stick) is still between the screen and the body of the laptop.

read more › If you've lost data from your machine, there's a good chance we can recover it. Whether your hard drive is corrupted, your operating system has crashed, you've been the victim of a destructive virus or you've accidentally deleted something you needed, our technicians can help you to get the data back. How can you get my data back? When your data is gone or inaccessible, "where" it has gone depends on what has happened to cause the problem in the first place. If your hard drive is corrupted (for example by a virus or faulty software) the data is usually still there, but inaccessible due to the corruption of file tables or other essential parts of the hard drive's infrastructure.

read more › The connection between your laptop and the charger is often a weak point, but a power socket repair means you can carry on using your laptop as soon as possible if it's damaged. Technicians will disassemble your laptop in our workshop and replace the necessary components with brand new parts. Power sockets can easily be damaged by debris entering the socket, an incorrect charger being inserted or the cable being pulled whilst the charger is plugged in. Intermittent connection when charging the laptop.

read more › Upgrades come in all shapes and sizes and each one will have a different effect on your machine. If your computer or laptop is running slow, we can advise you on a number of different solutions, which may include a RAM upgrade or a thermal service. Upgrading your machine's RAM is a quick and inexpensive option to improve your computer's power, and a thermal service is a process that will help your laptop to run cooler and thus quicker. If you are running out of storage space, we can upgrade the hard drive capacity of your computer or laptop.

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