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SCW IT Services All types of Laptop and PC support undertaken. Including Virus and malware removal, replacement Laptop screens, software and hardware issues. Server support, Networking, PC and Laptop upgrades and maintainence, Backup solutions, Security. Site support and remote support. Your Business is important, whether you have one office PC or a full on network infrastructure you still need IT support at least from time to time, whatever your requirements we believe we can help in some way.

We have the necessary skills to help Businesses from simple backup solutions to server and system installations. Home support is also something we offer from virus removal and slow computers to upgrades and broken laptop screens. Flexible hours to suit the customer's needs are also important so where possible we will do our best to fit work in around you.

Evenings, weekends, no problem! Laptop or PC drop-off, home visit, whatever you require, give us a call, we're happy to help!

read more › The thing that makes SCW unique is the customer focus, we believe that the customers requirements are of upmost importance, all customers are different and have different levels of IT knowledge and needs. We don't believe in spending money on expensive IT equipment and systems for the sake of it. We take the requirements and budget very seriously. We are only a phone call away and committed to resolving your IT issues as quickly as possible. If we are unable to resolve at the first point of contact a site or home visit will be arranged the same day, where possible.

read more › At SCW we can quickly detect and repair any issue with your computer, drop your computer off or we'll come to you. It is our aim to fix issues the same day but in the event that you are without your computer for more than a day we can supply a temporary computer if required. If your computer is'nt working, for whatever reason, its certainly worth checking whether its cost effective to fix your current computer or buy a new one. Although new computers are extremely good value, you still have the issue of transfering all of your data and software across and also install printers etc. to the new one.

read more › We can install a solution that works with your existing broadband, this can vastly improve wireless coverage. Our installation is an enterprise level solution so we don't just come along and plug some range extenders in, as in almost all cases this is not an adequate solution. Using an outdoor wireless antenna or multiple antennas if required can be used to cover a much greater area. They are great for locating in campsites or any outdoor area where an internet connection is needed. They can be used in conjunction with a point-to point bridge also.

read more › We offer a range of IT Support Services for businesses. We take the time to understand your business and give you the most useful IT Support we can. Our IT Support for Small Business keeps things simple. You pay for the time you use - thats it! No expensive support contract needed. If you require IT assistance then just call, we will either resolve the problem remotely or if necessary we will visit site. Furthermore our Ad-Hoc Support can be used for any IT requirements and is very useful if you have a simple computer issue or if your entire network is down.

read more › We offer a wide range of IT Solutions for the home user or for small businesses. From hardware and software issues to data backup and recovery, we can help you manage your IT tasks and take the stress away from you, so you can concentrate on other things. However small the problem there is always a solution and no problem is too small, so get in touch and we will be happy to talk to you regarding any IT issue!

read more › Its never been cheaper to invest in a new computer, whether you require a Laptop or Desktop PC there are some fantasic deals out there. Upgrade your old Windows XP or Vista computer now! We'll supply the computer and transfer all your data and software from your old machine to the new one as part of the package. As you have probably heard by now Windows 10 is here and there are some extremely good deals for new computers to be had. We can supply a Laptop or Desktop with your budget and specifications in mind, we can also guide you through the process of using Windows 10 in the comfort of your own home.

read more › Smart-Phones and tablets are extremely popular currently and if you're not sure what device is right for you then we can help you decide what device would suit you best. Both smart-phones and tablets offer very convenient and powerful features so sometimes a tradional computer is rarely needed. There are 4 main platforms out there the most popular being being Apple and Android. We can offer support and address common issues for all mobile devices. Many problems relating to mobile devices include, email synchronisation, general connectivity issues and basic usage guidance.

read more › If you are suffering from a slow internet connection it could be that your line is along way from the exchange and only supports a slow speed or it could be that you have a genuine line problem. You may also experience an intermittent connection, don't worry all this can be checked out for you and we can liase if necessary with your service provider, you may have contacted your provider before but sometimes its easier if you can relay the problem to them so they can correctly understand the issue.

read more › Are you unsure if you should buy a Windows computer or Apple MAC? Are you confused what the difference is? Maybe your thinking of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8 and are not sure of the benefits or pros and cons of doing so. Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 365 are great if you need to do word processing or spreadsheets. There are so many versions available that you maybe unsure of which version is right for you, as different versions don't contain all the same software.

read more › With so many options on the market today its hard to know if you are using the correct form of backup or if you are even backing up your data at all. We can make sure that this is no longer an issue and implement a backup solution that is right for you. Most backup solutions are easy to setup, you could have a simple manual backup to an external hard-disk or a scheduled backup to a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage). One of the best solutions available today is to use a cloud service. Using a cloud backup means all of your data is backed-up securely offsite.

read more › We can help you setup or configure any printer or scanner you may have. If you are looking for a new printer then multi-functional devices are a very popular and cost effective solution and they also help reduce your carbon footprint. You may be a business and want to setup a shared network printing option, so multiple users can print simultaneously, this can also be achieved and can be a far more productive setup.

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