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For many small businesses, it is all too easy to dismiss IT services as an unnecessary expense that will not pay off in the long term. This approach may work for a few months, particularly if the business is running relatively smoothly and there are a number of IT-savvy members of staff on your team. However, as soon as your first IT crisis occurs such as a server failure or an email system crash, you may find yourself in the midst of a serious crisis.

Even if your crisis only lasts a few hours or days, you could end up losing a significant amount of money during this time and your company's reputation could be damaged. By investing in managed IT services, you can mitigate this risk and ensure that your IT system is fit for purpose at all times. Attempting to solve IT problems can cause real productivity issues within a business, particularly if none of your team members is particularly confident with computers.

With a team of experts committed to ensuring your IT systems stay up and running, you can rest assured that productivity will stay high at all times.

read more › IT Addicts is the trading name of Devon IT Ltd. Founded by Mark Howarth who at the age of eight started to hone his technical skills by disassembling any electronic gifts he received to satisfy the insatiable drive to understand the way technology works. As time marched on Mark continued his journey to learn more about the workings of technology by studying Electronics and IT at College. In 1990 Mark opened his first service business repairing and servicing Electronic equipment for the Local NHS and Colleges.

read more › Managed IT support is having your own outsourced IT department to provide fast response and ensure all your infrastructure is running smoothly and securely 24/7/365. All for a small monthly flat fee. Our On Site Service offers ad-hoc support as and when needed when integrated with our Managed IT solution above. Migrating to the cloud gives you the freedom but also opens you up to a whole host of security concerns. With our expertise we can ensure your processes are migrated securely and the correct security is in place for your staff.

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