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Dp Complete IT support, system upgrades, hardware refresh or project management - whatever your business IT and telecommunication requirements, DP Solutions has the answer. Whether you are setting up a new office or just want to expand your infrastructure - give us a call. We specialise in installations that deliver IT, Telecoms and even entertainment across one simple to manage network.

DP-Solutions provide complete IT support services. From computer repair/support to hardware supply/upgrades and network/telephone solutions, we're here to help. Supporting businesses and home users throughout Somerset, Dorset and the South West. We understand how important your IT, computer and telecom systems are. We also know what a headache it is when they let you down.

Over the years we have developed a range of services designed specifically to keep your IT, computers and telecoms systems, and your business running smoothly. And if you can't find what you're looking for or would prefer a chat, just get in touch.

read more › Founded in 2004 by David and Paul Martin, we are extremely proud of our ever expanding customer base, almost entirely created through personal recommendation. We have over 40 years knowledge and experience in all aspects of IT and telecoms. From simply moving a phone socket to complete IT refresh including server, network, workstations and phone system; DP-Solutions is here to help. We specialise in project management, so whatever your requirements, no matter how demanding, get in touch. We will always provide the solution that is best for you, rather than most profitable for us.

read more › DP Solutions have been supporting our school for the past 4 years. The team are always on hand and very quick to respond to any queries. Their support during lockdown was invaluable - from setting up donated computers to assisting the teachers with Google Classroom. I have no problem highly recommending DP Solutions. The IT and website support from DP Solutions has been excellent with a fast response to any issues. We first started using DP solutions in 2018 and have never looked back. Paul is extremely knowledgeable, and his advice has proved invaluable.

read more › Do you run a business, school, public body, charity or organisation? If so, your IT infrastructure is likely to be the backbone of your admin and communication systems. We understand what a headache it can be and how disruptive it is when your IT systems let you down. Therefore we have carefully crafted a comprehensive list of IT, Cloud, Network & Telecom support services for all types of business, helping keep your business running smoothly, secure in the knowledge that your IT systems are in safe hands.

read more › Business support gives you peace of mind. Contracts include monitoring and maintenance ensuring the network that you depend on to run your business stays up and running. Should the worst happen, service level agreements ensure a technician will be onsite to resolve problems in a timely manner. Our support plans are scalable, they can cover just one PC through to full network systems including servers, switches and workstations. Whatever your requirements, no matter how demanding, we have a support plan that will work for you.

read more › Whether you are undertaking a full system refresh or simply require a new workstation, we can supply all of the hardware for your installation requirements and get it all installed and set up at extremely competitive prices. From servers to switches, PCs to laptops - we service businesses in Somerset and the South West. Unlike some other offerings, we will look at everything that you use and only replace the devices that are past their prime. If for example, you have a computer that's around 5 years old, that can do everything but may just be a bit slow, we can upgrade the computer instead of replacing it, meaning you get more life out of an older device and save money at the same time.

read more › Your telephone system is at the heart of your communications network and our specialist team know exactly how to get the best out of it. When your office lines are busy, would you like the call to be automatically forwarded to your mobile? Whether you are looking to completely replace or simply upgrade your existing telephone system, we offer free, friendly and knowledgeable advice. It isn't always necessary to spend large amounts of money replacing your system either. Sometimes upgrades or just simple maintenance is all that is required to get things back on track.

read more › Your IT security is a serious business. Now more important than ever to ensure your IT infrastructure is protected. The best way to do this is to ensure everything is up to date and your network is protected. We have partnered with WatchGuard to provide high end firewalls and anti-virus software. Firewalls protect your network from hackers and keep log on what's happening of your network so you can rest easy knowing your network is secure. We have seen first-hand how easily viruses can infect a system, causing data loss, catastrophic failure and worse still, capture sensitive information.

read more › DP-Solutions offer a wide range of managed IT services. The services help remove the stress out of running and monitoring onsite services. This will provide you with the peace of mind that you services are always kept up to date, secure and reliable. We are happy to tailor these services to fit your business's requirements from protecting a single PC to enterprise sized solutions. Managing these services for you we believe can be cost effective in most situations.

read more › We all know how important it is to protect the information your business holds. Having a solid safe backup solution is essential to protect yourself from the worse-case scenario - data loss. It is important to note that backup software/hardware should be monitored and tested to prevent accidental data loss. This is something the team can help you with or we can help train staff accordingly. You probably carry out periodic backups, but when was the last time you actually tried to restore from one (replicating this worst case scenario)?

read more › At DP-Solutions we have used many different security products and have found that Panda is one of the leading providers. Panda security includes full anti-virus and also has many different add-ons like patch management. It is more important than ever before to ensure that your devices are secure and kept up to date. With Panda security, you will never need to worry about this again, with complete management over all of your corporate computers, at a glance you can be sure that all of them are up to date and virus free.

read more › Here at DP-Solutions, we can cater for any size of website. From a small blog to a massive online retailer, we can design website that cater to your needs. We work with full stack developers in order to ensure we have the knowledge available to fix issues and publish websites in a timely maner. We designed and built our own website from the ground up.

read more › We can look after the hard parts such as updates and website maintenance but we can also look after the frontend of your site inclusive of these packages so if for example, you decided to add/remove content, all it would take is a call or an e-mail to our developers and we will take care of it for you. If your site wasn't made by us, we can still maintain it to ensure that it continues being secure and serving your customers 24/7. Get in touch today for a free quick chat with one of our developers to see if we can help.

read more › We all know how frustrating it can be when our devices or internet are not playing ball. DP-Solutions offer a wide range of home computer support solutions to help you remove the frustration. We can guide you through any requirement with your network/Wi-Fi, computers, laptops and phones. Please reviews the following services for more information.

read more › At DP-Solutions, we understand just how much of an inconvenience it can be when your computer or laptop breaks down. When most work is done on computers, it can be a big problem to suddenly be left without one. We strive to fix computers and laptops as fast as possible to ensure that you can get on with everything with minimal downtime. We can replace any faulty parts including screens, keyboards, hard drives, SSDs, power supplies and graphics cards as well as repairing software or driver problems that may prevent you from running an application.

read more › When Wi-Fi just won't quite cut it for you connection requirements, you may prefer to have a cable connection to your router. We can install internal or external Ethernet caballing throughout your home to ensure that any devices have a reliable wired connection if required. Cables can be particularly helpful in older buildings where a strong Wi-Fi signal can be difficult to achieve. It can also be preferred to have a wired connection when network speed is important, for example if you have your media stored on a NAS (network attached storage device).

read more › In an age of many people working from home, it is more important than ever to ensure that your wireless network covers your whole home and stays up and running at peak efficiency. Here at DP-Solutions, we have experience with many different solutions for Wi-Fi and can recommend the best solution for your budget and building requirements. We can install wireless access points on existing network caballing, or we can install the caballing to run the access points. If you prefer not to have caballing installed, we can use a mesh network or a powerline network.

read more › When you have a requirement for a computer, it can be difficult to find the exact device for your requirements, whether it be for gaming, office work, VR, CAD or anything else, DP-Solutions can guide you through selecting the parts for your machine and supply it fully assembled and set up ready to use. We can transfer your data and reinstall your applications from your old machine and ensure that all of your peripherals are working too such as printers, scanners and webcams. We specialise in high end computers typically used for gaming or CAD.

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