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Merseyside Computer Solutions Looking for a professional computer repair business in Liverpool?. Here at Merseyside Computer Solutions we operate on a No Fix No Fee basis and utilise a fixed price structure, so you only pay if we fix it!. Most of our Liverpool Computer repairs are completed the very same day! We are specialists in repairing all computer problems and operate on a no fix no fee basis.

Have you just bought a new computer but have all your important files on your old one. No problem Merseyside Computer Solutions are able to transfer all your old data and settings to your new computer getting you up and running in no time. Our computer health checks ensure your computer is running at its best possible performance.

As part of this service our computer repair technician will carry out a full antivirus scan, clean-up and defrag your hard drive, remove unnecessarily registry files and suggest hardware upgrades.We can install any software you buy and remove ones you do not need freeing up space on your computer.

read more › Our Computer repair Liverpool service fixes most computer and laptop problems the very same day and costs just 30!. In addition to this you will receive a free antivirus installation at no extra cost. At Merseyside Computer Solutions we pride our selves on delivering the best computer repair service in Liverpool at the best prices. While at the same time we ensure that we offer a fantastic customer service experience, keeping you well informed about the status of your computer or laptop repair.

read more › Our computer repair specialists based here in Liverpool are experts at upgrading your system components. So whether you would like a memory upgrade, or you need more hard disk space, our Liverpool computer repair engineers are here to help. Having built up a wealth of experience in the computer repair industry, we can source computer parts for you at the best possible price. One of our Liverpool computer repair engineers will then upgrade your computer for you, costing just 30. We are highly experienced in working with all brands and models of computers including Acer, Asus, Samsung, Packard Bell, HP and Dell, so if you would like a computer upgrade give us a call today.

read more › Our computer maintenance service is the perfect solution for keeping your computer in a good state of repair, minimising the risks of any hardware problems and keeping it running at its maximum performance levels. Our Liverpool computer repair engineers will clean the interior and exterior of your computer system removing any dust and debris from cooling fans, power supply and other hardware components. This is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a computer and is often missed by our competitors.

read more › Blue screen errors also known as the "blue screen of death", are displayed on a computer that has suffered from a fatal system error. Blue screen errors occur whenever Microsoft Windows senses a software, hardware or driver error which will prevent it from operating properly. Quite often if you are lucky the problem will resolve itself with a simple reboot, and you may never have to worry about it again. However if you do continue to face this problem, all is not lost, Merseyside Computer Solutions are specialists in repairing these computer problems.

read more › Sometime's when your computer or laptop is suffering from software related problems including viruses, it cannot be fixed without the re-installation of the Windows operating system. However this should be the last resort, and our highly trained and experienced pc repair engineer's will try every available option to fix your computer without formatting your computer. Although even if nothing else works, and our computer repair engineer has to re-install the operating system, our staff are well equipped with the right tools to back up all your existing data and files, keeping it all safe.

read more › Sometimes you may find that your desktop computer wont switch on, or it fails to boot up correctly. This is often caused by your power supply unit failing, however one of our friendly computer repair specialists will diagnose this for you. You may ask, how does my computer switch on if the power supply is broken?, well sometimes the PSU can be partially working but not proving enough power for all your computer components. This is often the case when your computer suddenly shuts down when you are working on it.

read more › A computer can switch itself off for many reasons including; overheating problems, computer viruses, issues with hardware, or even a problem with the operating system. However you can rest assured that our computer repair Liverpool engineers, will carry out full diagnostics, identifying the cause of your problem and rectifying it as soon as possible. One of the most common problems with computers and laptops today, is overheating which will cause your computer to shut down automatically. As computer technology advances and laptops become smaller, overheating becomes more of a problem.

read more › Hard disk errors occur when the computer operating system files become corrupt due to bad sectors on the computers hard drive. It can often be fixed without any parts, and our computer repair Liverpool engineers usually fix these problems the very same day. Our staff have access to specialist tools that recover bad sectors on your hard drive, fixing any software problems you may have experienced. If your computer has been suffering from lots of disk errors in the past, your hard drive may be ready to fail.

read more › If you would like a wireless network, or you are experiencing issues with your existing one, Merseyside Computer Solutions and our team of computer repair Liverpool engineers are here to help. By having a wireless internet network, you will benefit from having the luxury of browsing the internet cable-free, and the ability to share files between your devices. However a computer network that relies on radio waves is subject to failure due to interference, signal range limits, hardware problems, and operator error.

read more › Here at Merseyside Computer Solutions based in Liverpool, we endeavour to provide an efficient and highest quality computer & laptop repair service. We put great prominence on tailored customer care, ensuring that premium quality is maintained. We specialise in troubleshooting and solving both hardware and software problems of virtually all makes and models of desktop computers and laptops at the best possible price. We only work on fixed prices, enabling our customers to be in complete control at all times.

read more › When your computer or laptop becomes infected with a virus you will usually notice that your computer becomes slow or keeps crashing, strange things start to happen, suddenly some files are missing or antivirus programs keep saying that they are infected. Our Liverpool based computer repair specialists are experts in the field of virus and spyware removal. You can rely on us to professionally clear your PC of any viruses! It's not enough to run a virus scan and hope it clears, as a PC virus can sometimes be missed by your antivirus software or leave your PC in an unstable condition.

read more › These days many families have at least two or three laptops or computers, and it can be beneficial to store images and files centrally, share printers and other devices, stream films or music to your TV or back-up your precious computer files. Our Liverpool based home networking service allows you to connect together various devices in your home such as computers, laptops, printers, smart phones, game consoles and media drives. This can all be done over a wireless network preventing the need for additional cables.

read more › When you buy a new computer or laptop to replace your old system it should be exciting. However once you realise you want access to all your old files and documents on your new computer it can be hard working out where to start. This is often a time consuming task and you may be stuck if you have a huge library of music (mp3) or other digital content downloaded on the old machine. At Merseyside Computer Solutions we offer a file and folder migration service (data transfer) in which we will swiftly and securely transfer all your files and folders from your old PC to the new one.

read more › Did you know your computer can benefit from an annual health check? We ask our computers to do a lot; play music and videos, edit our photos and let us surf the Internet. Over time your computer can become clogged with unwanted software, old files and even spyware and viruses. We offer the perfect solution for this, keeping your system in order and allowing it to run at its best possible performance. As part of our computer health check service, our pc repair technicians will clean up and remove unnecessary system files and start-up programs, defrag your system and check for any nasty viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive and remove them.

read more › Have you just bought new software for your PC or Mac, live in the Liverpool area, and you're not sure how to install it? Or maybe you just want the latest software on your computer? Whatever it is we can put it on your hard drive and install the latest updates. If your computer keeps crashing we can even get your software back to how it was!. Install your new software and register it with the manufacturer to activate your warranty. Do you currently have Windows 7 and would like to upgrade to Windows 8 without the added cost of buying a brand new computer?

read more › Merseyside Computer Solutions are based in Liverpool and offer simple fixed pricing on all IT services. As we use fixed prices, you don't have to worry about surprises, instead you get a clear, fair price from the start. At Merseyside Computer Solutions we believe that our computer repair and upgrade customers should only pay once the problem is fixed. Therefore all repairs will be carried out on a no fix no fee basis. On top of this Merseyside Computer Solutions believe in customer loyalty and offer regular special offers to existing customers, rewarding them for their custom.

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