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Webpoint Solutions With over 20 years experience in supporting UK companies large and small - We will have IT covered. Using the latest and most advanced security solutions, we have your business information covered. From a bare bone shell of a building, we install all your infrastructure, design and build your systems, then we Maintain and Protect you.

We have been trading now for over 20 years and from humble beginnings, and have now grown to become a reputable technology solutions provider for small, medium and PLC organisations across the UK.We have invested heavily, and continue to do so in our staff training, to enable us to offer industry recognised certified solutions in IT, Infrastructure design, Cyber Security, Business Telecommunications and CCTV Security.

Having purchased and renovated our new business premises in Euston Grove, we are able to continue our growth plan and expand the growing services portfolio that we offer to our existing and new clients. Our aim is to enable our customers to concentrate on their own core business and allow us to focus on communicating their individual philosophies to both their existing and potential clients.

read more › Webpoint offers many IT Support Services for all sized companies - Select one of options below or Contact Us for more information on your specific requirements. Computer and Server outages can happen at any time. How much revenue or staff wages are lost when your network is 'offline', even for a short period? Our monthly service plans pay for themselves in guaranteeing system uptime and the availability of resources to your staff. With our 24/7 monitoring systems, we can identify and resolve networking and hardware issues before they can cause serious downtime to your business.

read more › As a business, do you rely on IT technology to maximise staff efficiency and performance? Have you ever had downtime due to faulty or misconfigured IT equipment? If like so many, you have experienced these difficult times or are currently experiencing connectivity problems with crashing servers or slow computers; WebPoint is here to make your problems disappear with our managed IT services. Our flat-rate hourly service plans will deliver your business, enterprise-class IT support and repair solutions that are customised and tailored to your specific needs.

read more › As your business matures to tens, hundreds or thousands of devices, you need a professional remote-monitoring and management tool to ensure business stability, maximize efficiency, and ensure protection of your data and business as a whole. Improve IT strategies with continuity and financial planning for future growth, monitoring hardware and software used on the network. Allowing proactive planning over reactive reactions to issues arising. Automated resolution of issues detected based on configured work flows matching preconfigured failure scenarios.

read more › As technologies continue to develop and grow, we at WebPoint believe that one of the best ways to communicate with our clients is via our ticketing system. Not only is this more efficient in our response times but it allows our team to receive your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This enables us to find the quickest possible solution to an issue to limit the effects of any downtime or time wasted trying to cooperate with high end company call centres. One thing for sure is that mailboxes can be jam packed with mail, which can result in problems not being seen or solved.

read more › Ensuring employees, customers or residents have access to a fast and reliable Wi-Fi network is no longer a privilege, it is now an expectation. Poor connectivity can result in user frustration and impact on staff productivity and morale. Wi-Fi systems are so often not implemented correctly, resulting in users not being able to access the internet even if they have a strong signal. This is usually because the people who install the Wi-Fi system do not properly understand the science behind the makeup of wireless technology.

read more › DATA Loss caused by hardware failure, Malware programs, corruption, or simply human error is an everyday occurrence. The consequences of any of these events happening can cause serious damage to a business and the way in which it operates from day to day. It is therefore essential that Servers are backed up nightly and all information is transferred to the cloud. Not only do WebPoint ICT ensure network image backup is completed daily, but we make sure that all your DATA is safe in the cloud. What happens to your business if there is a fire or a water leak onsite?

read more › At WebPoint we can source Ethernet and Fibre connectivity from any of the UK's major network operators. Our Dedicated Services offer reliable and guaranteed high connectivity speeds via the Next Generation Network (Multi Service Platform). Ethernet is now the connectivity service of choice for corporate businesses and public sector organisations that need high performance, flexibility and value for money. If you are looking to future-proof your business then these services are for you. Our pricing model makes sure that there no capital outlay on either a 3 or 5 year contract term.

read more › Many businesses today have employees that will work from home, on the road or in a separate office. It is important for all staff to have real time access to the files and applications they need to complete their work. Typically, any data accessed remotely will go over the internet, which exposes your network to a number of security risks. 85% of organisations now allow users to bring your own device (BYOD). Policies such as these can help decrease a company's infrastructure cost, but in turn it does increase network vulnerability.

read more › As Cybercrime is becoming more and more prevalent, a quality Anti-Virus solution to protect your servers and workstations is not enough anymore. Realistically, every network needs an arsenal of secure scanning engines that can detect Virus', Malware, malicious apps and data breach attempts before they can enter the network. In the UK, cases of online fraud are increasing year on year. Hacking, personal information misuse, ransomware and malware exploitation of end users' devices are equating to around 27 Billion per year.

read more › Structured data cabling is becoming one of the most sought after installations throughout the networking business as this not only allows full network connectivity 24 hours a day, it is also highly cost effective as the latest infrastructure can last a business a lifetime. Effectively these cabling infrastructures act as the glue between PC networks, Telecommunication sets and other internet based devices used every day in business. Here at WebPoint we can match the exact needs of your business' requirements by offering a range of the latest data communication wiring systems.

read more › At Webpoint we offer a wide range of Business Telephone systems to suit every Business need - from small offices with single Analogue Lines and 2 Extensions to Large offices with ISDN2 / ISDN30 Digital Lines supplying VOIP phones to satellite offices enabling calls to be made between remote offices with absolutely no call charge as if the remote users were situated in the same office. Our Systems are capable of utilising Digital, Analogue, Cordless DECT, IP and VoIP Extensions from 2 to 1000 Users with options for Road Warriors and Teleworkers to be constantly contactable through the One Number printed on their Business Card.

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