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MCS Group Our remote and onsite technicians are ready to support your business, helping you with any day-to-day issues to large scale projects. Empower your business with best-in-class communications and connectivity by installing a telephone system and super-fast broadband. MCS Group were founded in 1988 and offer bespoke IT support and communication services throughout the North West area and further afield.

Our clients range across a variety of industries so rest assured that no matter what sector you're in, we have experience helping business just like yours benefit through the use of technology. We work to establish a long-lasting relationship with all of our clients and offer a no pressure approach to discuss your requirements. Our focus is your company, how we can assist you grow your business and improve your processes through IT and communications.

We truly want to see your company succeed and we can help you do that through a robust IT & telephone system. We love really getting to know our clients and offering more than what a typical provider would bring.

MCS Group are a progressive, diverse and forward-thinking IT & telecommunication company based in the North West. Formed in 1988 and we are still at the forefront of IT & telecommunication. MCS was formed in 1988 by Director Steve Marsden and the business has changed and adapted well over the years, remaining at the forefront of IT & telecommunication

The central dashboard we use to monitor your network also has integrations in to backups, anti-virus, and much more, so that we can keep your network running in perfect condition. Updates are regularly released to increase security and improve general usability, which are managed and installed automatically through our managed support. Do you have the

As the world of IT is always progressing, your security needs to move just as fast. Our Anti-Virus solution automatically detects new virus and malware patterns and update in the background. Multi-Vector Protection provides a layered approach to both static and dynamic techniques across entire attack chains. This can all be centrally managed from one

Do you have a backup configured at all? We can audit your existing setup and install and configure a new backup schedule for both onsite quick data recovery and an offsite backup to offer you total peace of mind. What happens if you suffer a theft or fire? We can configure a Disaster Recovery solution so that in the event of a disaster your data is

We now expect instant connectivity everywhere which is why it is so important to have quick and easily accessible Wi-Fi throughout your business. Managed-WiFi as a process is auditing, installing and managing your Wi-Fi network to ensure that you have excellent coverage at all times. We will complete an audit of how to complete the project, discuss

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