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Today we carry out more and more tasks on our home PCs, laptops and gadgets. From staying in touch with friends to online shopping and checking your bank account. When things go wrong with your computer you need to get up and running as soon as possible. We offer same-day call-outs at a fixed rate to get you up and running in no time. Founded in 2003 Onsis are the best choice for PC repair on the Wirral.

Having your computer infected with a virus or malicious software can be a headache. Often your computer can end up barely usable. We have a 100% success rate when it comes to removing unwanted viruses and other software from computers. After every system clean we perform a free optimisation of your computer and leave you better secured against further attack.

If so we can help you get the most from your wireless broadband. If you're affected by dropped signals, an intermitent internet connection then Onsis can help.

read more › Virus and Malicious software have become an everyday part of using your computer. Even PCs with up-to-date security systems installed can become infected, disabling your Anti-Virus and making normal Internet browsing nearly impossible. We stay up to date and informed of the lastest security issues and are always able to rid your computer of any unwanted virus. Having your computer infected with a virus or other Malicious Software can be a headache. Onsis have a 100% success rate when it comes to removing unwanted viruses and other software from PCs.

read more › When you computer starts to slow down it can because a headache just getting the most simple of tasks compeleted. At Onsis we know how to get the most from a computer and will be able to dramatically improve the speed of your PC. We will give your PC a full clean and remove any unwanted system file that have built up over the years of use. Sometimes a simple Memory Upgrade will solve the issue and give your PC a new lease of life.

read more › Are you having problems with your broadband and/or wireless connection? Problems such as an intermittent connection to the internet or a lack wirless signal strength are inconvenient and irritating. At Onsis we have the expertise to resolve these issues quickly and without fuss. Problems with internet connections often stem from old or faulty wiring or bad router placement amonst other issues. If your router is aging then we can talk with your ISP to secure you an updated router free of charge.

read more › We are experts in recovering lost files and data. If you've accientally deleted pictures or documents from your computer or suffered a damaged hard disk drive we can help you recover the data that is important to you. We also provide backup systems. Often users neglect to backup precious files and only realise the try value of photos and files once something has gone wrong. We have more than 20 years experience recovering losst files and data for computer users across Merseyside. We appreciate how important your lost data is and work tirelessly to recover deleted, corrupted files for you.

read more › We can support your Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7 or Vista operating system. Whether your suffering with a slow computer, your PC keeps freezing or you're getting blue-screen errors Onsis can help you to get your computer performing like new again. For more information on the support we can offer, select your PCs Operating System from the list below.

read more › As you install more software on your computer you may notice that applications take more time to load. They may also appear to run slowly. Add to that all those Windows Updates that get installed over time and it's not suprising you notice a difference. The solution can often be an affordable Memory Upgrade. RAM upgrades start at 20 + our fixed labour charge: there's never been a better time to consider a boost.

read more › Onsis offer support and repair to all Hewlett Packard computers, laptops and printers. As one of the largest suppliers of computers in the UK we know that Hewlett Packard are often the computer of choice for our customers. We are familiar with both the software and hardware used by HP and will be able to get your Hewlett Packard computer or printer repaired quickly. Having your Hewlett Packard computer infected with a virus or malicious software can be a headache. Often your computer can end up barely usable.

read more › The Xbox is one of the most popular games console in the UK today. To get the most out of the system you need to have it connected to Xbox Live, the service that enables you to play games online, download demos and stream movies and media to your TV. We can help you get your Xbox Live account setup and configure your Xbox to access online services such as Facebook and Twitter. An Xbox Live Silver account is free to all users and can be used to download game demos, movies and other Media. An Xbox Live Gold account costs around 40 per year and allows gamers to play online and gain access to exclusive content.

read more › Nintendos Wii system appeals to children and adults alike regardless of age or video game experience. The Wii has two features that help make a new level of gaming, the built-in WiFi access and the Wiis wireless, motion-sensitive game controller. We can help you set up your Wii for the best game experience and hook you up to your wireless internet. Onsis can offer a setup service to make sure your Nintendo Wii is positioned and configured correctly so you get the most out of your new games system.

read more › Once we've completed a call-out for you we are happy help you with any queries you may have regarding your computer. Even if your query is unrelated to the original problem we're here to offer advice and support over the phone or by email. Perhaps you're considering a new computer or would like advice about a PC related purchase? You can rest assured knowing that the expertise you need is just a free phone call away. Having your computer infected with a virus or malicious software can be a headache.

read more › If you've been looking for a fast and reliable computer company serving homes in Birkenhead on the Wirral then look no further. Onsis provide same-day computer repairs and virus removal in your home at a fixed price. We won't keep you waiting in all day for an engineer visit as we fit in to suit you.

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