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Computer Solutions He trained in Poland and has done work for The European Space Agency and has an NVQ 2 in Electronics Manufacturing and Engineering. John Wheatcroft has always had a lifelong interest in Electronics and how computers actually work from an early age. He saw both the rise and fall of the home computer industry. After graduating from Computeach International in programming, and after contracting for some time, in both Software and Support roles, John Wheatcroft with the help of family set up his first venture.

In business as a mobile support technician. Over the last 30 years or so this has proven to be the correct choice and Computer Solutions Is thriving as a result. 6 years ago he was given the opportunity of a lifetime to occupy the former premises of GSS Systems at 3 Park St. It is from here that Computer Solutions have gone from strength to strength, with many clients coming back again and again.

read more › Laptop Computers are smaller, more convenient and more portable than your average desktop computer. However, upgrading a laptop is usually more limited than a desktop computer. Most laptops will allow memory or hard disk upgrades. However, that's really where it ends in terms of "user upgrades" for laptop owners. Some of the more recent, high-end laptops are starting to offer video card or video accelerator upgrades as well as processor upgrades. Again though this does depend on the manufacturer and model.

read more › Yes, Steve Major, who is part time here, offers a "supervised gaming rig" building service. Where the customer can visit our workshop and be supervised whilst THEY put together their unique gaming machine, with our help. This service is aimed at enthusiast, we'll supply the shopping list of parts and all parts will be purchased from us, according to customer specification and requirements.

read more › Most computer Retailers supply the Operating System pre-installed, when you bought your machine. Usually this will be an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) version as supplied with your machine. This means that it is down to the manufacturer of the machine to provide you with any support required and NOT Microsoft. Most Retailers should provide a recovery disk in the event of a problem. Whilst this is OK for them, in that they can drive down prices by doing so, what happens when your hard drive does fail?

read more › Basd in Leamington Spa, at Computer Solutions, we can fix your expensive touch screen phone or tablet, whether it's a Samsung tablet or Apple iPad. John and the team at Computer Solutions really helped us my son sat on his iPad and it was actually damaged so much it bent!. When John and the team returned it it was working and we could hardly tell the difference with a new one.

read more › If Windows finds a bad sector within a block on a drive, it will simply continue to try and keep remounting the file system on the drive, eventually causing Windows to hang or crash. We do this as it is more successful, ensuring that Windows does not crash when you plug in your suspect drive. Computer Solutions use only the best hardware in the business, from the World's leading Data Recovery Company RapidSpar, a division of DeepSpar.

read more › Computer Solutions, Computer Repair and Maintenance Service is located in Kenilworth Warwickshire, and operate over a wide radius of Kenilworth. Their client base encompasses home users and small businesses in villages and rural areas within the county of Warwickshire. They operate their Rapid Response Service from 9:00am to 9:00pm every day including weekends. Computer Solutions believe that as a small independent computer repair company, they are able to react quickly to client needs. This is particularly important in todays fast moving IT sector.

read more › Many thanks to John for retrieving my family photos from an old computer. John is incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about IT, and carried out my job quickly for a very reasonable price. I would recommend Computer Solutions for any IT problems. John & Artur are superstars who managed to revive my old apple laptop from a watery death and then reinstall an appropriately ancient operating system on it so that I could continue to run some very important and very out-dated software. All this when the first place I took it to said that my computer was unsalvageable!

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