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Kixo IT Solutions Based in Coventry, we're passionate about providing business IT support across the Midlands, and supplying internet connectivity and phones across the UK. We're here to ensure your staff can do their job with the best tools available and our core values ensure your team receives a speedy, proactive and friendly service from Kixo everytime. Treat us as your outsourced internal IT department.

For a flat fee every month, each of our customers receive 24/7, 365 support as part of our service. From servers and routers to Wi-Fi, printers and software for Office, Adobe or CRM, we offer a wide range of business IT support services. Comms can easily turn into jargon. To keep it straightforward, we have simple packages and easy pricing available.

Prefer the details? We can supply fibre FTTC & FTTP, ethernet internet connections, on premise solutions, cloud hosted VoIP phones systems and also SIP trunks. As an ever evolving threat, the basics in cyber security will always be true; regular software updates and staff education are key.

read more › Kixo can manage your servers, network, staff computers and devices including all your hardware, software and everything in-between. A business with 10+ users will receive an on-site visit from us for a full day each month. This is a key part of our managed IT services and the larger the business, the more regularly we come. This allows us to integrate with your business and proactively keep the network at its best at no extra cost. Staff shouldn't need to think about what company they should call.

read more › Kixo can give your business the gift of quick internet with the latest fibre and ethernet connections. Our support is 24/7 and our SLAs are there to keep you running. FTTC is the most commonly available fast internet and most small businesses will find this speed suitable. Our simple pricing includes line rental. If FTTP is available in your area, you can enjoy ultra-fast connectivity with a dedicated fibre cable installed to your building. Ethernet is the highest speed and quality connection available with many variations and options.

read more › No network can ever be hack-proof, but having an IT security procedure to follow will allow you to get back on your feet. Cyber security is a continuously evolving area. These are things that make your business secure. As a business you need to know how to react and what to take seriously, as even with an unlimited budget you can still get hacked. Take a step back and ensure you've assessed the risk to your business and personal data (GDPR) and make changes to help potential hackers overlook you.

read more › A group of passionate nerds who put customer service and uptime first with friendly managed IT support. Most people just want to know 'Is it fixed yet?' and 'Why did it break?'. They just want to get back on with their job and don't care about the nitty gritty technical details, so we keep our service straightforward. We will tell you the best managed IT support option even if it means you spending money with competitors. By being transparent, we believe it builds trust and long term relationships.

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