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Leap I T It is our firm belief that brilliant IT starts with brilliant support. That's why we ensure that your IT works exactly as it should, all of the time. This way, you can be free to focus on your business and use technology to help you progress rather than worrying about it holding you back. Nor should you settle for less. It's what drives us on to be more responsive, more innovative, and more switched-on than your typical IT partner.

We're here to take your business' IT to where it needs to be. Leap IT has been delivering IT managed services throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and across the UK, for over 20 years, and on behalf of more than 300 businesses. We work closely with you to really understand what your business needs so that we can make sure you always receive the best advice, and achieve the best value.

With a breadth of solutions spanning IT Support, Communications, Cloud Computing, and Print, we see that your IT is completely covered from end to end.

read more › Over the proceeding 20 years we've worked with over 200 organisations of all sizes from across the UK, helping them transform how IT works for their business. We believe technology should make your business better, not hold it back. Just because you're not a FTSE 100 company yet doesn't mean you have to settle for less. We are also passionate believers that brilliant IT starts with brilliant support. If you're confident that your IT will work as you intend, you can be more ambitious with how you use it to get more value for your business.

read more › We've worked with over 200 different organisations across the Midlands and elsewhere in the UK; including businesses in automotive, finance, legal, manufacturing, private healthcare and retail. We value each and every one of our customers, and regardless of size provide the same level of care and commitment across every project we undertake. It's our firm belief that sufficient time should be taken to understand a business fully, and it is this dedication that underpins the solutions we build and reinforces the trust our customers have in us.

read more › Our partnerships with some of the world's largest and most reliable manufacturers enable us to help your IT reach its full potential. We work closely with a world-class portfolio of IT vendor partners to ensure that every one of the services and solutions we create are built around only the best technology available on the market. By harnessing this broad range of technology, we give our customers an impressive degree of choice, matching them with the IT that's the right fit for their businesses.

read more › We believe brilliant IT starts with brilliant support. That's why we strive to make our support services as seamless, smart, and sophisticated as we can, for the benefit of all our customers. Our IT support covers all things IT, from our super-responsive helpdesk, proactive security and monitoring solutions to the supply of the technologies you rely on. With a certified team of expert engineers ready to give your IT the attention it deserves, we get to know you and your business to help us understand exactly what works for your environment and what doesn't.

read more › Driven by our philosophy that brilliant IT starts with brilliant support, our award-winning Helpdesk is manned by a team of expert engineers ready to resolve your problems and provide the right answers to your queries. Our people are experienced in all sorts of disciplines, which is why we are able to provide Helpdesk support over such a broad spectrum of technology, covering everything from your on-site PCs and equipment to cloud services, disaster recovery, and unified communications. No matter the size or nature of your issue, we're here to troubleshoot it and help you get your IT back on track.

read more › We complete upwards of 500 different IT projects a year. From common PC setups to more complex office moves and cloud migrations - no project is too large or small. Each project is overseen by a designated Account Manager, who will work closely with you to get well acquainted with your business. We believe it's important to take the time to learn about your processes and how your users work, so we make recommendations that will see your IT function the way you need it to. No matter what the project is, armed with this knowledge we endeavour to build on the value you expect by identifying every small gain and delivering a solution from which your business will benefit.

read more › Sourcing IT equipment may seem easy on the face of it, but this can soon fall down if those charged with the buying aren't familiar with important technical considerations such as the hardware standards needed to run software, selecting the right versions to use, or even the procurement options available to you. Seemingly simple errors can become costly mistakes. We take that headache away so your team can focus on more important tasks. By getting to know your business inside and out, we help you better discover exactly which products are your perfect match.

read more › With appropriate protection in place, you can focus on your business rather than sweat over threats. IT security can feel like a scary prospect and rightfully so - high profile breaches are regularly headline news. Whilst large corporations are targeted as trophies, smaller organisations often become easier pickings for cyber attackers because of shortcomings in security. We're serious about making sure you have the right protection measures in place, but also about making sure security doesn't stand in the way of your business.

read more › Communication technology plays a crucial role in any business, whether that's helping collaboration between team members, important day-to-day interaction with customers, or enhancing relationships with suppliers and partners. After all, if you're unable to effectively communicate with the people that matter, key opportunities are missed and your business suffers as a result. When it comes to your communications, we think big. We consider the bigger picture of your whole IT environment, from your buildings to your people, your culture to the way you work.

read more › We offer the reassurance of a single supplier for all your connectivity needs, from installation through to managed support. Your business needs to be connected both inside and outside your organisation by reliable voice and data services, after all, it's essential to be able to speak to the people that matter and access the Internet to collaborate and use online services. We are one company to turn to for your complete connectivity needs. We're proud to be able to deliver a broad spectrum of different voice and data services, including fibre broadband, ADSL broadband, uncontested broadband, and leased lines.

read more › Enjoy all the functionality of traditional Telephony while reaping the benefits of using the Internet. New technology developments offer exciting new possibilities to achieve more from your Telephony and enjoy attractive commercials. In particular, Voice over IP Telephony (VoIP), which enables phone calls to be made over the Internet, breaks the expense and functional confines of traditional phone systems. Our VoIP systems free you from having traditional telephone hardware on site; instead we can host your telephone system directly on our servers in the cloud.

read more › We create network solutions that connect your premises, your people, and your peripherals. The network is at the heart of your business' IT. Wired and wireless networks keep you connected with the tools, data, and people important to the operation of your business. And as you look to more sophisticated technologies to make your, and your team's jobs easier, it is essential that your network keeps up. We build smart, reliable wired and wireless networks that are ready to handle the demands of your business.

read more › We guide you towards a Unified Communications solution that transforms how your users collaborate. In a world where collaboration is key, you want to better enable your people to work more effectively with each other, your partners, and your customers. Increasingly, this requires more than simply telephones and email. Businesses of all sizes are switching on to the powerful possibilities of Unified Communications (UC) as a way of consolidating traditional communication tools and introducing enhanced capabilities to help make the communication experience faster and more practical.

read more › We effortlessly integrate the cloud into your business' IT environment, enhancing value at every stage thanks to proven expertise and exceptional service. Cloud is everywhere. It's easy to use, secure and commercially compelling. However, there is still a certain reluctance from companies to turn to the cloud, simply because it represents such a big change to how an IT environment has been traditionally operated. We take away the doubts and give you the confidence to embrace all it has to offer.

read more › We make migrating to the cloud simple with Office 365, enhancing your experience and its value every step of the way. You might be surprised to know that Microsoft Office 365 doesn't just stop at email. It's an entire suite of collaboration tools and productivity-enhancing apps, from those you'll already know to new tools that are available only as an Office 365 customer. When harnessed correctly, they can open-up a whole world of unrealised possibilities for you and your team. We understand that making the move to the cloud with Office 365 can seem like a daunting prospect, especially when you're so used to your own on-premise systems.

read more › Owning your own servers and storage is not the only way to access the hardware infrastructure your business depends on. The rise of the cloud means you can just as easily pay for these things as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), whereby the ownership and maintenance costs are footed by a specialist who simply provides the infrastructure you need from a purpose-built data centre for the applications that are important to your business. Think of it like renting an office. You use the space as you see fit, but never own the building or incur the financial costs of maintaining it.

read more › We take business continuity seriously - with secure and reliable cloud backup options tailored to your business. IT outages can come from anywhere - natural disaster, the growing cyber threat, power outages, even human error. It is imperative to have a continuity plan in place should you experience a major disruption. A vital part of this is ensuring that all of your business-critical data and systems are not only protected in the first place, but suitably backed up should the unthinkable occur.

read more › Smart print solutions that seamlessly integrate with your existing IT to work the way you do. Once upon a time office print meant printer-copier machines sold to you by sharp-suited sales people focused on tying you into unfavourable contracts. Today, print should be about harnessing the power of sophisticated multifunction devices, whether they're needed in your office or on the desk of your homeworkers. They're devices that connect to your network and in doing so have the potential to add real value to your business.

read more › Every business today regardless of industry uses technology in some way. It plays an important part in how a business operates day to day and is often one of the biggest investments a company can make. Looking after and maintaining this equipment can prevent problems from arising in the future. That's where professional IT support comes in to help with this task and make sure measures are taken to prevent loss to your business. This article will talk about the reasons why professional IT support is essential for your business and how it operates.

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