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We offer a range of services including; desktop computer repairs, laptop repairs, Mac laptop repairs, upgrades, game console repair, virus removal, antivirus software, spyware removal, wireless setup, computer health checks, etc. We have a fuuly equiped workshop and can repair down to circuit board level if necessary. We can also set up a Linux based system if you wish to migrate away from Windows.

This also a viable option for older machines that have unsupported versions of Windows on. You can also send machines to us from outside of these areas too. On the website, we also have a new forum. The forum covers a number of subjects including; computing, electronics, radio communications, etc. Is your machine running slow? Do pop-ups keep coming up on the page?

Have you lost your internet connection? If so, your computer may be suffering from a virus /spyware infestation. There are other reasons too that can cause machines to run slow such as heat related problems or hardware issues. Also the older mechanical hard disk can be replaced with a modern Solid State Disk (SSD).

If your machine is getting a bit tired and you find it will not work with the latest applications, games, etc or is just a bit slow because of the age of the computer, we can offer a number of different upgrade paths. These range from just increasing the system memory to supplying a completely new machine. A general rule for upgrading is; what do you

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