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PC Medic We can supply and install the latest Anti-Virus software package for you and also remove unwanted viruses from your PC or laptop. Having problems with your PC or Mac? Contact PC medic and let us know the symptoms and we will let you know if the PC or Mac can be recovered. PC Medic can offer you a full safe backup to the 'cloud'. Let us know how much data you want to backup, and we will give you a free quote for the service.

Do you need a software upgrade on your PC or Mac, or do you require new software added to all your business computer? Call PC Medic for a free quote. PC Medic can fix a laptop if there are not working or they have a broken screen etc. Tell us what is wrong, and we will tell you if we can fix your laptop problem.

At PC Medic we have many years of experience fixing all sort of problems with PC's and Apple Mac computers with they are in your house or part of a business network. We offer a no fix, no fee service at PC Medic for your home PC or Mac computers if they have a problem. Just let us know, and we will take a look and see what we can do to solve your issues

Other repairs that are carried out by PC Medic would be DC power socket repairs, overheating or noisy laptop and hinge repairs. We can also upgrade the laptop with the latest software and updates, or if you require a new software program loaded to your laptop, all you have to do is contact us, and we will provide you with a free quote. Also, remember

PC Medic has the experience required to build any network that your home or business needs. We can set this up in any way you want and can do the full routing for the server, connecting all PC's, Mac and printers to the network. Computer networking is an essential part of any business network, and the speed factor of it is equally important. Services

At PC Medic we can add new Anti-virus software to your PC or laptop and if you're a business customer, we can also set up any anti-virus software to run over your business network and protect all machines and servers within your network. We also offer a service where we will remove viruses for your home or business systems, whether the virus is a trojan

At PC Medic we can update your business or home computers to have all the latest software uploaded to it and working correctly. The software could be brand new that you want to install on your home computers like managing 'self-employed business software' that you are having problems installing or maintaining a network of computers in the workplace

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