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NetVector Consulting Hello, we're NetVector Consulting, the managed IT service company that does things differently. Since 1994 we've offered premium quality, flexible and cost-effective IT support and IT solutions for small and medium businesses, delivered by highly qualified and caring staff throughout London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. For over twenty years NetVector has designed, installed and managed IT systems for clients across a vast range of industry sectors.

Our committed team are passionate about delivering exceptional customer service and we're trusted by hundreds of businesses to keep their technology maintained and secured. We'll ensure there are no nasty surprises. IT systems and IT support are the life-blood of nearly every business and their reliable operation is critical to success and profitability.

We understand this and so do our team who are trained to quickly and efficiently respond to any requirements you may have to enable your organisation to deliver on its promises. Our aim is for every customer to be delighted with the service they receive.

read more › NetVector provides IT consultancy and support services for small, medium and large sized businesses. We specialise in the unique challenges faced by organisations with between 5 and 250 users. NetVector offers a flexible, bespoke service to each client and our established method of consulting ensures you get the exact technical solution that you need to your business problem. This consultative approach is backed up by a team of technical analysts based across Greater London, Kent and the South so you can be sure that there's someone nearby who can assist when required.

read more › NetVector's guiding principle is that IT should be an enabler to your business. Put simply this means that unless something works effectively for our customer in a straightforward fashion then we haven't fulfilled our brief. We also believe in honesty and transparency throughout our business process which includes billing fairly for our work, admitting if a mistake has been made and correcting it at our expense if required. Your needs and requirements will always be listened to and the best solution delivered in line with this.

read more › NetVector offers a wide range of reliable and accessible business IT support and services in London, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey to suit organisations of all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, what you want from a business IT support provider is someone who will take the stress away and own a problem until it is resolved. Our skilled and highly trained team are experts at this. We listen to your problem, understand the implications and severity and put a plan in place to get it fixed. If something is outside of our area of expertise (which is unusual, we've got nearly 200 years' combined IT experience in the office) then we'll work diligently with other providers to get the required result in the most efficient manner possible.

read more › Flexibility is at the core of what we do. NetVector offers a wide range of reliable and accessible support services to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. Pay-As-You-Go Business IT Support and Business IT Services in London, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Surrey, & Sussex. Need support fast? NetVector offer pre-paid business IT support and managed IT services throughout London, Kent, Sussex, Surrey and the Home Counties by telephone or on site. Using our suite of remote support tools we can securely obtain access to your PC or server, diagnose and resolve faults.

read more › NetVector are experienced providers of outsourced IT. For larger and more complex environments that necessitate a regular or permanent onsite presence we can supply experienced technical analysts and consultants to augment or replace your in-house IT personnel. The average cost of a technical support analyst, including their holiday, sickness, training, pension and National Insurance contributions is around fifty thousand pounds a year. If that individual is unfortunate enough to become incapacitated or leaves the business, then the cost of contract staff can create a hefty bill along with gaps in knowledge and security concerns.

read more › We all need a plan. It constantly surprises us at NetVector how many organisations drift from year to year without any cohesive idea of how to use their technology. Our years of experience in understanding what's necessary to get the most from computing, telephony and Internet puts us in a unique place to analyse and offer a structured and defined IT strategy plan to help you achieve your goals and grow your business. Equipment life cycle - replacing hardware and software, understanding what systems currently exist and aligning those features with your needs.

read more › No matter what your needs for supporting your growing business, NetVector can supply all of the IT hardware and software required to keep your organisation productive. Hardware - As partners to some of the largest equipment vendors from across the world we can bring you servers from HP; PC's from HP, Lenovo & Apple; Networking from Sonicwall, Cisco & Netgear; as well as telephone systems from Avaya. All equipment can be provided with up to 5 years of hardware replacement which will help protect your equipment should the worst happen.

read more › NetVector partners with a number of quality Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to bring you a competitive range of Internet products and Internet services to suit all sizes of business. For the smaller organisation we can provide inexpensive and reliable links based on ADSL2+ or Fibre to the Cabinet (FttC) technology which take advantage of BT's new Infinity rollout to offer speeds of up to 80Mbps. We're also specialists in providing leased lines for larger businesses and can choose from a fantastic portfolio which includes dedicated fibre optic links (DEA), Ethernet Final Mile (EFM) and the most recent generation Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) solutions.

read more › As time moves on, the gap between telephony and IT becomes ever smaller. Traditional telephone systems are being replaced by hybrid or entirely VoIP driven PBXs which offer the stability and reliability of a traditional switch with the increased feature set and reduced call costs associated with VoIP. NetVector has significant experience in both voice and data communications which means we can provide unbiased advice on moving your communications to a system powered by the Internet while maintaining the same level of quality you have come to expect from your telephone system.

read more › We've built a wealth of knowledge within our team who work across a diverse range of sectors. Your business is unique, but it undoubtedly shares some characteristics of those in the same field. There might be some complex legislation about how long you store your data for, or a particular software application which has fantastic functionality but requires extensive hand-holding to keep it working efficiently. Every sector has its own individual challenges. Over the years, NetVector has accumulated a wealth of specialist expertise which means you can rely on us to efficiently support and help grow your business.

read more › Financial services firms account for nearly 10% of the overall UK economy so it's no wonder that we've built relationships with a sizeable number. The very nature of handling other peoples' money means that knowledge of tightly controlled security, audit trails and adherence with codes of conduct defined by regulatory bodies are a must for any technology provider working in this market. NetVector has particular expertise with independent and tied financial advisers, mortgage brokers, foreign exchange brokerages and many other types of intermediary.

read more › All three of our directors have at some point worked in the insurance industry so we know a thing or two about what's required. You want a stable, dependable provider on whom you can rely in times of crisis. The service you get should be entirely transparent to you unless you need to call on it. Access to help should be easily accessible and supplied be people who care about your issue. Our insurance clients vary from general domestic and business brokerages to specialist syndicates acting in the marine and aviation sectors and even IPT specialists.

read more › That's the story with creative industries. Huge files mean complex storage issues, problems with keeping effective backups of your projects and a whole load of Apple equipment which most providers will struggle to support. We've expertise in keeping these hetrongenous systems working in harmony and most importantly, ensuring that the talented individuals who generate fees can do so with the minimum of interruption to their flow. Probably there's some finance and operations people who need help too - just because you have a stack of Macintosh stuff doesn't mean you can't get effective accounting systems, proper security and CRM applications to support the business.

read more › IT solutions for medical and scientific organisations throughout London, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. The great thing about being a technology business is the ability to make life more simple for people. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the scientific arena. Without the advances in computing over the last twenty years so many projects would have failed. Mapping the Genome, crowd-sourced Cancer diagnosis, therapeutic cloning, genetic modification. Whatever your moral standpoint on these, none of them would be here without powerful and reliable computing resources.

read more › We're proud to be one of a handful of IT support organisations that offers a specialist veterinary IT service. We've developed a phenomenal amount of experience through nearly ten years supporting some of the UK's leading referral clinics, including nearly 7 years spent supporting Fitzpatrick Referrals - better known as the practice behind Channel 4's The SuperVet. We understand practice management systems and have worked with many of the most common including Robovet, Jupiter and RXWorks. More importantly though, we can help with clinical technology.

read more › IT solutions for travel and hospitality services throughout London, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Safari, Christian mission, ski trip or a hotel closer to home. We've provided IT solutions for travel and hospitality organisations over the last twenty years! The hospitality industry never stops and is often constrained financially in terms of the technology they can afford to deploy. This shouldn't mean a poor quality of service and with NetVector it doesn't! We've assisted many international businesses and seen more international keyboard layouts than you can imagine - why not let us make your life easier?

read more › Our deep experience in this sector has taught us that charity sector shouldn't mean low cost / low functionality. Well run charities have the same stringent requirements as commercial businesses in terms of security and usability. In some cases, governance means there's a specific way we need to act or a very particular requirement for sensitivity. In all cases our team act with respect and with the necessary level of urgency, whatever the relationship you have with us. We're also no strangers to the formal tender process so we're ideally positioned to help select a cost-effective, reliable and fully featured system whether you have commercial interests, benefactors or are a mutual or membership organisation.

read more › ERP Systems, CNC lathes, production lines, quality control processes. All important aspects of a flourishing manufacturer. Sadly for their owners and managers, many of these aren't very joined up or run on somewhat outdated or very specific technology. You need a provider with extensive expertise in this area so your production keeps on rolling and the revenue keeps coming through the door. Downtime stops production and that costs money. NetVector looks after manufacturers of Cricket bats, casino gaming equipment, artisan sausages, Oak window frames, wire forming machines and many others.

read more › IT solutions for retail and distribution companies throughout London, Kent, Sussex, and Surrey. Whether it's high tech computer components, partitioning materials, mezzanine floors, perfumes or pies, we can help. We've got experience of CRM and ERP systems, high volume printers, barcode scanners etc. We've deployed Wi-Fi solutions in vast warehouses and helped implement efficient stock control and delivery systems. Our team understand the mechanics and challenges of multi-site environments and we've got a host of ways to connect places together and drive collaboration in your team.

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