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AffinIT AffinIT can help advise you on how to invest in your IT infrastructure to help your business grow and expand. Sometimes it is not viable to have servers full of applications running in your office but that doesn't mean you don't still require that technical edge. Whether you are interested in a new development or migrating an existing application, we have the skills to help you succeed.

AffinIT can provide a proactive service that can include your database, operating system and hardware, giving you the peace of mind that your business critical systems are being looked after by experts. We understand that a website does not only need to be accessible by your target audience, but that it needs to appeal to them visually. IT Support is a big part of our business but doesn't need to be a big part of yours.

AffinIT offer either ad-hoc work as required or support contracts to ensure there is always someone keeping an eye on your infrastructure and giving your business the stability of one known monthly cost for your support.

AffinIT can help advise you on how to invest in your IT infrastructure to help your business grow and expand. We can help you to ensure your infrastructure can cope with the demands that a small business can place on it while still enabling you to retain those important small business qualities such as low overheads and the ability to make quick decisions

AffinIT specialise in designing user focused, user friendly, and affordable databases that are tailored to meet your exact requirements. We will work closely with your organisation to ensure we gain an understanding of how you work, as well as listening to your ideas, and then translate that information to allow us to design and develop a database that

Advanced monitoring & alerts Realtime monitoring solution for servers / network devices which tests a number of different services based on customised criteria and then reports on any downtime. A monthly report will be published to your customer portal. AffinIT services can be hired for 50 per hour during working hours for support work and installations

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