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Thanet Computer Repair offers a wide range of onsite and offsite repair, upgrade and maintenance services for Desktop PCs, Laptop PCs, Apple devices, gaming consoles, phones and computer peripherals. We are highly trained and experienced and can correct most software and hardware faults on any of these types of devices.

In the event that we are unable to solve your problem, or you decide that it is uneconomical to do so, we will not charge for our time and will try to refer you to a more specialist service where possible.Original parts will be refitted where possible and any replacement parts ordered will normally not be charged if they can be reused elsewhere.

If more specialised parts have to be ordered we may charge a small fee to cover return postage, however we will inform you of this before work starts and advise on the likelihood of success.We pride ourselves on providing not only an effective computer and electronics repair service but also a friendly atmosphere and fair prices.

read more › Thanet Computer Repair offers a wide range of onsite and drop-in computer repair services. We have knowledge of all modern and legacy hardware and software standards, and years of professional experience to back it up. If you require an onsite computer repair appointment we can guarantee to schedule one within 24 hours. If you would prefer to drop your computer in just give us a call from 7am - 11pm 7 days a week. Modern computers are generally made up of standardised, modular components that are designed to be replaceable.

read more › As of 2019, an estimated 30% of PCs and Macs are currently infected with viruses or other types of malware. Without due care, an unprotected computer on the internet can become infected with some form of unwanted program or virus almost immediately. Many of these programs will expose or create vulnerabilities through which more viruses can enter, creating a snowball effect that can render your PC almost unusable as well as compromising the security of your system. Thanet Computer Repair offers professional, non-destructive virus removal and protection.

read more › Interested in speeding up your computer but not sure where to start? Perhaps you want to turn your dusty old PC into a powerful gaming system, or transfer your data onto a new lightning-fast Solid State hard drive. Whatever your plan is, we can help. At Thanet Computer Repair we pride ourselves in keeping our own computers on the forefront of technology, which means we know modern hardware inside-out. This experience enables us to choose the upgrades that will give your system the biggest performance increase at the lowest price.

read more › Regular use causes a computer to pick up unnecessary start up programs, registry items and inefficient settings as well as viruses and other faults which can cause it to run a lot more slowly than when it was new. They also hoover up vast amounts of dust which can block airflow inside your case, potentially overheating and damaging your hardware and even posing a fire risk. For these reasons it is a good idea to regularly maintain your computer to keep it running efficiently and reliably. At Thanet Computer Repair we offer a comprehensive Tune up and Health check service for your computer.

read more › In some cases, hard disk corruption, viruses or a sudden major change in hardware may render your Windows installation unrecoverable. Should this happen, our team can backup and perform a fresh install or reinstall Windows over your old installation keeping all your personal data and, whenever possible, your installed programs intact. We will also install all official Microsoft updates and service packs to ensure your new installation is up to date and secure. We have access to all versions of Windows and will use your existing product key where possible when performing a reinstall.

read more › We can convert most old media formats such as VHS, Betamax and Cassette tape to a digital file or disc. Analogue Video Camera tapes (for more unusual formats we may require the original camera). Provided we can find something to play the tape we can convert almost anything, if what you have isn't listed give us a call.

read more › Gaming consoles are complicated devices and are often subjected to a lot of wear and tear. In many cases sending your console to the manufacturer for a simple repair can cost almost as much as the console itself. We can fix most common faults in all current generation and classic consoles. If the console repair service you need isn't listed here give us a call and we'll be able to help you. We have worked on almost every console and handheld there is. We also offer repair services for classic consoles and home computers all the way back to the NES and the Amiga.

read more › The data stored on your computer, phone, memory card or pen drive can often be more valuable than the device itself. Thanet Computer Repair offers tailored recovery services for all data storage devices to make sure your irreplaceable data is safe. We have the equipment necessary to perform non-destructive data recovery from many types of storage media including Hard Drives, Memory cards, and Phone memory. We have completed countless data recoveries and have been successful in over 95% of cases.

read more › Sometimes, your computer problems can be easily solved on your own and all you need is a bit of friendly advice and experience to point you in the right direction. Our team have encountered all kinds of everyday PC support issues and we know how to resolve many of them without the need to unplug your computer and bring it to us. We can perform almost all simple repairs onsite, so if the service you require is not in this list please contact us.

read more › My xbox 360 had been occasionally displaying one red light for a few weeks before it stopped working completely. I took it in to thanet computer repair and they told me it was a common design fault and was fixable, the problem has not reoccurred since I got it back and they have made some modifications to help prevent the problem in future, all for much less than the price of another xbox. I have had several PCs repaired by Thanet Computer Repair, and in each case their service has been fast, professional and not overpriced.

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