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Cis With 30 years of providing cloud-based solutions, cyber security protection, communications infrastructure and expert IT support services. CIS's diverse portfolio of IT solutions means that we can confidently provide a positive and measurable impact on your businesses operations. Our approach is simple; we listen to your challenges and then design and implement a solution that's exactly right for your business.

We are delighted to be working with CIS, the project is already looking well organised and innovative. CIS delivers a prompt professional service with trusted knowledge we can rely on at all times. CIS have been our go-to IT supplier for nearly 20 years, and have throughout that time they have been flexible, consultative, and above all putting our business at the forefront of their advice.

I would be very pleased to recommend them for any company that needs to have a real partnership with their IT company.

read more › CIS has a dedicated team of experts who can provide a scalable service for a wide range of IT projects. Our adaptive solutions and private cloud allow clients to expand their IT infrastructure as and when it's required. We are delighted to be working with CIS, the project is already looking well organised and innovative. CIS delivers a prompt professional service with trusted knowledge we can rely on at all times. With over 30 years in the IT industry, CIS has a proven track record working alongside organisations looking to expand and protect their IT infrastructure.

read more › Cloud computing has changed the IT landscape but what exactly is the Cloud and how will it benefit your business? CIS has been at the forefront of cloud computing around Oxfordshire since before the term was used. Whether you need help in understanding the difference between IaaS and SaaS or Private and Public Cloud, our team of experts can help explain the differences and will work with you to ensure your organisation is adopting the right IT infrastructure. Ease the burden of IT infrastructure management and concentrate on your business operations.

read more › Every week there is another headline about a compromised organisation losing data or being hacked, ensure you stay out of the headlines! Cyber Security is no longer an addition to IT services but must be considered essential to the smooth day-to-day running of an organisation. All layers of IT delivery must be considered and risks minimised to ensure access to an organisations data and services is limited to only those intended to have it. CIS have a range of options available to help protect an organisation from Next-Generation Firewalls to Multi-Factor authentication and will help tailor a suitable Cyber Security posture for your organisation.

read more › Email, Internet connectivity and phones are the lifeblood of an organisations' ability to communicate with customers and suppliers, ensure yours are reliable! CIS can ensure you and your organisation are always available to communicate through whichever means you need. CIS networking specialists can advise you through the myriad of Internet connectivity options available and ensure they are specified appropriately for you. CIS will ensure you have the right communication solutions for your organisation to keep you and your staff connected be that hosted telephony systems, Microsoft 365 hosted email solutions or redundant Internet connectivity.

read more › CIS has a proven track record of supporting organisations of all sizes through their IT needs. CIS' team of experts are on hand to provide the support you need when you need it. CIS engineers have a range of skills throughout the team ensuring there is always someone who can resolve your issue. As part of the solutions we provide at CIS, we offer managed and streamlined IT support when your company needs it most. Keep your business running securely, safe in the knowledge any potential technical or IT issues can be addressed promptly with our experienced team.

read more › Data and service availability is critical to an organisation, CIS prides itself in ensuring your data and services are safe, secure and available. A comprehensive data protection strategy is crucial to ensuring the continuing operations of your organisation should the worst happen. CIS' team of data protection experts can help to ensure your business is protected from the devastation that a server failure or ransomware outbreak can cause. Wherever your data resides, CIS can ensure it is protected and available, whether recovering from accidental deletion or a major catastrophe CIS can quickly get your organisation back to running as normal.

read more › No, we are not talking about the receptionist who has been with you for 25 years, but all of the old IT equipment that seems to hang around the office and in cupboards and never get chucked out! It seems like there is a never-ending list of new machines and devices to buy and yet the old bits of kit tend to hang around like a bad smell. We get questions like this regularly, and we understand the challenge old, slow and outdated equipment presents. Talk with one of the CIS team and let us take a review of what equipment you have in place and how it can be replaced with technology that can take your business forward.

read more › Every month a new request appears. Whether it's a new laptop, a new system or upgrades to existing devices, there never seems to be enough money put in the budget to cover for what is requested. Those business cases which promise significant changes and improvements if the investment is made never seem to deliver and the costs only ever seem to rise rather than fall. If the above statements sound familiar, then we understand the frustrations you face. We know many IT providers focus on the value to them for implementing new solutions and care little for the return that new technology and tools can provide for the business.

read more › You have a choice as a business owner about how you want the future of your business to be played out. You can invest and innovate to provide your customers, suppliers and employees with a better experience, or you can sit back, rely on what you have in place and adopt a strategy of hope! Understanding how Information Technology can play a huge role within your business ambitions and plans takes thought. It requires taking some time to assess your market and how it could be improved and developed?

read more › Ah, that's what that black box in the corner of the office is for! Why has it stopped working and why did it have to stop working whilst we were all working from home? The above scenario is a real one. We see it every month. Companies have in-office servers which are great, except for when they stop working and haven't been backed up for weeks. Then the problem becomes a whole lot bigger! Especially when the whole office can't work or access key files and systems. Are you and your business open to this risk?

read more › No matter how new your hardware is, your data is only as secure as the IT security procedures you have in place. This means your data is always at risk, so be one step ahead and ensure your data is as secure as it can possibly be. IT security is as important to your business as the data that your business collects, processes and stores. Data comes in the form of emails, bank details, medical details, manufacturing processes, staff bank details, in fact, any information available about your business, your staff and your clients.

read more › We see a lot of common issues and problems that relate to computing and IT, it's just the nature of systems and people! Jan can't connect to the printer. Paul can't access the server remotely. John has a problem with charts displaying on his PC. The list goes on and on. Each are small individual issues on their own but every single one of them creates frustration and chips away at your company's productivity and efficiency. How do you handle this as a business? How do you stop it from damaging how you operate?

read more › Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables companies to improve productivity by letting employees use mobile devices for work. A wide range of security and management capabilities ensures that company data is secure, for example, by configuring access to business information and email on personal or business-owned mobile devices. Keeping business data protected and secure on personal or company-owned mobile devices is critical. To make sure that business data is safe and personal information is private, Sophos Mobile comes with a container for email and documents that can be deployed either with or without management of the device itself.

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