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Nexus IT Support & Repair Based in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire, we cover all of the surrounding areas, including London. We employ both Apple and Microsoft Certified Technicians so we can look after your computer system or network whatever the manufacturer. You can use our drop-in repair service or we can come to your site, whatever's most convenient for you. Site visits are available for internet problems, broadband faults, wireless network setup and new PC or Mac installation.

We'll help you harmonise all of your tech - we love connecting it all together. If you need someone to provide regular maintenance and IT support for your business, as well as site visits for emergency assistance, Nexus is for you. Our bespoke support agreements are tailored to suit your business requirements. We have IT support packages for everyone no matter the size of your company.

Alternatively if you prefer you can contact us on an ad-hoc basis to resolve problems such as slow network speed, faulty hardware or installation of new equipment.

read more › Nexus is a professional, friendly and dedicated team who specialise in IT Support and Computer Repair services. We work with both home and Business customers. We are located in Gerrards Cross but also provide support to the surrounding areas, London, UK and also overseas. Nexus was established in 2009 and we pride ourselves on our reputation for delivering a personable and efficient service. Here at Nexus one of the things which differentiates ourselves from other companies is that we are personable and don't speak in a confusing, technical language with our customers!

read more › It's been reported that over 50% of children sleep with their mobile phone beside their bed. This figure came about from a survey carried out by Childwise. A majority of children. Our smart phones are the hub for almost everything we do - photos, videos, texts, emails, social media plus lots more! We've all been faced with various situations where we'v. Sonos has announced that from May, some of its older devices will no longer be issued with software updates. There are four Sonos models sold between 2006 and 2015 which will be af.

read more › Technology is a key enabler for any sized business. Computers and networks enable your business to create meaningful relationships with your customers, operate efficiently, and meet regulatory guidance. Technology is the fuel that helps businesses operate. At Nexus, we are here to help keep your technology running effectively and reliably while you focus on your core business. We can help manage, protect, and maintain your business infrastructure. Nexus can also help ensure business continuity, data backups, and much more so you don't have to worry about technology problems that come up.

read more › If you're looking for Apple Mac repairs in Buckinghamshire and London, Nexus offer unparalleled expertise combined with an exceptional level of customer service. We are, of course, Support Professionals. We're also members of the Apple Consultants Network. From G3, G4 and G5, through Macbook, iBook, Powerbook and Macbook Air to iMac, eMac, PowerMac and Macintosh Server, we speak fluent Apple! So we're good. You can trust us too. The independent Buckinghamshire Trading Standards Office have awarded us their coveted Approved Trader status.

read more › Whether you're a large or small business or simply a home user, Nexus provide business and home IT support packages to ensure your IT system is maintained, updated and always ticking over smoothly. Get in touch with us and we'll book for one of our IT Support Specialists to visit you at your home, office, shop or business. On our visit we will look over your existing IT setup and talk to you about any IT challenges you're having (if any). After our visit we will contact you with the quote tailored to your needs alongside any recommendations we feel necessary.

read more › Nexus offers remote desktop and server support by logging on to your network over the internet or via a dial-in server. We can remotely diagnose computer and network issues without you having to come to our office or us going to yours. This saves you time and money using this service. You will be able to get back to your business quicker than ever. Call us for any problem, great or small. Our staff will quickly respond to keep small problems from becoming big and to keep big problems from slowing down your business.

read more › Are you looking to streamline your business costs while accessing the advantages of the latest communication technology? Nexus has a VoIP (voice over internet protocol) plan that is the right solution for your business. We'll tailor a system that meets your requirements at a price that you can afford. Your business will have access to the same high level of communication that larger corporations and companies hold, but without the accompanying expense, complex interface, or difficulty of use. If you've made the effort to keep up with other aspects of your business technology, it's time to do so with your communication technology.

read more › It's easy to take your business server for granted when it is performing well. Finding fast, effective solutions is important when problematic issues develop and server repair becomes a reality rather than a possibility. Having been cross-trained on various platforms and technologies, our knowledgeable technicians are proficient in this area of expertise, and they are fully prepared to resolve server issues that might prevent your business from achieving optimal productivity. Do you suspect that a glitch is happening to your system, but you aren't sure if it requires the attention of a team of specialists?

read more › Network cabling and wiring is a critical aspect for the successful operation of every business today. It provides the foundation for your technical devices, connectivity, and overall performance. Therefore, your business data and communication rely on your network cabling setup. Our certified, licensed IT professionals analyse the networking requirements for your business before making targeted suggestions for installation or upgrade improvements intended to offer your company successful returns on your financial investment in your communication capabilities.

read more › From smartphones to tablets to personal computers, every home is filled with devices that need support. You can rest easy knowing that Nexus is here to support your home's diverse IT needs by providing users fast and affordable care for all IT and network devices. There is never a good time for your computing devices to fail and it is quite inconvenient that failures or problems happen at any time day or night. Our highly experienced and well trained staff can provide quality service and training at your home.

read more › We work with all computers - desktops and laptops, Macs and PCs. We're a Microsoft Registered Partner, meaning we're whizzes with Windows, and we have also joined the Apple Consultants Network, so you can trust us with your Mac. Computers are crucial to everyday life, both professional and personal. We depend on our computers for so many things, and if your computer isn't functioning properly, it can be a nightmare. The good news is that Nexus IT Support and Repair is awaiting your call! Computers allow us to create documents, paint pictures and even make music with just a few keystrokes.

read more › When you own an Apple Mac computer, it may come as a serious shock to find that your computer is beginning to act erratically, or is displaying symptoms of a virus. After all, you bought a Mac with the knowledge that they're far less susceptible to attacks, right? That might have been the case in the past, but these days, even Mac computers can become the victims of some nasty viruses. With more people buying Macs, and hackers ever-vigilant for ways to attack them, the sad fact of the matter is, Macs aren't quite as bulletproof as you might have once thought.

read more › Our home networking installation specialist carries out a site visit at your premises to install your home network, making sure your computers, laptops, tablets and game consoles are all seamlessly set up and working together perfectly. Installing a home network means you will be able to share files more easily between computers on the same network. No need to use USBs or CDs to switch files between machines any more. You can even share printers and scanners. A home network also means you can play multi-player games between PCs on the network and stream films to your TV.

read more › Our computer whizzes can speed up your Mac or PC back to what it felt like when you first had it AND beyond if you decide you'd like us to upgrade it! It can be excruciating waiting for your PC Computer, Laptop or Mac to turn on and start up, or for a program to finally decide it's ready for use after ten minutes of struggling to open. There are a number of factors that can contribute to a slow running computer. People often think of a RAM upgrade when trying to make their PC Computer, Laptop or Mac work faster, but it's not always the necessary course of action.

read more › There are all sorts of things that can cause the disappearance of a file or photo from your PC Computer, Laptop or Mac. Perhaps it was accidentally deleted, or the equipment you're using has malfunctioned. At Nexus, in Gerrards Cross, we understand how alarming it can be when those precious holiday photos, your latest manuscript, or the invoices from your last month of business are suddenly nowhere to be found. But don't panic - all is not lost! Whether you're a home or a business user, our technicians will do all they can to recover your lost items and get things running again.

read more › Bring your equipment to the Nexus IT Repair Specialists in Gerrards Cross and leave it with us whilst we investigate. We've worked with all models and makes of laptops, so you can trust us to deliver an outstanding service. If you find yourself constantly jiggling the power cord to your laptop in a desperate attempt to get it to stay in and charge fully, why not save yourself the trouble and get us to fix it for you? We've got the power! If your keyboard is looking rather worse-for-wear or your trackpad isn't clicking, you don't need to purchase a new laptop.

read more › Is your PC Computer or Laptop pushing the boundaries of cooperative interaction; or has it just stopped working altogether? Here at Nexus in Gerrards Cross, we repair PC Computers and Laptops for homes and businesses in the immediate area, as well as Beaconsfield and the rest of Buckinghamshire. Whether your PC or Laptop has suffered accidental damage, has had a hardware malfunction or boasts an annoying software glitch, our Microsoft Certified technicians are happy to take a look and see what we can do to fix the issue as swiftly as possible!

read more › Based in Gerrards Cross, we provide Apple Mac support and repairs to homes and businesses across Buckinghamshire. Our technicians are fully trained and certified by Apple, and have plenty of experience in dealing with all hardware and software issues. Well, with us, you get a free assessment service with no obligation to commit - that's pretty hard to beat! But that's not all! If you do decide to go ahead with our service, our friendly and determined staff will make sure your problem is fixed as quickly as possible.

read more › Once considered a futuristic fantasy, home automation is becoming much more commonplace. Thanks to new 'Smart Home' technologies, you can transform your home into a fully automated living space, controlling everything from your computer or mobile device. Your family's safety and the security of your property should be a top priority. Through home automation, you have peace of mind even when you are not at home. You can monitor your home from anywhere in the world using smart security systems that include smoke detectors, motion sensors and Wi-Fi cameras.

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