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Optivity Put simply, 'The Cloud' is one big, safe place where you can keep and access all your information and files together. With over 20 years' experience in the film industry we provide Managed IT Services for TV and Film productions. Customised IT support, servers, storage, hosted solutions & box rentals. With no capital investment and no in-house maintenance to worry about, The Cloud offers IT solutions that are a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Almost every new business has aspirations to grow and widen their customer base, but the cost of increasing your IT infrastructure to meet your changing business needs can be astronomical. The Cloud allows your company to expand without the need to buy more storage space or expensive hardware, allowing you to make significant savings. Duplication and miscommunication is rapidly reduced and video calling allows for instant communication anytime, anywhere.

Application development, data preparation and data cleansing is simple in The Cloud and it allows you to adopt several SaaS (software as a service) applications all in one place.

read more › Put simply, 'The Cloud' is one big, safe place where you can keep and access all your information and files together. Because it uses servers that are connected to the internet rather than relying on local servers and personal computers for storage, all the data you need can be accessed at any time, wherever you are in the world. Cloud computing solutions (also known as on-demand computing) by OptivITy provides instant access to a shared pool of resources which can be viewed on tablets and phones as well as on your PC or laptop- all you need is a connection to the internet.

read more › From your Drive and iCloud backup to enterprise software that you use from a choice of devices, everything is in the Cloud today. The most important reason why people store data on the Cloud is to keep it safe and accessible from anywhere in the world. As more and more enterprise solutions move to the cloud, you may want to stop and consider this- why, if ever, should you move to the cloud? The virtual infrastructure of Cloud Computing will give your enterprise the flexibility for better business experience in terms of speed, storage, and security.

read more › Businesses do not flourish with a 'one size fits all' solution. OptivITy's support services make sure that your business processes, infrastructure and applications are delivered and managed with a customized cloud computing support solution perfectly tailored for your requirements. Cloud means enhanced solutions delivered through a managed service and if you are looking for cloud support service in the UK, we are here to manage and provide peace of mind that your data and applications are administered using the most up to date technologies.

read more › We shifted our IT operations to Optivity in 2019. The team helped consolidate our IT systems (computers and phones) over 5 offices to create a harmonious centralised system. The transition was smooth, the team are really helpful and knowledgeable. Aftercare is excellent and the team are always on hand to help. Remote working is so simple, and our team are so happy with the new set up. It was a great business decision to make the move to OptivITy and one we should have made a long time before. As a company we have been with OptivITy for many years and we are very happy.

read more › Regardless of an organization's size, industry or infrastructure, Network Security in the UK has become an integral part of defining how a business interacts with its clients and customers. As there are ever-growing cyber threats that come hidden in various form and with the complexity of network architectures, it has become more critical to have a Network Firewall Security policy in place. As it becomes more and more difficult to address such cyber threats Network Security should be a high priority for any business.

read more › Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme to assist businesses put in place controls to protect themselves against the increased number of cyber-attacks originating through the Internet and emails. The purpose of the scheme is to provide a clear statement of what controls have been put in place to protect against cyber threats. The controls must demonstrate how an organization is addressing cyber security effectively and are capable of mitigating risks coming from cyber-threats. Cyber Essentials ensure data protection and helps companies to understand how data is used, secured or compromised.

read more › We know that multiple people in your team tend to contribute to the same document where the content changes must be reflected at all ends. Hence, either you can send updated versions to each team members, and wait for them to pick up from there OR you can implement state of the art Optivity File Collaboration and management software and access up-to-the-minute content in a flash. Waiting for access permission from a coworker from different time zone who went to sleep without sharing it?. Optivity takes away the pain of collaborating content and files and all these problems of yours are a thing of past.

read more › Optivity recommends Acronis Cloud Backup. It is a highly customisable, cost-effective and best-in-class service that allows you to back up your customers' data from any source and recover it to your chosen destination and system. Easy- with one single dashboard for set-up, management and backup of data, everything is easily accessible. A self-service back up monitor gives total control of all your own backup processes, and a centralised view of all activities allows for quick identification of any problems.

read more › A disaster can be anything that can put an organisation's operations at risk be it, cyber-attack or equipment failure. Every organisation faces the risk of experiencing a disaster of any form at any time. This is where cloud backup and cloud disaster recovery services come into play and minimize the risk to the business. The goal of Disaster Recovery is to provide continuity of operations in case of such an event. Disaster Recovery is a broad term, while not limited to just physical disasters; it can mean data protection from different types of vulnerabilities that your business can be exposed to.

read more › Microsoft Office Application has been our virtual workspace for ages, whether it is to evaluate profits every quarter, write the first draft of content for the website or give a presentation at a board meeting - it has become a non-detachable part of the office for all of us. Office Applications have always been the most user-friendly and efficient, and with growing technology, a lot has developed for the better. Microsoft Office applications are the most used software across industries throughout the world.

read more › The workforce today is a generation of millennials who love to work, travel and gain meaningful experience - all at the same time. With more and more people in the workforce willing to work out of the office, through digital mediums, Enterprise Mobility Suite is the answer to keeping your workflow and productivity intact with the flexibility your people ask for. With EMS, you can manage smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a single system where you can also manage user credentials, applications and security from a single place.

read more › Businesses are no more confined to cities, nations or countries anymore; they span across countries, continents and the globe. People around the world are connected to the cloud and on the go, as the workforce demands a new type of flexibility at work today. Geographical locations matter no more! The Cloud technology has helped us work in an infrastructure to keep the devices connected, and we're never cut off from the world or the business. Skype for business online has come in for a better connectivity whether you're working at the studio of your office or by the beach in Bali.

read more › Isolate your personal computer desktop environment from the physical machine, using a client-server model can enable application virtualization. Deployment of desktops started with the early use of computers, and we all are accustomed to it in the working environment. The concept of desktop and its application virtualization revolves around the use of desktop but in a more evolved and innovative way. Desktop and application virtualization technology provides enhancements in deploying services across multiple users and locations working on a central server instead of a physical computer.

read more › The telecom industry has evolved in the quest of satisfying the existing and expanding requirements for global communications. A Hosted VoIP solution is the improved version of the traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX). Hosted VoIP solutions provide Cloud based PBX solutions hosted in the cloud and can be accessed with an IP enabled device from any location. The virtual VoIP with cloud becomes a very convenient and usable form of the phone system for growing businesses. It not only frees any company from the hassles and challenges of owning complex and costly phone systems, but also provides flexibility for users to work from anywhere in the world and communicate with everyone.

read more › Azure is a Windows based system, so its instantly recognisable to any IT expert and the vast majority of regular service users. It's totally flexible. Whether you're working with one or a thousand end users, Azure allows you to create reliable applications without the need for additional coding. Round the clock support. Microsoft have always been commended for their responsive support services, so there will always be someone around to answer your questions whatever time of the day or night. It's cost effective.

read more › Remotely monitor all your in-house hardware and mobile devices across a range of operating systems and platforms. Any good remote management solution should be both completely visible to its engineers and simple to use, letting you stay on top of everything in real time and stop niggles turning into disasters. Max Remote Management provides round the clock remote monitoring for all your devices, letting you keep everything under control even in the most hectic environments. Remote monitoring allows you to keep on top of your system wherever you are in the world, at any time of day.

read more › For every software need that your business requires developing successfully, we are here for you - your one-stop solution. IT and business go hand in hand now- you need the development and perfection of applications and any troubleshooting requirements that may arise. Whatever your business goals are, we are all the tech help you will ever need to achieve and surpass. Right from identifying exactly what you need down to the extra specific details, development based on these requirements to implementing the software following a series of tests, everything is taken care of.

read more › We are ready to support your business in migrating your systems and data to cloud computing. We as cloud computing providers not only offer unparalleled customer service but also work closely with our clients to achieve cost saving across the complete IT infrastructure by undertaking regular road maps for technology investments. Migrate to Cloud now, to achieve some of the benefits from cloud computing providers that can not only change the way you perceive your business but offer greater flexibility in adapting to business trends and controlling IT budgets by moving to a monthly subscription model.

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