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Torix Managed Services Our team of IT experts provide a comprehensive range of IT solutions to help minimise your risk of business disruption and ensure your staff are kept happy and productive. After seeing poor IT solutions worldwide, we at Torix made it our mission to provide businesses with the IT support and managed IT services they deserve. We made it our mission and ethos to offer consistent and correct advice to businesses regarding IT so that they can continue to enjoy success.

Our team of IT specialists provide an inclusive range of IT solutions and managed IT services to ensure business disruption is minimised, and your staff remain productive. Whether you're in need of best in class cyber security solutions or need help managing your IT infrastructure, our experts employ the best practices to help you reach your business goals and objectives.

Our aim is to deliver our customers state of the art IT solutions alongside unbeatable customer experience. Based in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, we are recognised for our IT support services Berkshire and across the UK.

read more › Grow your business unimpeded by Cyber Attacks, working with professionals that protect your business from all types of IT security threats. The deluge of cyber-attack stories in the news is continuing. Recorded cyber crime cost the UK economy 10.9bn in 2015/16; and unreported crime could cost magnitudes more. Delivering an effective response to cyber crime should be the number one priority for businesses leaders. Our team of specialists work with our clients to deliver a 360 approach to IT Security.

read more › Frustrated at seeing businesses struggle with poor advice and inconsistent service from IT providers, we setup Torix in 2008 to deliver a unique managed IT support offering that would give businesses the expertise and service they require to allow them to use IT to deliver business success. Understanding our customers and seeing the bigger picture of what they are trying to achieve is at the core of what we do. As IT is becoming an integral part of business, we believe that a 360 view of our customers needs to be attained in order understand how technology can work to an organisations benefit.

read more › Ensuring staff are provided with IT systems that are stable, performing and secure is no simple task. As technology continues to take an ever more important role in a business success, companies need to have IT support services on hand to help them leverage the technology at their disposal. Our team of specialists will deliver a complete IT support experience, one that provides your staff a world class customer experience, giving them the confidence that they have experts on hand to deal with any IT issues that might arise.

read more › Ensure staff productivity and satisfaction with our world class outsourced technical support. Our IT help desk delivers an unparalleled user experience because our technicians care about your staff as much as you do. Our IT Support engineers are certified in all areas of support delivery - ITIL, Microsoft, Apple, Cisco and more. Designed for easy access, our service desk is available through chat, email and phone, meaning your staff never have to wait to get the support they need. Available 24/7, our Help Desk ensures you have technical expertise at hand no matter where or when.

read more › Our Remote management and monitoring (RMM) service is much more than a server monitoring tool - its a platform to ensure infrastructure uptime and availability. Torix RMM is a managed service that allows you to increase your internal IT team's efficiency, reduce your service delivery costs and improve availability. Through a combination of world class software and a skilled technical workforce, Torix RMM answers the question of how to cost effectively improve infrastructure availability. Small and medium sized businesses are struggling to employ the technical resource needed to manage ever more complicated networks and infrastructure.

read more › Improve operational efficiency using our SIAM (Service integration and management) based Vendor Management service. As the outsourcing trend grows within the IT market, small and mid sized businesses are faced with the daunting challenge of having to manage multiple suppliers of IT. Our Vendor Management solution answers the question of how do you manage multiple IT providers effectively by employing our ITIL processes across your suppliers to ensure they deliver to your expectations. Many organisations have no 'triage' in place leading to end users having to figure out which supplier to contact in order to resolve an issue.

read more › World class outsourced server support keeping your business critical IT services available and secure. By employing our team of 700 + expert engineers, who use our best in class server management software, our technicians will troubleshoot and proactively address issues on your managed servers. Our team of server management and monitoring experts are driven to ensure your core IT systems are performing to their potential. Our team of experts work around the clock to ensure that your core IT systems and applications are always being looked after, your data is kept integral and your infrastructure is secure.

read more › PC and laptop support requires a lot more than a reactive response to problems as they occur. To ensure stable and fast performing working environments, a proactive approach to workstation maintenance is required. With our expert team of desktop engineers using the latest workstation management software, ITIL help desk will proactively manage your desktop environment, heading off problems at the pass, making sure that your staff are enjoying an uninterrupted working experience, unhindered by technical issues and downtime.

read more › Best of breed network operations centre (NOC) - providing unparalleled uptime and stability. It doesn't matter if you have the fastest PCs and Servers around if you don't have the network to cope with demand. Networks have become more and more complicated, and require professional network management in order for them to perform well. With a big skills gap in the industry surrounding networking expertise, professional network engineers demand a premium. On top of this, network management software is often expensive and complex, meaning that often organisations are burdened with slow performing networks and outages.

read more › Our fully managed disaster recovery services provide robust data protection, secure and reliable cloud storage, and a range of local and hybrid backup options - designed to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses. The platform is powered by industry leading technology, a foundation which already protects nearly 250,000 servers worldwide. This reliable, proven technology creates snapshots at the block level while error-checking each block to ensure reliability. Combined with this powerful technology, our technicians work 247 to verify backups, troubleshoot failures, and provide a variety of related support and services, to ensure that you have the ability to recover your critical business data and have your business operational in no time, no matter the situation.

read more › In todays evermore increasingly digital world, data is the prime asset for businesses. With new advanced threats such as ransomware, and compliance demands such as GDPR, ensuring that data is safe and easily recoverable has become a priority for businesses. However, keeping on top of backups is a burdensome task that is fraught with peril - even the best backup technology fails, and if that isn't carefully looked after, your business can be exposed and potentially lose critical data. We combine the best online backup technology available today with our expert technicians - who constantly manage and monitor your backups to ensure they are safe.

read more › Unfortunately, concerns around security, compliance and day to day management have made SMEs unsure of how to employ the benefits of mobile devices without exposing themselves to risks. Our mobile device management (MDM) solution provides you with total control over your mobile devices, applications and documents. Torix's mobile device management (MDM) solution is powered by MaaS360 by IBM, and allows you to stay in control of your entire mobile estate. Our solution provides dynamic, end-to-end security and compliance management capabilities to monitor devices and remediate issues.

read more › Patching came into the public consciousness in Spring 2017 when the ransomware, WannaCry hit many large public and private sector organisations, the biggest being the NHS. There was public outcry when it was understood that organisations could have avoided the attack with a Microsoft patch that was released two months prior. However, what the public failed to understand (Or be educated about) was that patching is a complicated, difficult and expensive operation to undertake. Many businesses fail to get on top of their patch problems due to the sheer undertaking of the task.

read more › Proactively looking for security holes and plugging them, keeping you secure and compliant. The volume, scope and cost of cybercrime has reached epidemic levels. Some statistics even show that cybercrime offences may have surpassed those associated with traditional crimes. Criminals are moving to cybercrime because of the huge financial gain cybercriminals have the potential to reward themselves with, the ease of evading capture and the relative ease of which bad actors can exploit people and organisations.

read more › Pro active security managed services designed to hunt down threats within your network and neutralise them. With cybercrime becoming more common and advanced, organisations need to have security professionals pro actively looking for and neutralising malicious actors within their networks. Until now, only enterprise organisations with large IT budgets have been able to deploy resources like a SIEM (Security Incident Event Management), leaving small and mid market with little recourse other than restoring from backup in the event of a security breach.

read more › The case for cloud computing is compelling, with most small and medium sized business having already adopted some form of cloud computing, such a Microsoft Office 365 or File Collaboration services. However, because of the complex nature of more involved cloud computing services, many organisations are missing out on cloud services that can transform their business operational efficiency. Our cloud practice has in depth experience of delivering business change using state of the art cloud services such as Microsoft Azure to small and medium sized businesses.

read more › Gain access to Virtual CIOs that will help you cut your risk and allow your business to grow. Your IT systems can play a large part in the success or failure of your business. With complicated factors such as information security, regulatory compliance, productivity and disaster recovery, your systems require deliberate and effective strategies in order to maximize their return. Working to deliver IT strategy to businesses in Buckinghamshire and Berkshire- High Wycombe, Slough and Reading, our Virtual CIO services provide objective and expert guidance regarding risk management, best practices and new technology and will provide the expertise that will dramatically improve your bottom line.

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