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Cavalry Computers Visits will be very restrictive with myself cleaning any items touched with antiseptic wipes and/or IPA 99.9% alcohol (known to kill the virus). If you have suddenly lost documents or family photos, if your computer is at the point of stopping, if you are always getting kicked off the internet or can't even get on then get in touch and we'll sort it quicker than you can say "s0!%$ computer!"

If you're looking for local cost effective IT support for your business then Cavalry Computers is your answer. Mark was incredibly helpful and solved the issue with my m.2 SSD drive - highly recommend him! Thanks Mark for sorting out my laptop so quickly. It hadn't been charging the battery for years and was running very slowly. I was contemplating buying a new laptop but I am very pleased to have seen your website on line.

You did a great job at a very reasonable cost and I would recommend Cavalry Computers to everyone. Thanks, Mark, the backup you set up 15 months ago worked a treat when the Microsoft Update 1809 didn't install properly and created a blue screen situation.

read more › Even families need some computer assistance from time to time and if you run a small business from home this may be more so. It's not necessarily old equipment. Viruses, Spyware and misconfigured processes will dramatically slow a computer and cause weird behaviour including very slow internet and email. If you have suddenly lost those valuable family photos or are looking desperately for those documents that were there yesterday then call Cavalry now.

read more › If you're looking for a local, cost-effective computer expert that can help you fix your current problems or you want someone to keep your systems in good working order then you're in the right place. I'm Mark and I have been looking after local businesses in Maidenhead, Marlow and Bourne End for over 10 years. When was the last time your systems were given a thorough clean out? Yes, like anything else, computers become bogged down with updates and software which were critical once but not anymore.

read more › Data loss or files going missing can occur for a number of reasons. These will range from straight forward accidental deletion to an unfortunate system crash or system failing right upto an all out malicious virus attack. Cavalry Computers offer a number of services designed to get your data back. If you have suddenly lost those valuable family photos or are looking desperately for those documents that were there yesterday then call Cavalry now. Your computer no longer boots. Just because your computer no longer boots due to hard drive damage or your computer no longer recognises your external hard drive doesn't mean the data is lost.

read more › Your computer can also report these problems with errors like a Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) or you may experience your system suddenly slowing to almost a halt or taking a very long time to open documents. Outcomes range from a full clone and fix of the mirrored operating system and all files and folders to a flash drive with the recovered data. These things are amazing inside - imagine a jet flying at 7,000 miles an hour 7 feet above the ground - thats the heads. Occasionally it goes spectacularly wrong and things called actuators get all bent and twisted as they make contact with the disk spinning 120 times per second.

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