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Computer Medic is great, always find them to be knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk with. Hi, I'm Dale, I started Computer Medic in 2014. I have always loved technology and hold a IT Systems Diploma. My goal has always been to help people in every day life, I have helped businesses and home users with innovative solutions to daily problems for over 15 years.

I started Computer Medic in Sudbury as it is a town I was a part of from my teens. We now help users around the globe with problems big and small. We help with Virus removal, IT Security, Damaged laptops and computers, IT Support, Websites, Windows and Mac problems and even broken laptop screen repair. Computer Medic are experts at removing harmful and malicious programs from your computer.

We have removed well over a million viruses in the last two years.

read more › I started Computer Medic in 2014. I have always had a passion for technology and hold a multiple IT qualifications. My goal has always been to help businesses grow using innovative solutions to everyday problems. We are based in Sudbury. We help with IT Support, Remote desktop, Network drives, Microsoft 365, Google workspace, Virus removal, IT Security, Websites, Windows and Mac problems. We are based in Sudbury Suffolk at Computer Medic, South Suffolk Business Centre, Alexandra Road, CO10 2ZX.

read more › Overtime computers will slow down and start to fall behind your pace. Let us take care of your machine and we'll make sure that your computer stays in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Even with super fast fibre broadband your internet can be slowed down by a slow computer, our tune up eliminates the computer being at fault and speeds up website loading times. Over time computers slow down, every computer require a little bit of maintenance every now and then! We can get that computer of yours back to tip-top condition.

read more › Computer Medic understands that data is important. These days we all keep our photos, documents and finances digitally. At Computer Medic we have the tools and the know how to backup, restore and transfer all your old files. Once we speak to you, we can better understand how much data we can recover. Depending on the damage to the drive we may need to send it away to a specialist or it may be beyond repai. Call us on 01787 209 003 and we can get started! So whether it is simply transferring old files from one computer to another, recovering files from an older computer or recovering files from a broken laptop/computer we can help.

read more › Need a gaming PC or an office workhorse? Then check out our RGBeast Range of customisable Gaming rigs or our sleek, powerful and budget conscious Iron Horse Office & Home computers. The global pandemic has caused a massive surge in demand for computing equipment for both work and gaming. The stock and prices of key components, namely Graphics cards and Processors are very low and unpredictable. We can still build customer systems they may be more expensive than the website listing due to part shortages.

read more › We are experts at supporting businesses no matter how big or small. Our support can be long term with a support contract or short term with ad-hoc payments. Our team can help with a wide array of issues from hardware, software and server problems. Computer Security and Anti-virus is key in modern business, let Computer Medic handle it for you! Computer Medic support a range of email systems and clients including G suite, Exchange and Office 365! Use our professional document creation to help start your business or reinvigorate your existing documents or spreadsheets.

read more › Show your system how much you care by booking it in for one of our Complete System Rebuilds. We'll take it apart, clean, reassemble and in some cases improve system performance, air flow and cable managment. Let us take your machine carefully apart, checking for signs of wear, damage and incorrect installation. Once done we will reassemble it, test it and insure all is working smoothly. As many ultra fine dust filters as we install on our machines, we can't keep dust and grime out for good. Let us take on the dirty work and clean down all accessible parts of your rig to get it gleaming like new.

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