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Sys3 Proud providers of reliable, modern and cost-effective IT solutions tailored to fit your business. At SYS3, we keep IT simple. Professional Local Business IT Support Remote and Onsite when required in Essex and Suffolk. Save time and costs by having all your IT and telephone needs under one roof, nurtured by one team. We have relied on SYS3 for the implementation and provision of all IT systems and solutions since we launched.

They fully appreciate our ultimate reliance on connectivity, communication and security and respond rapidly to support us in all areas. They have managed our rapid data expansion and it is fair to say that SYS3 have been instrumental in our success and remain a valued business partner. SYS3 are a nice set of knowledgeable people who provide good quality and value services.

They'll work with you to reduce costs, even if sometimes it reduces the amounts that we pay them. The knowledge and expertise of the team at SYS3 in migrating our complex Office 365 setup resulted in a thoroughly professional and problem free migration.

read more › Luke Doherty, Owner and Managing Director of SYS3, first entered the world of IT back in 1998 when he began working for a local Internet provider in Colchester, Essex. Initially focused on support, he moved onto sales and development. Moving around all areas of the business, Luke soon developed an interest in building and upgrading computer hardware. It didn't take long for Luke to see the potential in setting up a business that could provide ALL the IT services an SME would need and in 2001, 3 short years later, SYS3 was established.

read more › Luke founded SYS3 way back in 2001 and has been sure to remain a central figure in the customer service and support side of the company. Luke also likes to focus on the trial and testing of the latest technological advancements and the research of new products. Joining SYS3 in late 2013, Nina's role at SYS3 has evolved as the business has grown. Initially responsible for the day to day administration and office management, she now also manages the accounts and finance side of the business. Nina is also fond of designing and organising marketing campaigns and product launches.

read more › SYS3 are Microsoft Silver partners and have been providing Microsoft services for many years. Experience may tell you that navigating Microsoft yourself to find the products and support you need can be time consuming and frustrating. With SYS3's managed services, you can enjoy the best Microsoft has to offer without the stress. We understand it's difficult to manage your budget with so many different options available. SYS3 have the knowledge and expertise to help you find the service that is right for you, without paying for features you simply don't need.

read more › Backing up should be everyones top priority. All too often we see businesses decide to start backing up the wrong side of a costly hard drive disaster or data breach. With viruses and malware now capable of causing so much, often irreversible, damage, a substantial backup is imperative. If you're infected with ransomware, a recent backup often the only way to get you back up and running. But never just a hard drive. Why? Hard drives can fail. It's as simple as that. Ransomware infections can also creep onto hard drives if they're left plugged into an infected machine.

read more › Did you know you can get an infection just by hovering your mouse over a dodgy website banner? Worse? Traditional antivirus products cannot protect you against everything. Human error is still largely responsible for infections and viruses but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have the best protection possible to safeguard your employees and ultimately, your business. Partnered with Heimdal, SYS3 provide market-leading protection that is proactive, not reactive like traditional antivirus. To compliment our antivirus offering, SYS3 also provide one of the few products available on the market that has been specifically designed to protect against ransomware and financial fraud.

read more › We keep up with the latest in technology so we are able to provide our customers with the best possible equipment without breaking the bank. Whether you need a new server, laptop, printer or network switch, we'll always provide you with a variety of options and recommendations to suit your business needs. Whether you want a complete shake-up of your current IT services or an answer to simple question, SYS3 are always happy to help. Contact us today for a free, no obligation chat about your requirements.

read more › One word: OUTSOURCE! More businesses than ever are making moves to outsource their IT services and IT technical support. It lowers costs, gains you wider expertise and newer technologies, but vitally, the running of your critical systems isn't the sole responsibility of one member of staff. The costs of HR and employment alone, particularly for highly skilled IT workers, can mean outsourcing is often the cheaper and more reliable option. Are you an in-house IT manager? Join other IT admins and consider using SYS3 as your outsourced partner and MSP to reduce the time and stress of product research and routine support and free up time to focus on the more critical aspects of your IT systems.

read more › SYS3 have spent years seeing our customers suffer with lengthy phone contracts without receiving the support and service they're paying for. Since the retirement of ISDN was announced, there's been a lot of fearmongering and over-selling so we decided to do something about it and start to provide phone systems too! VoIP systems use your existing network: the same cabling, same server, same Internet connection. It makes sense to have your phones with your IT provider and cut out the middle man entirely.

read more › We have been providing both businesses and the public with Internet connectivity since the days of dial-up. It is an essential tool and you simply can't do without it. Don't wait on hold with the big providers and see price rises every month. SYS3 provide full support for our connections in-house, without making you sit on hold to outsourced customer services. If you require a high-speed connection with a guaranteed SLA, SYS3 are also able to provide FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) and Leased Lines on a monthly contracted basis.

read more › As a business, SYS3 takes data security and privacy extremely seriously. We process personal information on behalf of our customers and we also control the personal information of our own workforce. We are providing you with this Statement of Compliance with GDPR to help you fulfil your own duties as a data controller in respect of supplier due diligence. SYS3 manages information security in-house in order to control its information assets and the information assets of it's clients correctly. SYS3 Limited's relevant policies and protocols help us to fully realise our commitment to lawful, fair and transparent data processing.

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