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Whitebarn IT Services We provide professional and friendly IT Services to business and home users throughout Essex and surrounding counties. With our location, resources and expertise, we are able to provide a unique and proven service to all our clients. Every business is conscious of cost, and none more so than those in the small to medium sized sector. After all, Whitebarn itself is a growing business and understands the financial pressures on similar organisations.

From specifying equipment to costing support contracts Whitebarn is always mindful of this. We understand that our customers require solutions that are not only workable but offer excellent value for money. IT support is often overlooked or not given the priority it deserves when budgeting. Whitebarn have tailored their charges to make comprehensive support very cost effective, specialising in customer satisfaction.

Other services include, but are not limited to, supply and delivery of new PC's and laptops, Internet services, server and network installations, managed offsite backup solutions, Cloud telephone systems and cloud services.

read more › Whitebarn was established late 1999 to bring high quality IT support to businesses of all sizes and that is exactly where they are today, with a long-term collaboration of clients of all shapes and sizes. Whitebarn are proud to support domestic clients around the local area, to calls around the globe thanks to our secure encrypted Remote support software. Our Team of technicians bring a wide-range of skills to the table, ensuring you can be confident that a problem will be dealt with. Almost all businesses today rely on their IT infrastructure and most would agree that they should have some support strategy in place.

read more › Andrew joined Whitebarn 13 years ago, following a successful stint at building his IT career in a support technician role started in 2002. Andrew took over from John King & Trevor Matthams as owner of the business in 2019 and has continued to develop Whitebarn's already good reputation, whilst expanding the services Whitebarn Offers. Out of the office he enjoys spending time with his family, football, making music either DJ'ing or in the studio with his prog-rock band. Lawrence Joined Whitebarn shortly after Andrew 13 years ago.

read more › We specialise in Network maintenance and monitoring, with VLANs, managed Wifi and much more. Every business needs a reliable, stable network setup. Setting up a network however, can be an expensive option and business managers need to have assurances that the productivity and capital gain will be worth the initial outlay. They also need to be certain that the network will efficiently handle the amount of traffic generated, as well as have capacity for future expansion if required. Whitebarn will take into account your current and future needs and design a network that fulfills them.

read more › We can offer a wide range of connections, from standard ADSL and Fibre Broadband connections to dedicated Leased Lines with 100MBps - 1GBps synchronous connection speeds (depending on your location). Unlike many other suppliers we have access to multiple carriers enabling us to find the right solution for our customers at the right price letting them cut costs without cutting service. A Leased Line connection is a high-performance solution with speeds up to 1GBps, unlike broadband, this is a completely uncontended service with synchronous Upload and Download, and is fully supported by our UK Based support team and a service level agreement (SLA) is in place for any faults.

read more › We can assist you in protecting your sensitive data by implementing and deploying a plan to encrypt your data. Whether a member of your team misplaced a USB drive on a train, or a device is stolen, encryption can give you peace of mind that your data is safe. Anti virus software is an absolute necessity in protecting both your own system and that of those to whom you communicate electronically. Supply, installation and configuration of this software is available from Whitebarn, as is excellent advice about the type of anti virus software currently available.

read more › Whether your PC or laptop is running slow or you fancy an upgrade, expert advice on upgrades and costs can provide the knowledge you need to be able to make decisions about your IT equipment. Should an upgrade be appropriate Whitebarn will either visit you on site, collect and deliver your PCs to carry out the work or you can pop in to the office. Whitebarn have a comprehensive catalogue of parts and can obtain specific parts as required. Only quality parts are used and all work is backed by guarantee.

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