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42 Its 42 ITS's qualified and well-experienced technical team gives a responsive service to provide businesses with hardware, software and maintenance solutions to meet all their IT support needs. Understanding the importance of keeping businesses working by minimising downtime and making best use of connectivity modes including the Internet and remote support underlies the success of our service.

Our out-of-town location means we can get to clients quickly - and ensures we meet contractual call-out time promises. If clients choose to come to us, they will not encounter the perennial parking problem! The range of skills that our team members can offer enable them to identify the solutions a business will benefit from, install that IT solution and, if necessary, help the staff to use it.

read more › The services provided by 42 ITS are designed to help everyone - from individuals through to blue chip companies - achieve the best possible results. We fully appreciate the need to identify, source and maintain IT hardware and software to meet exact requirements. This is what 42 ITS support services do. The solutions we provide can be tailor-made, are highly responsive and are delivered in the most effective ways.

read more › From USB tokens for PCs and remote environments, to smartcards for access control and identity badges - eToken's accessibility, efficiency and portability mean it's the smart choice for organizations looking to stay ahead in today's ever changing, digitalized world. All devices support the same security interfaces and work seamlessly with eToken and third-party security applications. Aladdin Token Management System (TMS) is a robust management system that enables the deployment, provisioning and maintenance of all of eToken devices, including security tokens, smartcards and ID badges, within an organization.

read more › Unlike other remote backup solutions, 42 ITS OffSite Backup doesn't send your critical data to remote, unknown servers over which you have no control. Instead, you backup data directly to servers that are owned by 42 ITS, with an automatic connection - so you always know where your data is. Specify the number of scheduled backup versions you'd like to keep, so you can restore from the most recent set - or one from months ago. All data transferred between machines is securely encrypted via 256-bit SSL.

read more › Ideal solution for a wide range of end-users including corporate customers with large IT departments or multiple sites, schools and other institutions and any customer looking for a simple 'in-a-box' solution. Quite simply a box on a pallet, delivered directly to you to fill with your old IT equipment. Fully compliant and certified recycling service managed via our dedicated IT disposal centre.

read more › IP telephony enables voice communication over internet protocol (IP) networks. It unites an organization's many locations - including mobile workers - into a single converged network. It promises cost savings by combining voice and data on one network that can be centrally maintained, as well as by eliminating expenses for calls between locations. IP telephony works by converting voice communications into data packets. Telephones are connected to data ports on the IP network. But the function of a telephone can easily be provided using a device that is already connected to the network - the PC.

read more › Our wide range of services includes data cabling, fibre optic installations, and moves and changes. We plug the gap between electrical and communications works, offering you a complete service that is second to none; saving you both time and money. We provide a full data cabling service including CAT5e, CAT 6, Fibre installations and voice and data integration. If you require additional network points, or moves and changes. Our engineers are highly qualified; they take pride in their work and complete installations with the minimum of disruption.

read more › It used to be the though that if you run an office with 10 PCs or more, you need a server, well this has changed a little - or has it? A server is like a master computer, linked to employees and desktops. It holds the mass of office data and controls the office printers and e-mail, it looks after the security of computers and access to the internet. The availability of cloud email solutions has led to a decline in small businesses owning their own hardware (server), not having to pay that lump sum in one go!

read more › For the home or business user our internal wireless systems offer you the flexibility to use your computer or laptop anywhere within your premises, even outside! You customers and remote workers will be able to use your facilities when they come to visit without having to find that spare CAT5 cable, "where did we leave it last time?" Why spend money installing expensive lease lines or even dial up connection when you can install a wireless link between buildings. Utilising Voice Over IP technology over a wireless link, telephone calls to remote sites are also free!

read more › Here at 42 ITS we believe that a custom computer is more than just a tailor made system. Specification, quality and above all a personal service where you, the customer, comes first set our custom service apart from the crowd. From contact through to delivery and on through years of support we are here to help make your choice of system the right choice for you. Whatever you want, whatever you need and a service we are proud of; that's what makes our custom machines the best. So whether you want a fast, water-cooled gaming machine; or a wall hung media centre; or a 64bit micro-cube; or a rack mounted server or anything else, 42 ITS has the answer.

read more › 42ITS provide a complete install and support service, covering advice on which systems to buy to installation of your hardware and software and configuration of your system. We can help users with setting up of monitors, systems unit, CD / DVD drive, printer and fax/modem, installing your software and configuring the system to your individual needs. Whenever you want to add a new piece of hardware or software, we will be just a phone call away. We will perform the installation and verify that everything is working correctly.

read more › Choosing which operating system you require can be a daunting process that why we are here to help, the 42 ITS technical team can give you help and advice on your server purchase but to get you going here is some vital reading, please scroll right down to see all the benefits and comparisons. Designed and priced for small businesses with less than 25 users. Utilizing the latest Windows Server technology, it provides a simple, easy-to-use solution to help protect data with automatic daily backups for client systems, provide file and document access from anywhere with centralized storage and access to cloud-based services such as email, collaboration and line of business applications.

read more › If a computer is not maintained regularly then it can become very slow and unreliable. A computer health check resolves many little problems and optimises your computers performance. Our health check service is effectively an MOT for your computer or laptop. The service we perform includes; scanning the computer to ensure it is free of viruses and other malicious software which can accumulate over time, ensure the machine is up to date with the latest patches for the operating system and antivirus product, perform a general file cleanup, plus an internal clean to ensure the computer is dust free.

read more › My expertise lies in the field I work in and I have always been distracted and frustrated by technical, computer related issues which often slow down productivity and increase stress levels. Since setting up my business 4 years ago I have worked with 42its and they have significantly contributed to the smooth running of the business. Whether its a jammed laptop, a new network or an entire telephone system, I value their responsiveness, their expertise, their ability to just get the job done and also the fact that they speak my language!

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