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Advanced IT Services Philip has 15 years experience in the IT industry. Striving to continually push the boundaries of modern IT delivery whilst ensuring customers receive the absolute best. He has a real passion for cars, wine and watches but his favourite thing is. Adam has been at the heart of AIT for 8 years now and is solely responsible for ensuring communication is maintained throughout the company as well as regularly attending meetings with schools to ensure they are happy with the service we provide.

Adam acts as a fatherly figure for many of the new starters at AIT which may not be too bad for him since he already has his own kids at home. Ash joined us in 2013 as a Cable Install Technician. He has since moved into exploring wireless broadband connections to link local schools to our Data Centre without the need for third party providers. However, he is now our Project Manager and is organising and overseeing all of our installation jobs.

Odds are, if you join AIT, you will see Ash at some point!

read more › Advanced IT Services was first incorporated as Advanced IT Training in 2000 offering Microsoft and Cisco certified training in partnership with George Spencer Academy. Since then, as well as a long and prosperous history, we have gone from strength to strength supporting local businesses and educational establishments. Advanced IT Services established a lead position in Nottinghamshire IT Support, providing specialised support options to local and feeder primary schools. Phil Dixon took over as Managing Director, changing the name from Advanced IT Training to Advanced IT Services - expanding to provide services and products to the growing IT industry.

read more › Our support packages stem from over ten years of industry experience which enables us to provide a service that can be applied to anyone, anywhere across the UK. We maximise the availability and reliability of data without sacrificing performance. Our completely new model of IT support includes a 100% managed solution that encompasses a server-less environment. Advanced IT Services are a specialist IT support company who deliver a completely new model of IT support. This managed solution is an exclusive model that encompasses a server-less environment which enables us to minimise the involvement of third parties to ensure services and resources are managed by the people who helped create it; AIT operates more efficiently because of this but always strives for more.

read more › Whether you are a secondary school looking for 3rd line support or a business wanting to explore cloud solutions, we are here to help you. Find out about how we can not only support your business but encourage growth within your business. Our solutions are tailor made to suit your requirements. We will also help you make the most out of your IT. Learn about how our solutions match your needs because they are catered to you. We understand that each school is different and with our experience, we know we can make a difference.

read more › We are experts in all aspects of IT and with 15 years of experience working with schools. We have tailored our services to satisfy the ever-changing needs of educational establishments. By combining our on-site support with our broadband services allows schools to move toward next generation IT. We are the complete alternative to having your own IT team and our IT Support packages provide a multitude of services including 24/7 monitoring and consultancy. By using a centralised IT infrastructure, we deliver a unified service to schools which leads to a dramatic decrease in costs.

read more › Our exclusive business solution offers a way to store all of your data securely whilst being cost effective to your business. We migrate all of your physical servers and data into our sophisticated Data Centre so we can easily manage your data in a centralised manor whilst increasing the availability of them. Maintaining and replacing on-site servers will no longer be required which can save around 8000 per server over four years which removes the added cost to your electricity bill equating to upwards of 788.

read more › A way to unify all of your wireless needs without the need for a large budget to spend on Wi-Fi controllers. AIT will manage all of this whilst always ensuring you are always at peak performance. Ensure your facility is always secure with AIT's CCTV solution. Be able to monitor your facility whilst you are off-site and by using network monitoring, we can inform you of any outages and faults that may have occurred. Door and Gate access is a very important part of a business or school and with our expertise, we can assure you that you will have a reliable system since we primarily use Paxton and be extremely easy to use.

read more › With AIT, we do not apply a one size fits all solutions. AIT will check your working environment to ensure the best possible solution is crafted to match your needs. Implementation; AIT conduct an in-depth survey to assess the requirements of your organisation to give you complete coverage. Depending on the density needs we will recommend the optimum solution mixing, AC pro, high density access points and outdoor points. Not only do we install the Wi-Fi solution but we look at everything involved in implementing a high-speed solution making recommendations on Virtual LAN configurations and physical network infrastructure to maximise the throughput as well as security of the individual networks.

read more › Choosing the right CCTV system is an important decision for any establishment. AIT have the experience to help you choose the right solution for your premises; whether that be a locally managed NVR or a central management server in our data centre. Using network monitoring, AIT can notify users of camera outages and system faults as well as setting up zone detection to notify users of detection out of hours. All AIT installed systems are maintained under one support contract meaning no expensive call out fees.

read more › Choosing a door & gate access solution is an important decision for any establishment. AIT have chosen Paxton systems; Paxton development team are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose. Paxton's commitment has resulted in their products winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use. AIT are capable of installing any access solution ranging from, standard doors to the installation of complete gate solutions. AIT are also partnered with Nortech to offer complete Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) entry to sites utilising the combination of NEDAP ANPR readers and Paxton control system.

read more › Advanced IT Services are an active member of the East Midlands Cyber Security Cluster; a cluster of varying organisations across the UK that work together to share best practises, provide vital communications and discuss reason spates of Cyber Activity. This allows us to be at the very forefront of Cyber Security. Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent communications that appear to come from a reputable source, usually through email. The goal is to steal sensitive data like credit card and login information or to install malware on the victim's machine.

read more › AIT have a vision of complete connectivity from the home to the school. AIT are currently offering both broadband and Wi-Fi solutions to end users. This enables parents to offer completely safe and filtered (as well as unfiltered) internet access at home. Currently several of our current schools are offering this service to both teachers and students. AIT also have a trial in progress offering free broadband to users in a severely disadvantaged area. This has been proven to be, not only, a fantastic community builder but has also helped to empower users that would not have otherwise had access to the internet.

read more › AIT understand that becoming a Trust is a significant commitment and leveraging the collaboration to support all schools is a key factor. Implementing a coordinated approach to IT is a key method to enhance the efficiency and workflow between all the trust schools. AIT have a vision of providing a central IT infrastructure that can be used to deliver a unified service to schools. Centralising staffing, procurement, budget planning and IT direction results in a more coherent flow and dramatically reduces costs.

read more › The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with our 1st & 3rd line technicians. Strong communication and troubleshooting skills are a must. We require a minimum of 2 years hands on experience in a 1st line customer facing role. Any 2nd line experience would be advantageous. A valid Driver's licence is required due to our network spanning multiple sites.

read more › We have just launched a brand-new initiative where we are currently offering all local schools a no-obligation meeting with one of our experienced senior team members completely at our expense. During which, we discuss your existing IT systems, how IT is being used at your school and listen to any requests regarding any enhancements you are either currently considering or for the future. From that, we then send you a detailed report entailing what you currently have, any areas of concern and some suggestions for improvement.

read more › A Cryptolocker virus is a Trojan horse which misleads users and disguises its true intent. This Trojan horse will infect your computer and encrypt your files and are locked. There are only two keys, one is a public key which is used by the hackers to encrypt your data and the other is a private key. The private key is used to decrypt the files and this is the key that is used as a ransom since the victim is told they need to pay a certain amount to get the private key to restore their data otherwise the hackers will destroy the victim's data.

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