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Customer support is incredibly important to business success and customer retention. We strive at providing exceptional customer service and we achieve this by ensuring we have the right team with the right training and tools who are there for you at the right time and will go above and beyond to understand your pain points so we can provide you with the best customer service experience.

The IT industry is a rapidly evolving market with new technologies emerging on a daily basis. Our commitment and passion in IT coupled with our thinking-out-side-the-box approach allows us to utilise these technologies to drive your business forward. We develop personal relationships with each and every client; our clients are our primary focus ensuring they are 100% happy with the tailored solution provided by us.

We build our business on honesty, integrity and loyalty ensuring that our relationships last year's not months. Our team of highly skilled and qualified engineers with extensive industry knowledge are available to handle day-to-day tasks as well as complicated server installations and troubleshooting.

BubbleIT is an experienced IT support company based in Nottingham offering managed IT Support services to businesses within Nottingham and the East Midlands. BubbleIT has been supporting local and national businesses with managed IT Support services for over 7 years, as technology is evolving and the demand for IT is ever increasing, organisations are

You'll be blown away by the sheer range of IT support services on offer from Bubble IT. As a well-established and dedicated IT support company, we understand that it's not always possible to run a dedicated IT department in-house, so our objective is to provide our clients with comprehensive IT support packages that ensure the advice and technical help

As your business expands and technology rapidly advances there is a strong possibility that your IT infrastructure may not be performing optimally, which would impact your businesses productivity. An IT Audit is a excellent opportunity to perform a business wide health check and is fundamental to any IT Support proposal. BubbleIT is offering all businesses

Here at BubbleIT we like to keep things simple and clear, that includes NOT bombarding you with complicated IT Support packages, options and conditions. Our Bubble Remote solution offers a flexible and cost effective approach to managing your IT infrastructure. Aimed at small to medium sized organisations our Bubble Remote solution allows you to focus

Why should you consider outsourcing your IT support, it's a demanding decision that requires thought. At Bubbleit we are well known for our expertise in providing IT support for all businesses. Our experience in IT support has led us to become the number 1 company that small and large companies choose, for when they outsource their IT support. Wages

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