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Platform 365 Want to improve efficiency and productivity in the way your team works and collaborates on projects? We cut our teeth in IT support working in the corporate world and since 2005 we have taken the best of what we experienced and applied it to Platform 365. The bad and the ugly have been banished from our world! Solving your IT support problems isn't rocket science.

It simply involves having the expertise and experience to prioritise the issue in the right way and allocate the right resource to the right problem. We have invested heavily in our team, because they are the key to our success. We have the right people in place to overcome your IT challenges. It's a rare combination but they know their stuff and how to communicate with clients.

Worthless response times, baffling performance statistics and an overload of scary acronyms - all designed to keep IT support shrouded in complexity! Throw tardy communication and missed deadlines into the mix and it's very easy to understand why organisations are wary when it comes to IT support providers.

read more › Want to remove the inefficiency and stress in your business caused by a lack of expert IT support and start using technology to drive your business forward? Then, you need to work with a client focused IT support provider with a UK based team of polite, attentive and responsive IT specialists. When IT works well it can have a transformational impact on a business (think Amazon or Uber). However when things start to go wrong it can be spectacular, and not in a good way (remember Ashley Madison?).

read more › How easy is it to scale your IT requirements to meet the changing needs of your business?. Want to increase productivity, improve the agility of your business, and enjoy increased flexibility with your IT systems as well as saving time and money? Then, you need to migrate your IT to the cloud with the help of a trusted cloud solutions provider with the expertise to provide sound strategic advice, assistance migration and ongoing support. There are many examples of cloud solutions, from online banking to Netflix, Dropbox and Messenger.

read more › Want to ensure that, in a world where the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber-attacks makes them more of a threat than terrorism, your operation and team do not become the victims of cybercrime? Then, you need to invest in a professionally designed and managed holistic cyber security service that encompasses prevention, detection and remediation. The threat to cyber security is not going away, because, quite simply, cybercrime pays. The rewards are high and, thanks to cybercriminals utilising applications like artificial intelligence, detection levels are low.

read more › How many hours does your team spend trawling the internet for IT hardware and software and then stressing about whether they are buying the right thing?. Want to adopt a more strategic approach to your hardware and software procurement and make better informed purchasing decisions? Then, you need to consider working with a professional partner with extensive expertise in this specialised area of procurement. Cutting through the "noise" and finding the best product for the job requires expertise and experience, as well as an understanding of current and future trends.

read more › Want to ensure that in today's interconnected digital world your business can respond to the challenges of an "always on" culture, greater levels of collaboration, increasing use of cloud based applications, vast numbers of connected devices and a growing trend for artificial intelligence (AI)? Then, you need to deal with a tried and trusted UK based supplier. A partner that can manage all your IT connectivity requirements giving you the capability to connect employees, customers and suppliers securely, reliably and quickly.

read more › Want to ensure that your business is protected from the impact of a natural disaster, accidental human error, terrorism, or, even, an intentional attack against your systems? Then you need to have an effective disaster recovery and backup service in place. Disaster recovery (DR) is all about having a strategy for your business that will minimise the disruption and damage to your operation if the unthinkable were to happen. A Disaster recovery plan will ensure that you are able to carry out a fast, full system recovery to get your business up and running again quickly.

read more › How confident are you that an IT hardware failure would have minimal impact on your business?. Want to protect your IT hardware against failure and minimise potential disruption in your business? Then, you need to consider investing in a hardware maintenance contract with a tried and trusted independent partner who can help to maintain all your IT hardware in tiptop condition. Since we first started providing IT support services, back in 2005, we have seen the reliability of IT hardware improving year on year.

read more › Multi Academy Trusts (MATs) are complex and dynamic organisations. Many different variables affect how a MAT operates, including its size, the way resources are controlled, the ethos of the trust and the unique identities of the schools within it. Managing technology in the multi academy trust setting can be a challenge as whilst there are common issues and benefits each MAT has unique requirements. When it comes to IT support and services, it is critical that a supplier has a real grasp of the MAT's educational and organisational objectives.

read more › The impact of technology is making a difference everywhere and primary schools are no exception. From the access control systems to enter the buildings to the mobile devices used by pupils in the classroom, technology is driving the way that primary schools function. When the technology performs properly, everything is fine. Unfortunately, far too frequently, the IT systems in primary schools are a source of frustration and disruption. Slow devices, jammed printers, malfunctioning interactive whiteboards, unreliable broadband and Wi-Fi, expired software licences - all real life challenges that conspire to prevent teachers from teaching and learners from learning.

read more › Faced with so many challenges, from budget cuts and recruitment shortages to the wellness of students and teacher, secondary schools are already under strain. Problems with IT provision simply add to the pressure, causing unnecessary stress and disruption and, potentially, overwhelming your internal IT resource. Choosing to work with an experienced IT support partner can alleviate the stress caused by technology. Those frustrating, time-consuming experiences become a distant memory. The Platform 365 for Education IT Support for Secondary Schools service uses technology to enhance school life, making it easier for you to fulfil your objectives.

read more › Along with our expertise in education, we bring business-quality IT solutions to your school. Our technical teams have up to the minute skills and experience gained from supporting our range of business and education clients. Our schools' development team has years of experience in teaching and school leadership so we understand the unique environment in which schools operate, including the financial and logistical pressures that brings. Together, we can identify your IT challenges and solve them.

read more › Time and time again we meet with prospective clients that have put up with poor service because they are concerned that their business will be disrupted if they switch IT support suppliers. We have a robust service transition process, that we have carried out many times before, which can accommodate any requirement - from supporting internal systems to a fully hosted solution. We would be lying if we said that all IT suppliers are extremely helpful when in this position! However, we have never experienced a situation where the client has been affected.

read more › Joanna Roberts, our IT for Schools Development Manager, would like to address your key questions. Please fill in your details and Jo will get back to you, or call on 020 3929 9360. Talk with an expert. Joanna Roberts, our IT for Schools Development Manager, has 20 years experience in the education sector, 6 of those at the top level.

read more › At Platform 365 our focus is always about delivering outstanding customer service, without compromise, across all of the IT support services that we offer. Our clients know that there is no "buck passing" at Platform 365. Our team take ownership. They are committed to achieving the end goal, which is always to deliver the best possible IT solution for the client. There is a "dark side" to our world of IT. Maybe because it is an industry where it can be relatively easy to baffle clients with jargon and acronyms?

read more › Platform 365 is certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 which is globally recognised as the premier information security management system (ISMS) standard. We achieved certification by developing and implementing a robust security management programme, including a comprehensive Information Security Management System (ISMS). We are audited by an independent body (BSI) for this certification, with our processes and security controls tested annually. As well as this we utilise external consultants (ADL Consultancy) to regularly audit us separately to the formal ISO audits, validating that our internal processes are continually being followed.

read more › We have been let down by previous IT providers, how can we be sure that Platform 365 are the right choice. Unfortunately you cannot be 100% sure until you start using us but our clients are always happy to discuss their experience of us before you make the decision. For non-critical calls our average response time is 14 minutes. For critical calls it is 6 minutes, although in this instance we would normally know there is a problem before you do. Yes, you can add extra devices at any time during the contract, so that any new equipment is immediately covered.

read more › Platform 365 provide consultancy and operational infrastructure / desktop support to PLRE's global business. Their approach is flexible in that they are able to tailor their services to exactly match our requirements and their staff are always willing to help out if problems occur. They work with us as a partner rather than a service provider, adding value to our IT and business initiatives. Most importantly they understand that time is money, and that supporting the IT needs of a business is about more than just resolving a help desk ticket.

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