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Neos Our state of the art Disaster Recovery Solutions can keep your business moving no matter what the disaster. Our next-gen firewalls and security services will keep your networks and data safe from ever evolving threats. With our extensive range of managed services, we can take the pain from your IT saving time money and heartache. Neos-IT are located in the City of London and have been delivering end to end IT solutions for over a decade.

Named as one of Britain's Top 50 Best Managed IT Companies in 2018, we provide a range of industry-leading IT products and services to our customers. Our comprehensive range of products and highly skilled technical teams can deliver a full spectrum of IT support and development depending on your needs. As a trusted advisor to our clients and with an in-depth understanding of FCA regulated industries, we employ appropriate and robust IT services, no matter what the challenge.

We'd love to talk to you about how we can reduce the complexity of your IT and deliver a solution that really works.

read more › Serve the City of London with powerful IT services by listening to our clients and applying our skill and experience to deliver industry leading solutions. We stand clear from our competitors as we treat our customers like people. We simplify the complexity of IT challenges and our loyal and dedicated team work in unison to diligently solve any challenge. By staying abreast of technology, we have become trusted advisors to our customers and strategic partners for some of the world's largest IT brands.

read more › Neos-IT are a trusted partner for companies in a range of different industries. By having such a diverse customer base, it allows us to understand the nuances of a number of different industries and help guide our costumers around the common pitfalls. We'd love to talk to you about how we can reduce the complexity of your IT and deliver a solution that really works.

read more › We have years of consultancy experience in a range of different roles and can help fill any IT skills gap within your business on a short term or long term basis. From acting as your virtual IT Director to delivering one-off projects, no job is too large or too small. Every business would benefit from having and IT director to provide strategic advice and guidance to meet the goals of your business. We are uniquely placed to provide this service because we understand your business and act as an integral part of your team.

read more › We are here to provide your business with the right level of support, whatever you need. From business critical incidents that require an immediate onsite engineer to routine requests where our personable and knowledgeable support agents are at the end of the phone, we can solve any situation. In any business there will always be a need for an onsite engineer to provide support from time to time, we have qualified engineers, who are professional and personable. The IT Industry has an over-reliance on remote support, this is where we differ, if we can't fix it within 2 hours or remote support, we will come onsite, we can reach every one of our clients within an hour mean we can react instantly should the need arise.

read more › We have our finger on the pulse of the latest technologies and use our skill and experience to specify the most appropriate technology for your needs. By using our wealth of experience and skill, we can deliver the right spec IT solution and can manage the delicate balance between capital expenditure on equipment and providing your staff with efficient business tools that make them more productive. As we purchase IT equipment for our extensive customer base, we benefit from very strong buying power and can pass this onto you.

read more › IT Cyber Security is now a top priority for the UK Government. Their manifesto is to make sure that all businesses especially small businesses are equipped with the protection needed to function efficiently in an e-commerce society. There are weekly stories in the media about how the data security of small and large enterprise alike have been compromised on alarming frequency. Typically reports include a loss of data, theft of personal and customer information and the resultant unwanted bad publicity and regulatory fines.

read more › Never has a strong and stable internet connection been this important to your business. If your business was to lose its connection you'd lose your internet access, any online systems, your email access, possibly even your phones. Neos-IT understands that and our connectivity product are specifically designed for professional business to deliver commercial grade connections with dedicated failsafes. With an influx of inferior suppliers driving down the price of connectivity, it's easy to get trapped into a poorly performing service that just doesn't meet your needs.

read more › Break Free from the constraint of traditional phone systems and harness the power of voice over IP (VOIP) technology. VOIP Telecoms systems are flexible, scalable and much cheaper to implement compared to traditional switchboard telephone systems. Neos Talk is the next generation of phone system. We've done away with the clunky, space hungry systems of yesteryear with their large capital outlays tying you to antiquated equipment. Neos Talk is a simple yet flexible phone system that is packed with the features and gives you the ability to easily adapt it to suit your needs.

read more › We're here to help with all your IT questions, from simple requests through to more urgent tasks. Please use the contact details below or if it is urgent and out of hours, please contact your account manager, we understand there is a world outside of 9 to 5. We have a number of systems for Neos-IT customers, please use your log-on details to access each of the services below. We'd love to talk to you about how we can reduce the complexity of your IT and deliver a solution that really works.

read more › We'd love to hear from you to discuss how we can simplify the complexity of your current IT systems. Please drop us an email, give us a call or even meet us for a coffee so we can discuss some solutions to your challenges. We'd love to talk to you about how we can reduce the complexity of your IT and deliver a solution that really works.

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