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Softlink Solutions As one of the trusted Managed Service Providers in Essex, Greater London and the Home Counties, we offer our Clients a comprehensive range of IT Support Services. From fully managed outsourced IT, to complimentary IT support, to managed security, we have something to offer businesses of all sizes in any industry. Let us offer you a free health check to see how we could make a positive impact on your business.

Softlink Solutions ethos is all about delivering a professional solution with the customer at the core of every decision that is made. The customer really is 'King' at Softlink Solutions. We could see that the general SME market had the growth potential and we wanted to bring what were often seen as 'corporate' systems within their reach. Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm' - Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Our Team at Softlink have plenty. Looking after, driving forward and keeping our customers IT one step ahead of their competitors is paramount to what we believe in. Every business needs IT, but how it's run is what will make the difference.

read more › Softlink Solutions provide a wide range of comprehensive IT Support Services from their award-winning team. These include, outsourced IT, remote and telephone support, managed IT services, IT consultancy, IT infrastructure and design, IT security and cloud computing solutions. As a result, we have become a trusted IT support provider in Essex, London and the South East providing repeatable results and continuity for your business. Providing IT services to businesses located across Essex and Greater London.

read more › Since 1998, Softlink Solutions have been a reliable and trusted source for outsourced tech support. Varying sized businesses across London and South East have all benefited from outsourcing part or the whole of their IT systems. We offer a range of service desk and outsource options tailored to fit with your specific requirement. These can range from complimentary support to your in-house IT team or for over spill services, such as 1st or 3rd line escalation. Alternatively you can fully outsource your complete IT services.

read more › The calculator can be used to estimate how much your monthly support cost could be, this does not include onsite visits or any move/adds/changes to your devices or network. Please don't hesitate to contact us to talk about our tailored packages in more detail, as well as the Security as a Service and Disaster Recovery add-ons we provide.

read more › Technological advancements continuously evolve, and it can be difficult to keep up if this is not your sole objective. Our specialist team of IT consultants can advise on how to get the most from your current IT infrastructure setup and IT systems. We can run detailed network and security assessments to determine if your organisation is taking full advantage of the latest technology, and how this will positively impact your business. We also work with internal IT teams providing IT consultancy on projects and migrations.

read more › Our team of specialist IT Infrastructure consultants can design infrastructure solutions that meet your short- and long-term goals. With continued assessment and evaluation, your infrastructure will always be aligned with your business, ensuring your network can handle the daily grind. We can audit the current Infrastructure setup of your organisation and provide strategic IT infrastructure services on how this can be further improved. We also provide consultancy to completely overhaul the existing setup should it not be performing to the required needs of the business.

read more › Softlink Solutions offer cyber essentials support to all sized businesses. Organisations have always been at risk from criminal activity, and whilst protecting against physical break in was once a priority there is now a greater risk from cyber criminals who search for easy targets to commit fraud and steal. If you have internet access you are a target from online fraud and theft, and help to reduce this risk is available in the form of Cyber Essentials, a scheme promoted by the UK Government to make it easier to check you have basic protection, in summary Cyber Essentials helps to identify and guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate a commitment to cyber security.

read more › Softlink Solutions offers a flexible, totally managed platform designed for your business. It allows complete peace of mind that you have a robust business continuity services in place. Designed to meet the diverse backup needs of the SMB market, Softlink BDR provides full business continuity for our clients. The ability to resume operations quickly while swiftly regaining access to files and data could be the difference between recovering after a disaster, or closing your doors for good. A strong BDR solution allows you to convert a backup into a running system in a matter of seconds, which will maximize your chances of a successful recovery.

read more › You may hear the term 'the Cloud', but what does it actually mean and is it right for your business? Scale the services you require to meet the current needs and demands of your business. You can take advantage of the huge IT Infrastructures of Amazon and Microsoft for a complete tailored solution. Today's working environment is very different to it once was. Maybe you are concerned with your carbon footprint and looking of ways you can have less of a negative impact on the world you live in. Being able to access cloud-based applications and your data from any internet-connected device becomes crucial.

read more › For the last 34 years the Softlink Quantum Leap Business Suite has been focused on empowering companies and their customers with a single, centralised source of information. A fully customisable product suite, allowing companies to dictate how the system works, not the system dictating how the company works. There are a number of standard suites you can choose from, however all suites are highly customisable for your particular needs such as Financials, Commercials, Business Development, Contracting, Manufacturing, Service & Maintenance and Insulation Estimating.

read more › Award winning customer service is the foundation of Softlink Solutions. All business properties are covered with local installers ready to supply and fit many models of CCTV. If you would like to feel safe, secure and confident that your CCTV system is installed and doing what it should be doing. Then speak to our advisers for a no obligation CCTV installation service. With so many Managed Service Providers out there all offering very similar services the one thing that is unique about us is our people.

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