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Complete Computer Solutions IT support can be tailored to your IT usage, your infrastructure, your company's internal skill set and of course your budget. Our IT helpdesk can monitor your company's IT systems 24/7, diagnose, remedy and advice on issues online, on the telephone and on site. Complete Computer Solutions provides a range of products specifically designed with small to medium sized enterprises in mind.

From managed cloud solutions to security and data backups, we encompass the varied requirements of your business and can scale our IT products to suit every budget. We develop and source a wide range of IT products designed to cater for both SMEs and large sized enterprises. From Server Solutions to Virtualisation we encompass the varied requirements of your business with IT service solutions to fit any size of enterprise.

Based in Derby, Complete Computer Solutions provide flexible IT Support on the telephone, remotely or on site. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive range of services designed to mitigate the IT challenges facing SMEs and large size enterprises.

read more › Based in the heart of Derby, we provide flexible IT Support on the telephone, remotely or on site. In addition we provide a comprehensive range of IT services designed to help the IT challenges facing SMEs and large enterprises. Our remote diagnostics will often tell us you have a problem before you know. We make sure you are up and running as a matter of urgency. All of our friendly engineers have great customer service skills as well as technical ability. We are proud to serve companies who have one or a thousand machines.

read more › We are an IT support service based in Derby. For over 8 years our team have helped clients to manage their company's IT seamlessly so they can get on with growing their businesses. Meet our support team. Willis has over 25 years experience in IT management for SMEs and large enterprises, so understands how crucial it is to have efficient IT support. Kevin has been with CCS since it's launch in 2008 and there's not an IT service or product he can't help you with. The king of all tech geeks, Steven can resolve any IT issue quicker and slicker than your average.

read more › Based centrally in Derby, we offer multi-platform IT support delivered via the telephone, remotely and on site. IT support can be tailored to your IT usage, your infrastructure, your company's internal skill set and of course your budget. Our IT helpdesk can monitor your company's IT systems 24/7, diagnose, remedy and advice on issues online, on the telephone and on site. Over 93% of incoming calls to the helpdesk result in remedial work being carried out within minutes and with no loss of business data.

read more › We offer a full-time helpdesk service and, with preventative maintenance, stop problems happening before your systems fail. Our IT support packages are specifically designed to meet the needs business and will give you complete peace of mind taking the stress and expense out of managing your technology needs. Based in Derby, we offer multi-platform IT support delivered via the telephone, remotely and on site. IT support can be tailored to your IT usage, your infrastructure, your company's internal skill set and of course your budget.

read more › Private cloud storage is increasingly being seen by organisations as an alternative to existing methods of providing shared storage to businesses and business units. Often they use dropbox which simply does not provide the security, flexibility and management options required to operate a business. CCS offers a fully bespoke solution to businesses who require files on the go with the added benefit of full management, regular backups and a dedicated virtual server. You can access your files from virtually any device and upload them at will.

read more › There is a growing trend for businesses to move their office processing to the cloud. This can save huge amounts of money in hardware costs and save significant time in management and maintenance. In many cases, cloud computing represents a faster, more reliable, safer, more mobile and cheaper IT solution compared to conventional office-based hardware. If required, Complete Computer Solutions can move your entire existing infrastructure into the cloud. This is especially helpful and cost-effective if you are about to invest in new hardware and software.

read more › Complete Computer Solutions provides your business with fast, reliable, safe and effortless online backups. The cost is relative to the amount of data you store and all data is stored on secure UK based servers. You can specify how many versions of data you keep and restoring files is a breeze. We look after you every step of the way from set up to day-to-day monitoring of your backups. We are notified immediately if there are any problems and your backup logs are checked daily by a member of staff.

read more › We offer expert planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of complete information security solutions. Information Security is certainly not something you can "set and forget" - nor is it a series of point solutions that are simply strung together. We understand that threats to email, web browsing and instant messaging (IM) are getting more and more sophisticated and continue to rise. Even small businesses have to contend with regulatory and compliance issues. Are you prepared to address the risks associated with lost productivity, loss of data, lawsuits or penalties for non-compliance?

read more › We provide a single point for specification and purchasing of all your business hardware requirements. Not only can we source and configure most "Big Brand" hardware, we also provide bespoke alternatives to often over-priced PCs, tablets and laptops. We provide laptops and desktop PCs configured exactly to your requirements that are then built to order. Instead of having either expensive or inadequate kit that you have to make do with, you can now order to your exact specification. In addition to all of this, we will deliver, configure and install your equipment onsite, connecting peripherals, printers and additional devices.

read more › When it comes to purchasing and implementing a new server, most smaller companies simply do not have the in-house skills to manage such a daunting transition. Complete Computer Solutions offers a full turnkey solution to your server needs. We will visit your site and discuss your current set up and its history. We will then discuss what your business requirements are and gauge the server's size, software requirements and user requirements. From this we will provide a full proposal including specification, implementation path, training requirements and support requirements (both short and long term).

read more › Software licencing can be a minefield for growing businesses. More often than not, software has been bought at irregular intervals, keys have been re-used, lost or are inapplicable to the business and nobody wants to take responsibility for compliance. In addition to this, we can audit your systems to ascertain what you currently have, what you might need and where you fall short in your licencing responsibilities.

read more › Often small businesses have nowhere to turn to create a road-map for their computing requirements. They may have no idea of products currently on the market, in which direction technology is advancing and what is the best solution for them. Complete Computer Solutions can act as your own IT Manager, providing helpful, cost-saving advice that fits with the direction and future plans of your business. Many businesses simply buy equipment that they think will fit their business but it simply does not.

read more › Our consultancy service offers a focussed assessment of your functional requirements both now and in the future. By analysing your business processes and breaking each into its constituent parts, a clear picture can be drawn of your systems requirements. From this we can create a functional specification and either a purchasing requirement or tender document. The benefits of this process are twofold. Firstly you will have a clearer picture of how your business runs in terms of its interaction with IT.

read more › The 'Cloud' is simply a generic term for having your computing and storage somewhere other than your office. Safely and securely delivering the functionality of your IT to your employees, clients and suppliers, wherever they may be. It is a standard, yet critical, requirement for most organisations, regardless of their size. The advent of cloud computing considerably increases the options available to address this challenge and should be considered by all organisations looking to both refresh their existing IT as well as extend its capability.

read more › Our IT audit is a critical assessment of your IT infrastructure as well as an opportunity for us to gain knowledge of your business. This information of where IT infrastructure is today, and where you subsequently want it to be, will form the foundation for how we propose to manage your IT infrastructure. The audit can form the basis of any future IT planning. It is an in-depth assessment of your existing infrastructure and will identify any potential problems and opportunities to improve and can also be used for the development of a strategy that will consider how well your current IT infrastructure is suited to achieving the future goals of your business.

read more › Virtualisation is a generic term for cloning a PC or server and placing it in a "virtual" environment. Virtualisation allows businesses to run multiple computers or operating systems within one single machine. This can garner major cost savings in both hardware procurement and maintenance. In many cases we have virtualised old legacy systems that customers rely upon but cannot purchase new systems or migrate old ones. This allows them to run old systems on new hardware. The latest example of virtualisation we have undertaken was for a customer who was unable to upgrade or replace a 12 year old Linux server loaded with historical customer information they simply could not afford to lose.

read more › We offer courses in a range of IT disciplines. As well as user courses which relate to Microsoft Office and Adobe Training we also offer a range of courses of a more technical nature. We have numerous training options, levels and services for delegates in addition to our public scheduled courses to ensure that they get the right training. Great IT training should be customer centric and highly flexible. Our packages reflect historic demand. However if you feel your requirements could be better matched we would be delighted for you to tell us specifically what you want and we can tailor our courses accordingly.

read more › We are able to offer a complete installation service, from initial consultation to final handover. All quotations are provided free of charge and supporting site visits and surveys are available if required. We are able to provide full project management as part of our installation service, or work with the clients own project management team. Our management team and installation engineers ensure that clients are kept fully informed through all stages of the project. Our installations range from simple moves and changes to fully integrated site wide solutions.

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