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Our IT services revolve you and your business needs whether you need complete or complimentary support or advice. We put in place strategies and processes to protect your digital assets with direct 24/7 support to give you peace of mind. We work with your other vendors to provide a central IT service to make managing your systems easy and efficient.

Technology doesn't always work the way we want it to so we're here to make sure everything runs smoothly for complete peace of mind. We're experts in cyber security and can help protect your business from potentially expensive attacks. We believe in providing an I.T. support service that helps drive your business forward rather than bog you down. Effective I.T. support can help make your business more efficient, saving time and money.

We make sure all your systems are running smoothly, stopping and preventing problems before they affect you and your business. You'll always be able to speak directly to our trained engineers to help with all your needs.

read more › Whether you have a small IT department or need complete IT support, we can make your IT more efficient and robust, so you can focus on maximising your business. We don't just support your IT, we support your business. No matter where your business is now, we will help you improve processes, using the right tools to maximise the benefits of your existing IT infrastructure. We always start by listening and assessing your current situation then delivering a solution that fits your needs. Phil and his team have always provided me with great support, I always know that if I need help they will be there.

read more › We'll improve and maintain your network so it keeps up with your business and help you get things done, quickly and securely. We offer diagnostics, one-off upgrades and full-scale network design and implementation. Businesses rely on their network for a more diverse and complicated set of activities. A slow network slows everything down and can prove incredibly costly. At Affirm IT services we're experts in improving network speed and security to keep everything running smoothly. We help you to reduce downtime costs, disruptions and pressure on your IT so users can enjoy a faster, more stable access to shared network resources as well as the internet.

read more › From project planning through to setup and configuration, our team are able to cover all of your needs whether it's adding a new server or upgrading your old computers. Your business needs to be efficient and profitable, you shouldn't have to worry about poorly performing IT systems, backups or whether your IT security is really protecting your business. Don't let changing your IT systems or processes slow you down. We're here to make it a smooth transition so it doesn't cause any downtime to your business.

read more › IT Security may seem a pain but failing to protect your IT in the digital age could land you in trouble. Affirm IT are accredited by the government's Cyber Security scheme. We're proud to have passed Cyber Essentials Plus and we're also an accredited Cyber Essentials Assessor. We can provide comprehensive support to protect your IT systems. We'll make sure you can rest easy and know everything is secure. That data protection law you've been hearing about for ages is finally here. Luckily we're experts in GDPR and can make sure your business has the right IT systems in place.

read more › Make sure your Server Room is running optimally and there are no gremlins waiting to get you!. Usage level (normally green lights or percentage on display) Dependant on how much time you'd like to keep going, the lower the use, the longer you'll get0. What does it do? Servers generally run all of your production machines, this might include file servers, SQL databases, E-mail or anything that is shared between all users. Power supply, you should have two of these on a server, two on a SAN, one or two on a NAS Green Lights are good, Amber/Red not so good, you've either got a power supply out or one not plugged in.

read more › Office 365 is packed with some incredible features to make your and your teams life a little easier. We bet you aren't using some of these tips and tricks but we're confident that they will help improve the productivity of your team. Download the guide and make Office 365 work harder for your business. Speak to an engineer about your IT to see how we can help. We're experts in IT security and make sure your business is safe from potential data theft and malware.

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