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MLR are all about providing IT service delivery to your company and staff - becoming an integral part of your organisation so your staff are comfortable with our engineers. Over many years we have found that system users often have minor 'niggles' with systems that mean they take more time to perform a task than should be required, as an integrated part of your organisation our engineers are more approachable to your staff and even these minor issues are cleared meaning your staff become more productive.

Why should you work around your IT?, your IT systems should work around your business requirements. MLR tailor our support agreements and the hardware/software designs around your individual business - we fit into your box! MLR are so confident of the expertise of our staff and the benefits to your organisation that we will provide our service to your company free for 30 days.

read more › Our support service proactively identifies and resolves issues, ensuring that your company can operate with minimal disruption. We use state-of-the-art online monitoring tools that constantly review your IT infrastructure's health in real time. This service allows our helpdesk support team to proactively fix any problems - Even before they occur. Also, our secure remote access service means most issues are resolved within a few minutes of them being spotted. Flexible payment - Monthly, Quarterly or Annually includes on site visits for complete peace of mind.

read more › In this electronic age in which we live, network and computer security has become a big issue. Few of us would be so foolish as to leave the front door of our businesses unlocked and unalarmed at night or our car at the shops, yet far too many connect computers and networks directly to the Internet with little or no thought to securing their vital systems and data. Our consultants work with you to assess your current anti-virus defenses. We help you identify areas that need improvement, while recommending both technical and process prevention measures that better protect you from malicious code attacks.

read more › Server Edition (SE) enables automatic backup of data from servers running on Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems to off-site dedicated or cloud-based storage via a LAN, WAN or Internet connection. Below are a few SE features. Automatic backups and Multiple Backup Sets with Up-to-the-minute backup schedules ensure automatic and regular backups without user intervention, eliminating the highest risk posed to the backup process - human error. Multiple Backup Sets (MBS) enable you to create multiple sets of selections and schedules for backups and restores.

read more › Call Diversion - Whether you're out and about or busy, with Call Diversion you can be sure that all of your calls are diverted to you so you need never miss a call. Call Diversion is ideal for people who are always on the move. You can use Call Diversion to divert calls immediately, when your phone is engaged or not answered in a time specified by you (5 second increments between 5 and 60 seconds) When Call Diversion is activated you pay for the second part of the call - from your number to the number you have diverted your calls to.

read more › Our combined Data Backup and Disaster Recovery guarantees to have your server back up and running within 24 hours. It is designed to be affordable to the SMB market and can cover all Microsoft Systems and Apple laptops and desktops. Attix5 Pro is a secure, automated disk-to-disk backup and recovery solution uniquely designed for network efficiency, centralised management, policy-based control and simplicity of use. Fully customizable and seamlessly scalable; it accommodates multiple users running various operating systems on desktops, notebooks and servers alike.

read more › Online support can often resolve your queries faster and more effectively than over the phone. This can be achieved by using a chat session or even remote control of your PC in order to demonstrate a feature of the product or to enable us to better understand when it isn't working correctly! As this involves us taking control of your PC we would not wish to do this without your expressed consent.

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