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Fix-ya-pc We are specialists in Laptop and PC repairs and repair & fix all manner of computer problems. If you're having problems, may be thinking of upgrades or you're computer is running slow, or even if it's dead, we can help! Laptop Screen Replacements, Data Recovery, Virus Removal, Spyware Removal, Wireless Network, PC/Laptop Upgrades, Computer setup or Broadband Installation then we are here to help you with all that and much more!

Our computers are constantly being fed information from many different sources, and as such, every now and then they need the computer "burp". All of those files, programs and folders inside your computer may be getting quite tangled up, and they might start running slowly or sluggish. Maybe important files seem to be missing, or maybe you have programs

These are all common words that we here everyday at Fix-Ya-Pc, Unfortunately in today's world computers do get Viruses, Ad-ware, Trojans & Spy-ware and without the right protection on your computer this can be fatal. The way of telling this is usually when your computer runs so slow when using various applications or sometimes stops to a grinding halt

With bigger applications being used now they will soon eat into the memory and you may find your PC running slightly slower than before. More storage space may be required for all those Media files, like Music, Videos and all those favourite pictures that you want to keep. Desktops are not the only thing we upgrade at Fix-Ya-Pc, we also do upgrades

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