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Datastore Computing DCL supplies a full range of services to businesses that want their computers to work for them first time every time, and need an IT support company they can rely on. If you think how much your business relies on computers, it's frightening to imagine what would happen if anything went wrong. Wouldn't it be great if someone could just fix it all so that your computer does the job it's meant to do, so you can get on with helping your customers?

Then there's the challenges you face when that expensive software you bought isn't doing what you want. Do you make do, or buy another expensive piece of software to replace it? If you want your website to be more than just an online brochure, you're going to need help to get the bells and whistles all working the way you want them to. Secure: You can have full IT support, from networks and installations to making sure your data is safe.

Effective: Have your own custom software created so the programmes you use exactly meet your business needs. Efficient: Choose from a range of internet services, from networking your systems, to designing, developing and maintaining your professional website.

read more › If your system goes down, all the vital information you might keep, your invoices, accounts, work documents, database, customer details, your diary - everything could be lost or corrupted, not to mention suffering major inconvenience. When you're trying to look after your clients, the last thing you need are computer problems, and you need to know you can cope when they occur. You can relieve the stress and hassle of dealing with technology. The experts at DCL can take care of your computers for you, providing a range of IT support services that leave you to take care of your customers.

read more › When your computer system fails, it's reassuring to know you can get them swiftly fixed so you can continue with the minimum disruption to your business. You could choose to call someone every time there's a problem, hoping you can afford the call-out charge - and that someone is available. Or you might prefer the expensive option of an in-house IT department, with one or many employees paid whether they're needed or not, and what do you do when they go on holiday? You'll have all the advantages of an IT department, but working from the Datastore offices at less cost to you.

read more › Not only will your business need a computer system that works for you now, but as your business grows, your system needs to serve increased demands and integrated new technology. From a single computer installation to entire networks, the experts at DCL will work with you to determine what you need to run your business efficiently. This doesn't mean you have to buy all the most expensive equipment - it's a common sense rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, if you're a one-person business you won't need a big server and complicated email system.

read more › Imagine one day you start working on your computer, only to find that absolutely everything is gone - your accounts, documents and client details, perhaps your diary, even your software are all lost forever because your hard drive has failed. What many people don't realise is that the most unreliable part of your computer is the hard drive - the place where you keep all your important information and software. You risk permanently losing all your data if you don't keep copies of it safe, and there are simple ways you can do this to achieve peace of mind.

read more › A computer without software is about as useful as a car without petrol! But every business is different and you might find that the software you're using doesn't go that extra mile you want it to. You don't have to be dictated to by the limitations of off-the-shelf software when it doesn't do quite what you want it to do. You can get your computer to do exactly what you want to benefit your business. Software development: You could have the technical experts at DCL create bespoke software especially for your business needs.

read more › As every business is different, it follows that you will want your computer programmes to execute different tasks according to the jobs you need to complete. With DCL, you can have a team of software developers create custom software that exactly meets your needs, and you can even customise software available off the shelf. Have all your business performance information consolidated into one business report from a single, easily-accessed database via add-ons to current software. Complete bespoke software development using a range of industry-standard programming tools.

read more › As a business owner you are likely to have come across Sage accounts. This is a very popular piece of business software for payroll and accounting, but sometimes Sage doesn't quite do everything you would like it to. For example, a clothing company saved time and money by having DCL create an add-on for Sage which allowed them to list one item of clothing, with various size and colour options. Without the software they would had to have created an entry for the same item of clothing multiple times, as each size and colour combination would need to be listed separately.

read more › However, many businesses have to gather this information from many databases, looking at several reports. For example, Sage payroll has your staffing costs, Sage accounts has your purchase costs, but a separate Access database stores all the job details. You could have all this information put together in one report, telling you how much a specific job makes, taking into account staff costs and parts costs. If you're starting to think of all the different places where information is gathered in your organisation and, if you could only pull it all together easily, how much more powerful your management information could be - that's exactly what could be done.

read more › If you really want to stay ahead of the competition today, you need to be right under people's noses. In this age of technology that means an app. Whether this is to create a closer connection with customers and clients (and potential customers) or to help your staff to be more effective - or both - an app can give you an edge. You can have an app created to your specifications from as little as 4,000 with delivery for smaller projects possible within a month. You can be confident that you'll be dealing with experts as we are Microsoft partners with experience of Apple and Android apps.

read more › Designing a website is more than just fancy colours, graphics and things that move around on the page. It is about making sure it looks professional and works well for your business. Tempting as it might be to use all the technology you can throw at it, there are a few things to consider when creating a website that makes people want to hang around. Attractive: with a strong theme that ties in with your company brand and is attractive to the user, plus an obvious and simple way to use it. Versatile: with a powerful system sitting behind it allowing you to run databases, ecommerce, interactive media and other functional elements.

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