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Phone repair for all brands of phone most popular is Apple iPhone repair Samsung Repair we repair all brands of phones. SOS Computing also known as Laptop repair Leyland have over 16 years in the computer repair industry with having a great knowledge in the computer repair sector. Our previous business helped other computer shops in the local area with their apple mac repairs and motherboard repairs, computer repair.

Cutting out the middle men we decided to open SOS Computing so we could offer better service and value to our customer direct instead of getting charged by a 3rd party. On a daily basis our computer repair shop can repair all types windows based machines including desktop repair, Laptops and tablets as well as well as carrying out android and apple I.O.S software and hardware repair.

SOS Computing's computer repair shop based in Leyland was designed and laid out as an opened planned shop / workshop, Our customers can see their Desktop repair phone repair or ipad repair being worked on.

read more › Desktop Repair Leyland - We give a full service to all desktops, Specialising in laptop repair Apple Repair and custom built desktops. Offering a Desktop Repair service at competitive rates for repair on any branded or unbranded Desktop Computer. Our Standard of service and quick turnaround is quicker than most of our competitors, and our Express Service that we have will have you up and running within hours. We like to give a no pressure and a stress free experience, and we'll make sure to keep you informed of the progress of your desktop computer repair.

read more › Based in leyland we are an efficient and friendly nationwide Laptop and computer and motherboard and circuit board repair service. We're dedicated to deliver a quick and efficient service to resolve all kinds of technical and electronic problems that your desktop Laptop PC motherboard experiences. Every time, when you turn off your PC, its settings, especially data, time, Basic Input / Output settings (BIOS) are lost. Laptops have one main circuit board which is the most important part of your computer, if this part is damaged it can make your computer worthless.

read more › Our computer shop in Leyland custom builds desktop PC's for both home users and business users. Home budget desktops to high end machines that require maximum graphics for the latest programs and games. All computers built are made with expansion in mind if you need something extra at a later date, this can be added to your custom built PC. The basic custom built desktop computer we have start at around 149.99 new, there built around users needing a computer for some of the basic tasks like surfing the internet, general office tasks, Facebook games downloading music and watching videos.

read more › Apple Repair - Some people say that Apple Products are more expensive to repair than standard computers. Mac's, Mac's, Apple Macbook Pro Laptops Require slightly more time to repair this is true but the parts for apple have come down in price and are now at affordable prices. Here at laptop repair leyland we are apple mac crazy and can repair all apple products right down to component level. Apple repairs to us are IS like fixing any other computer they just take a little more time to repair. IPad screen repair can be done same day within 3 hrs normal turn around time for an iPad screen repair is 24 - 48 hrs.

read more › Parts for all makes of iPad have been easily obtainable making it easier and more affordable to get your iPad repaired. Before we carry out any Apple iPad repair we check to see if your ipad is still under warranty. If your apple ipad is in warranty we suggest going to them before choosing any 3rd party company offering Apple iPad repair as taking your apple product will invalidate any warranty you have with apple. Apple will offer you a like for like replacement AT COST if your ipad is out of warranty.

read more › Whether you require an upgrade, repair to hardware, motherboard repair, screen replacement or any other issues we can provide expert support in all aspects of Apple imac repair. We can provide and diagnosis to help find out what the issue is to see if you need an Apple imac repair. If your iMac's not booting up, no image, Grey screen, sound problem, wifi, water damage repair. Your Data is Safe We recognise how vital your personal information is so we have a strict data protection policy. Worried about the Cost?

read more › We pride ourselves in Expert Apple MacBook repair and Support and advice on the following: Macbook Pro, Macbook, Mac Mini and older type MacBook repairs. Our Mac Engineers are very knowledgeable, passionate and friendly so you can be confident in the advice and service you receive. You are more than welcome to get intouch about what service we can provide to you, we can collect locally, except delivery of your machine, or pop in and have a chat with us. Replacement Apple Mac Book parts, Apple Mac Book RAM, Apple Mac Book Hard Drive, Apple Mac Book Superdrive, Apple Mac Book data recovery, not booting up, no image, Grey screen, sound problem, wifi and water damage repair.

read more › We can offer a full repair service on your Apple Iphone. Whether you have smashed the digitizer which is the most common repair we see, or if you have also damaged the LCD. Our Engineers are highly trained, extremely knowledgeable, friendly, passionate about their Apple Products and yours. Our engineers are fully trained to high standard and can come to you at your home or business, or if you prefer you can drop it in to us. We recognise how vital your personal information is so we have a strict data protection policy.

read more › Hard Drive Fault Symptoms hard drive making louder sounds, being very slow to open documents files etc, f reezes, none boot or not shutting down and software starts to crash more. If this is the case we will try to rectify the problem and repair, in most cases you will need the hard drive to be replaced if this is the case we will recover what data we can and replace the hard drive with a new one then transfer. It's always good to send it to us if your laptop is not reading discs as it might not be the disc drive thats the problem.

read more › Looking for A quick affordable mobile phone repair look no further, Mobile phone repair shop based in leyland carrying out repairs on any Branded phone like Apple iPhones, Samsung Phone. We repair all versions of Apple iPhones also Apple iPad Repair specialists in Apple Products. All brands of mobile phone repair including Samsung Apple Sony HTC Alcatel Hawaii One plus mobile phones also. After the recent success of SOS's computer shop Leyland repair We have now been able to offer our goods and services to a wider audience making our computer shop in Leyland available online.

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