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Listening to the needs of our existing client base, Techyback rolled out its MSP (Managed Service Provider) offerings to the Co. Armagh area to help businesses budget and maintain their I.T. requirements responsibly. And as a small business ourselves, we understand all to well the impact of rising costs of infrastructure and the ongoing daily threats against it.

Unlike some of our customers, we don't know how to make cakes, mix cement, transport cattle or lay cables across the UK, but we do know how to help ensure that your I.T. works as hard for you, as you do for your business and the niche that it looks after. From a single PC sitting in a corner to a larger network of 50+ workstations and laptops, we address your I.T. pain points and fears and help design, implement and ultimately care for the equipment, network and its users both on your site and on the road.

We're approachable, friendly, experienced and timely and scores of satisfied clients who have been with us for years can attest to that.

read more › Having been in the I.T industry for more than 20 years now, I can only attest to one thing - every time you think you've seen it all, the industry throws something new at you. Year on year, my knowledge and experience grows with each new challenge that's been brought to my bench. My passion for I.T. is bilateral as I enjoy getting my hands dirty as much as I enjoy helping spearhead local businesses in the right direction from an infrastructure perspective. I've managed the technology needs of farmers, lawyers, transport operators, bakers, exporters, and many more industries, and I continue to evolve with my clients as their businesses grow and mature.

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