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Nortech IT Solutions We work with schools and colleges to bring them the latest IT solutions and services available at extremely competitive prices. Whatever the size of your school, efficient and effective IT systems are vital. Nortech IT Solutions will relieve the pain and pressure of supporting your school. Whether your IT systems are simple or complex, we have the expertise and experience necessary to ensure that your IT runs effectively.

Part of our service means being there when you need us. We always aim to have your system up and running in the quickest time possible and with minimum disruption to the running of your school or college. Our service ensures that all your IT systems run efficiently and efficiently. Our comprehensive service covers all your school's or college's needs.

These services include full analysis and examination of usage levels, back up systems, security optimization, operational maximisation of your network and broadband efficiency. With over ten years of experience supply and installing educational products in schools we have a comprehensive list of tried and trusted products that we know we can stand over.

read more › Since 2008 Nortech IT Solutions have provided superior support services and products to various businesses, schools and organisations throughout Ireland and the North East. Founded by Fergus Byrne and Shane McKeown; Nortech have always kept ahead in a rapidly and ever changing market place. Their hands-on and professional approach means that they provide a service that is efficient, reliable and economical. As a company and service provider, Nortech constantly review and evolve their approach. This ensures that their clients receive the service and solutions they require with the assurance that all work has been carried out to the highest possible standards.

read more › Nortech IT Solutions offer the latest and most advanced Interactive Touchscreens developed by Prowise. The high-quality 4K Ultra HD screen offers images are so detailed they seem almost lifelike. The glass panel is scratch resistant and anti-reflective, delivering a clear view of the screen regardless of where you are in the classroom. Used with our Pro Line Touchscreens; the ProWrite pen offers a writing choice that feels and delivers just like a regular pen. It offers immediate response and allows for variations in line density and quality.

read more › Your network server can perform a number of important tasks. Central file storage. Instead of saving files on individual computers, you can store them securely on your office server. User control. A network server makes it easy for you to give different people access to different files, programs or data. IT management. With a server, you can easily roll out new software or make changes across your company network. Information sharing. Your network server can run an intranet (a kind of private internet containing company information) and share staff diaries.

read more › We can offer varied options for Laptops and PCs for schools. Dependant on your requirements we can either suggest a specification for you, or work from a specific requirement you already have in mind. The choice for using Laptops and PCs for schools is very varied, in terms of form factor, screen size, manufacturer and can seem confusing. We can guide you through the process of choosing the right laptop or PC for your school or college requirements. We recommend Dell laptops and PC's. Dell's equipment has been proven to be robust and reliable in education and extended warranties are cost effective.

read more › Network design and configuration is essential to the smooth operation of your business, but many businesses have no in-house IT manager to manage their network. That's why we offer network services for SME businesses, providing expert advice and guidance, as well as on-going IT support, to keep networks fully operational. Your office network configuration is made up using servers, PC hardware, routers, cabling, switches and wireless access points. If any part becomes broken, or wrongly configured, you could begin experiencing problems such as slow internet connectivity, or worse still, risk compromising the security of your data.

read more › Nortech IT have been installing and supporting interactive technologies for many years. Today there are many brands of interactive whiteboards on the market at different levels of quality, functionality and price. We have extensive experience supplying and installing a wide range of interactive whiteboards and are familiar with the functionality of each board on the market so we can always recommend the board best suited to your needs and budget. Interactive whiteboards enable you to deliver interactive presentations to large groups of people.

read more › Our choice of projectors range from budget-friendly to advanced networking options. Our projectors come with premium audio and wireless moderator display controls as standard and also quick and easy setup tools. Our projectors boast easy cleaning and minimal glare as they come with a specially coated durable surface. 20 programmable 'quick keys' allow you to open your favourite applications at a single touch. Notes and annotations can be easily converted to text and saved. The versatility of our Interactive Projectors means that they can be used with standard classroom whiteboards, eliminating the need for a dedicated electronic whiteboard.

read more › We offer a range of portable storage trolleys and charging solutions for laptops, tablets, e-readers, Chromebooks and netbooks. It's the smart way to keep your tech safe, charged, and in one secure place. We supply a range of LapCabby storage solutions, which included some really ingenious features to ensure our products do everything you need them to - and a little more besides. Separate power compartment opened with a concealed handle, allowing easy access to organize cables. Cable clip portholes that feed cables from the back power compartment to the front of the unit, preventing cables from being removed from the front.

read more › Desktop Virtualisation has been developed to meet the demand for a low cost alternative to desktop computers. Network Monitors can be connected to a single PC/Server which enables multiple users to fulfil their computing needs. Virtual desktop solutions save 65% in hardware costs compared to dedicated computers, and don't need to be replaced every few years. So when you upgrade your shared PC/Server, you save again. Save 75% on maintenance. The devices are virtually maintenance-free. By drastically reducing the number of PCs you have to maintain, you reduce your support costs year after year.

read more › We offer a wide range of classroom Document Visualisers. Each one is easy to use and is an indispensable aid to any classroom or group presentation. With a state of the art LCD Viewing Monitor included and touch screen controls, our Document Visualisers can be integrated with other technologies so you can transfer images and information easily to and from various IT platforms. The only document camera with touch screen control. Zoom, snapshot, record, focus and more with one touch. Record video to SD cards or directly on to your hard drive.

read more › Nortech IT offer a range of Wifi solutions for schools and businesses. We install both UniFi and Ruckus WIFI systems which are renowned for their reliability and security. Efficient, secure and affordable; WiFi is essential for smooth running communication and networking of any business or school. For businesses reliable WiFi helps maintain and expand marketing opportunities and increase productivity and efficiency. In education a successful WiFi system enhances and expands the learning opportunities and IT experience of both students and teachers.

read more › Online backup or 'cloud' backup is a method of storing your data in an offsite location away from your office/home/etc. The main purpose of this type of backup is to prevent loss of data from things like fire, theft, natural disaster or more commonly hacking attacks that encrypt your data and render it useless. This is one of the biggest benefits - we can use multiple types of backup (USB flash or hard drives) but these require physical handling and transporting offsite which is not convenient.

read more › When it comes to superior IT services, support and product; we at Nortech IT Solutions are your one-stop-shop for affordability, high quality service, experience, expertise and customer support. Our highly regarded reputation is known throughout the business and education sectors and has been earned through hard work, reliability and dedication to our clients. Serving small to medium sized businesses and organisations, our friendly and expert services are all you need to maintain, support and upgrade your IT infrastructure and hardware.

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