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Whether it is a simple IT support issue or a more complex review of our systems and back-ups, the expert team are professional and assured, delivering great results every time. Your business demands high levels of technical expertise to build and maintain excellent systems. But you also need business understanding to combine technology to help achieve business goals.

Learn how Help-IT can deliver both. Putting in place the right IT support will ensure your business is able to work effectively all the time. Your systems will operate as well as possible, and disasters can be overcome. With the spread of technology in business, there is a huge choice of systems, platforms and devices to integrate and use. You want the right equipment for you, not for your supplier, independent of brand or preferred platform.

You have a world of technological choice available, so what makes up the right system for you? Communication has never been easier in theory, so how do you choose the right ways for your people to stay in touch?

read more › At Help-IT, you can select from a broad range of IT support, system and network solutions. You are able to develop a service package tailored to your precise requirements, whatever your existing setup or platform. You can gain the benefits from a single team supporting and guiding your IT systems. If you have a support function already in place we can supplement them and add skill and manpower for new projects. Our services cover a complete range of business IT requirements, systems and platforms.

read more › Help-IT Consultancy Ltd has over 20 years' experience providing business IT and technology services. At heart, we are boys who love toys and gadgets. Our love of technology has translated into a career of building, tweaking and learning what makes systems tick. Add in a broad business experience, and you have an IT company that can combine technology with a business' needs. We love to try new things, and gain an understanding of how they work. By understanding the latest technology we can create innovative solutions, tailored to your needs.

read more › The chances are your business depends heavily on its IT systems. You have emails to send and data to process. An interruption to any of your systems means lost productivity and disappointed customers. In turn, that means reduced profitability for your business. Increasingly complex IT systems that span providers and don't work with a 'one-size-fits-all' approach. Putting in place the right business IT support can ensure you gain the most from your systems. Help-IT aim to be your partners in helping you to succeed.

read more › In the modern age of business, IT is everywhere - from computers through to phones, both fixed line and mobile. IT even enables businesses to operate remotely, giving workers the power to do business on the move. At Help-IT, we can help with every aspect of your business' IT requirements, whether you're using a PC, Apple, Linux or practically any other platform. We don't just supply hardware, software and peripheral solutions, we offer all our clients extensive advice, helping you to find the most suitable solution.

read more › In the modern business world, every company should aim to streamline its communication and IT systems - that's where we can help. Whether your business is growing, merging, reorganising or simply looking to the future, Help-IT can help you plan the most appropriate IT and communications solutions. We have extensive experience in helping businesses to successfully move offices, as well as renew and integrate their systems, with minimum disruption. We can even help if your staff need to access your systems anywhere around the world - making your business truly global.

read more › Successful communication is at the heart of every thriving business - whether it's business to business, or business to consumer. At Help-IT, we can provide all the support and guidance you need to get your communications working effectively - whether it is a landline, mobile phone, fax or email. In fact, we can provide virtually any communication solution, enabling your business to work anywhere in the world from a central hub. We can link up your home, remote offices - in fact anywhere in the world!

read more › At Help-IT, we know how essential it is to be prepared. We have see first hand the devastating impact on client s who did not choose to protect their business, losing data from accidental or malicious deletion, hardware failure, burglary, floods and fire. Indeed, our own premises burnt down in 1994 and, because our backups were in order, we were up and running as soon as we had replaced the hardware. For some of our clients, securing data is a legal requirement, ensuring valuable contacts, legal agreements and the daily workflow remains relatively unaffected.

read more › Do you have a plan and systems in place to protect your business if the worst should happen? We would be happy to audit your current plan, if you have one. If you don't, talk to us about your business and we can help you put in place the protection that is appropriate for you. Our backup solutions can keep your data secure in the cloud, ready to retrieve following any mishap, large or small. Backups run automatically, many times a day without relying on staff and with minimal risk of any data loss.

read more › Help-IT has been involved with traditional software development for decades and has created programs to help with accounting, stock control and administration in a variety of businesses - from councils and multinational corporations through to small-medium businesses. We will work with you to ensure we fully understand what you need and start work on identifying the most appropriate solutions. By communicating with you and fully understanding your business needs - as well as those of your staff and customers - we will produce the right results for you.

read more › However, for individual projects, our costs are calculated using our typical fixed hourly rate. For ongoing and large-scale work, we would offer a contract price, agreed in advance before the project commences. IT support doesn't have to be an expensive business. Our entry level services can prove highly affordable, in some cases costing no more than your morning coffee. Due to the fact that most our clients have different requirements and subscribe to different services it is difficult to indicate typical costs.

read more › With Information Technology at the heart of every modern business, it is necessary to be able to work with a broad range of clients spanning many industries. These range from manufacturers and engineering companies to schools, colleges and government offices. Our extensive experience and expertise means that we are able to bring an added dimension to all our work - an appreciation of your needs as a business, an understanding of the importance of continuity of service and an ongoing commitment to deliver the very best service at all times.

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