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Blue I T As we all know the first step of solving a problem is to reliably find out what is causing it. Here at Blue I.T we use the latest "Low Level". Bude Computer Specialists - Blue I.T are the SouthWest's leading company for Computer Repairs in Bude, North Cornwall. Specialists in PC repair, laptop repairs and mobile device setup, computer services and installations.

Fast, efficient and professional service for your Bude computer problems. From Virus Removal, servicing and fixing your slow PC to full custom system builds, installations and retail preipherals - BlueIT are the Specialists for Computers in Bude.

read more › Robert Bluett was born in Reading and moved to Devon with his parents in 1984 to Bradworthy were he attended Bradworthy Primary School and lived on the family small holding. In 1991 Robert moved to Bude and started at Budehaven Community School where he was a keen musician and played in a number of local bands. Robert then studied at Sheffield University and was awarded a first class BA honours degree. After working at Budehaven Community School working in the I.T and Resources departments he setup Blue I.T in late 2006.

read more › Blue I.T offer a range of services for your Apple Mac Desktop and Laptop Computers. Apple Macs can require specialist knowledge and tools and we have a long history of working on these popular high end machines. We can also help with the configuration of your mobile Mac smart devices such as Apple iPads and iPhones. If you are having trouble getting these to work with your PC or other Mac products, we can help! We use industry standard and Mac specific software and hardware tools to accurately find the cause of your problems and advise on cost effective repairs.

read more › Blue I.T offer a wide range of repairs for Desktop PC computers. We can advise on and perform all repair(s) to most makes and models of Desktop PC computer. A few common symptoms and their associated repairs are listed in the tables below. The prices are estimated based on typical circumstances, please contact us for an individual quote. More information on our fixed price services can be found on our prices page. We only use new parts for repairs which will come with a minimum warranty of 12 months.

read more › One of the questions we get asked all the time is "What are Viruses, Spyware & Malware" often followed by "Why do they need to be removed?" Simply put Viruses, Spyware and Malware are programs which are designed to install themselves on a computer (usually without your knowledge) and then run to perform undesirable operations, this process is sometimes refered to as "Infection". Most of these infections can spread (propagate) to other computers either through a network, users copying files bewteen personal systems and/or the forwarding of emails, this makes it even more important to address the issue ASAP.

read more › Here are some common symptoms you may experience whilst your computer is infected. If you are at all worried, it is always better to get a professional to take a look to ascertain if a virus removal is necessary? Fake or "Rogue" Anti-Virus warning messages from software you didn't install. These can look very convincing, with some of the best actually impersonating legitimate Anti-Virus programs! Warnings about huge amount of hard drive errors and/or viruses which are infecting your system from software you dont recognise.

read more › We often get asked by people where they might have got a virus from. This isn't always easy to establish on a case by case basis after the fact, but here are a few common ways in which people pick up Viruses, Spyware and Malware. Most people have Anti-Virus programs which constantly run and monitor your files for signs of infections and therefore offer you a good level of protection. However, infections can come from a variety of sources which can easily outwit your Anti-Virus program, especially if your subscription has expired or you have not kept your definitions up to date.

read more › As we all know the first step of solving a problem is to reliably find out what is causing it. Here at Blue I.T we use the latest "Low Level" software which can diagnose hardware problems completely independently of the software you have installed. We also perform a "Visual Inspection" to check for any burnt or leaking components within your system. This also helps us to ascertain the internal cleanliness of the system with regards to dust build up and/or internal connection or obstruction issues from wayward or untidy cables.

read more › Blue I.T. offer a wide range of Internet services for both ADSL Broadband Internet, 3G mobile/cellular data connections and those of you still using an analog dial up modem. So, what exactly can we help with? Modem/Router Upgrades, Problems & Diagnostics - Are you having problems with slow Internet speeds, unreliable or no Internet connection? Then there could well be a problem with your modem/router. This is the piece of hardware which connects to your phone line and is responsible for turning that signal into a useable Internet connection.

read more › We all accept that our cars need to be serviced and put through an MOT once a year. However, most people don't think that their computers, PCs or laptops need the same attention, this couldn't be further from the truth. All computer systems which are used frequently or daily benefit from some routine maintanence and this, our best selling service, is an ideal way to protect against problems creeping into your systems! Hopefully your PC will pass all these tests with flying colours, but if other work is required or potentially coming up, we will discuss this with you on a case by case basis.

read more › It may seem like an odd idea but some common software problems can be solved over your broadband Internet connection via a remote support session. Basically, you give us a call or an email to arrange a suitable time for the session. We then either email you a link to login with the details we provide or tell you a unique code over the phone and we can then remotely take over your system. We will then call youu back just before the session is scheduled to begin on either a landline or a mobile to talk you through anything necessary.

read more › Have you ever wanted to share files across mutliple computers, Desktop PC 's, laptops or Macs? This is where our network expertise comes in. If you have an Internet connection and a PC you are actually already part of a network, albeit a very simple on, and with the additional of multiple PCs, laptops, games consoles and smart phones we can sometimes be part of a much larger network we are not even aware of in our own homes and businesses. We can usually acheive this without any additional hardware/equipment or software and it can hugely improve the way that you work.

read more › As 90% of us on Broadband and with more than one computer are part of a network whether we know it or not, it can become important to make sure that this network is configured correctly to get the optimum speed and reliablity out of it. A large amount of the computer networks we come across are incorrectly setup and this can cause frustration and slow operation between Desktop PCs, Laptop computers and Macs that can be easily fixed. We also often find both home and business users struggling with unreliable wireless connections between their equipment and/or locations where an attempt is being made to bridge an outdoor gap with wireless equipment.

read more › Wireless or "WiFi" networks have some special considerations that you need to be aware of, like security and reliability. Please see a few of our wireless network services below. Wireless Security - Make sure you are using the safest and most appropriate method of wireless security to protect your personal data and information. Wireless/WiFi Signal Strength & Reliability - If your connection is unreliable it could be due to interference or faulty equipment, even the contrustion of your house will affect the signal strength you can acheive.

read more › So the time has come to buy a new computer. Here at Blue I.T. we approach this in a slightly different way to everyone else through our "Value Added Supply" service. We all know that the cheapest place to buy most things is on the Internet these days and the unfortunately reality is that local retailers are unable to compete on price. As everyones needs are so different when it comes time to buy a new desktop PC, laptop or Mac we dont hold stock of 1 or 2 standard models purchased at a discount in bulk to turn a profit.

read more › Blue I.T stock and provide all common periphirals for your everyday Desktop PC and Laptop computer needs, we provide both domestic small business and other I.T company Tradesman with quality brands at competitive prices. We do not operate on high profit margins, instead focusing on high sales volumes to keep our pricing keen and make aure we have the latest products in stock or available. We also make sure we stock the products we trust and use in our own installations with good warranties and excellent support.

read more › All computers whether PC, laptop or Mac get older and slower with time. Why, there are many reasons but these include component degradation/failure, software updates (with higher system minimum requirements than before) and we often ask more of them as our needs grow to perform additional tasks. Also the advent of new technologies such as Blu-Ray and other High Definition (HD) video content require more powerful computers to run on. This doesnt mean you necessarily need to go out and buy a new computer, you can save a lot of hassle and money by simply upgrading your existing system.

read more › Hard Drive - If you are fighting a losing battle as your digital media library of photos, music and videos grows then simply add more space with an upgrade or second internal hard drive. In most instances we can use a process called "Cloning" to perform a seamless upgrade to your current hard drive. You wont even notice a change, other than you have loads more space that is! Memory/RAM - Gain some additional "Multitasking" power and improve the overall speed and loading times of applications with a memory upgrade.

read more › So, you haven't backed up lately or have accidentally deleted some critical personal or business files? Both are truly horrible situations to be in, but dont panic because Blue I.T can help. Data Restoration (Undelete) Recovery Service: From 25 - We use state of the art programs to rebuild the accidentally deleted files or folders. This service can also be performed on USB flash/pen drives. The cost here depends on the sheer volume of data which needs to be recovered, please contact us for a discussion.

read more › Do you sometimes feel like you would like to know more about your Computer, Desktop PC, Mac or Laptop? Are you struggling to get to grips with emails, photo or video editing or writing letters. Worried you will be made to feel stupid or foolish for not understanding the basics? No need to worry! One of our most popular services is the tuition of basic software and general computer usage to all ages. We wont talk down to you or use techincal jargon you can't understand, we talk to you like an adult (or a child if you are one) in plain English.

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