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Okehampton Computer & Laptop Repairs You have come to the right place, Okehampton Computer and Laptop Repairs can fix any laptop or computer problems you may have, We will get your laptop or computer repaired, professionally and fast. We offer an at home repair option or you can simply deliver your computer or laptop to our home and we will make repairs faster than any computer, laptop repair shop in Devon.

Tell me your problem, I will then talk to you and give you the best advice on what steps need to be taken in order to get your computer or laptop back in tip top condition. We will talk again to clarify what work is to be carried out, I will then work really hard to fix all problems we have talked about and complete the job in a professional fast manner within 1-3 days maximum, if work is needed to be done faster then that can be achieved too.

I will be now calling you back to tell you your computer or laptop is fully repaired and ready for pick up or drop off at a time that best suits you, and receive your fully repaired computer or laptop in action again.

Laptops, computers, phones, tablets have become a very integral part of our lives today and our documents, photos, music, videos, financial have been converted into digital file that is stored in to hard drive. Can you imagine if your hard drive. Most of us are stressed and tired with all the professional and personal commitments that at the end of

The Asus ROG STRIX X99 is part of a series of motherboards from Asus that is running the effective Broadwell-E HEDT CPUs. These motherboards include a number of features to both enthusiast and overclockers. Asus ROG Strix X99 motherboards include RGB Lighting, cooling management, and enlargement slots. It has a whole series of colours to pick from in

Whether you cracked or damaged your desktop PC, laptop screen or damaged or spilled something on your keyboard, we are always ready to take care of it. We have a complete stock of spare parts for laptop screen and keyboard replacements. Any screen or keyboard part that we don't have in our stock, we can order it and it will be delivered within 1-2 business

Okehampton Computer and Laptop Repairs can help to install hardware and software according to your device configuration. We have skilled technicians who recommend and install only trusted and licensed software and reliable hardware. Software installation services include software updates, security patches, installation and configuring operating systems

Secure your desktop PC, laptop from dangerous virus attacks by using our trusted antivirus. Antivirus is extremely essential to protect your computers from online and offline computer threats. These threats may come up with an USB drives, online documents or infected files. We at Okehampton Computer and Laptop Repairs offer technical support for antivirus

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