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Carrick Computer Repair Services We are still open for business and are performing most software repairs remotely. For laptops and PCs with hardware issues or need Windows reinstalled, we can collect from your front door carry out the repair and bring it back to you leaving it at your front door. If your laptop of PC is not performing as it should, contact us using the Contact Us page or the number below.

read more › We understand that when your computer breaks down or begins to act strangely, you can't often do without it. Because of that we offer a rapid response service to all of your needs. We also operate a remote access system. This allows us to operate and examine the software of your computer via the Internet, we don't need to come to you to do this. If your computer has suffered a software fault, call us. We will guide you through the remote access process and from that point on we will be able to take control and conduct the repair as if we were in the room with you.

read more › Having your computer or laptop serviced on a regular basis can help make them perform better and prevent the risk of failures caused by overheating, resulting in data loss or corruption. The pictures of the computer to the right had data errors caused by the PC randomly shutting down or restarting after 10 - 15 minutes of operation. This was due to the cooling fan and vents being blocked by dust. It was so bad the fan could barely turn! After cleaning the fan, vents and the whole computer case, this PC ran 25°C cooler!

read more › Carrick Computer Repair Services offer repairs to the whole PC or laptop as well as smaller components. Either through wear and tear or accidental damage, we are able to repair or replace most parts from a broken laptop screen to a broken hinge. If you have accidentally damaged your computer or laptop, we can also provide estimates for insurance companies and then carry out the repair. Data recovery of PC and laptop hard drives from accidental deletion and mechanical failure. We also get asked to repair USB pen drives where the USB plug has broken off the cicuit board.

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