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We are very happy with the service that Northern Star provides and enjoy having Justin our account manager on Site. We don't seem to face many problems because of his regular visits. We are consultancy, management and IT support in NYC company with offices in New York and London. We have a commitment to providing you with the best service, advice and value for money.

And our clients tell us we have a fantastic track record in doing so. From IT support to office moves to compliance we look after your IT infrastructure to the highest level. And because of our unique Account Management Methodology, you have a partner you can trust to make sure your technology works for you. We specialize in working with businesses from 5 - 250 seats who really want to do more with the resources they have.

We are exceptional in providing support to companies with both a UK and US presence in cities across NYC, London and beyond. If at any time you were wondering "Why am I spending my time trying to solve this technology issue when I should be working on my business?"

With the overwhelming choice of IT support companies available to businesses, you have to be a pretty special organisation to hold on to a client base for over 15 years. Technology is fluid, moving all the time, but it's not just keeping up to date with the latest innovations that sets us apart, it's a combination of a number of different ways of working

Our team has been around for a while and as time has progressed, we've had some really great things happen and seen technologies develop, arrive and then become obsolete. Every step of the way we've kept our eye on the future without losing sight of the present. We're happy to share some of those moments with you on the timeline above so you can see

Our services have been developed over the years to offer support to a diverse array of industries and create tailor made support plans for every company we work with. We have industry leading response times with customer determined SLA's and a local presence so your issues are solved quickly by recognisable members of our team. You can rely on a support

We help Managing Directors be more compliant, competitive and scale their business faster. We help office managers keep their teams working and up-to-date with the latest technologies. We help IT managers deliver an impeccable, reliable service they can be proud of, across the globe. Understanding the roles and way the different parts of your business

We believe that the first step in delivering world class support is understanding your company. Although there are always some standard tools used, we know that every company is slightly different and many systems which are suited to a London based company with one office and ten employees may not be appropriate for a global company with a hundred employees

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