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Duloch Computers Duloch Computers have been supporting computer users for a number of years. We have built our business from scratch by ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of it. We repair most devices and ensure that we use the most appropriate components at all times. We are fully insured! Computer repairs in Dunfermline, Fife.

We have repaired thousands of computers with a wide range of problems from computer viruses and corrupt windows installs, through to broken laptop screens and faulty dc jacks (power sockets at the side of the laptop).Repairs are carried out at a time convenient to you and can be done on site or we can collect, repair and return. Repairs are carried out quickly.

If your laptop is cutting out it could be a sign of a faulty fan and so we can repair that and get it back to you. An overheating machine can cause other problems so it is best to get it looked at. Our iPhone and iPad repair service uses components that are as good as the originals, if not better. Apple do not sell components to independent repairers, but the third party manufacturers parts are excellent.

Computer Repairs in Dunfermline: If your computer no longer starts properly or has a malware infection, it may be necessary to re-install Windows. We will backup your data, re-install Windows and make sure it is fully patched. Is your computer infected with malware? Got a virus? Pop it into us and we can carry out a health check and remove it. Note

Laptop screen broken? Breaking a laptop screen is not the end of the world. The repair can be carried out relatively quickly and our laptop screen repair charges are the lowest in Dunfermline. Come and have your laptop screen repair carried out by Duloch Computers. If you call and state the make and model number we can give an estimated cost for repair

Is your iPhone battery running out of charge quickly? Batteries will lose their ability to hold their charge as they age. Our battery replacement service will remove your existing battery and replace it with a new one. Our replacement batteries are of the highest quality and come with a one year guarantee. Get your iPhone battery changed by Duloch Computers

We can replace the screens on the latest iPhones but prices for the replacement screen fluctuate so get in touch for a quote. Remember only Apple will fit genuine screens - we use the best after market parts on offer. Any other independent retailer who tells you they are using genuine screens are not telling the truth!

We can replace your failing or failed iPad or iPhone battery quickly and at a competitive price. Note that due to the nature of the iPad battery replacement, it is likely we will have to replace the screen at the same time. Cracked the screen on your iPad? Our iPad screen replacement in Dunfermline is a quick and low cost option to get it back up and

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